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COVID-19 cases at UK's Northumbria University escalates to 770

Northumbria University has confirmed more than 770 coronavirus cases among students – only 78 of whom have symptoms.

The Department for Education said it was working closely with all universities as analysis showed around 56 universities across the UK have had at least one confirmed case of the virus.

The concern is that the young people affected can spread the virus to more vulnerable people, even under new rules that restrict movement in parts of Northern England.

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  1. Avatar

    The annual freshers flu mixed with the PCR test has created a perfect storm. Needlessly restricting students. The government should not forget that these people who have come of voting age will remember the exam fiasco and now being practically imprisoned in their dorms and being charged £7k a year for the privilege.

  2. Avatar

    Is there a vaccine for Sky and BBC that will make them go away permanently??

  3. Avatar

    Am I the only one wondering why doing a uni course seems to automatically mean hard partying – i mean surely the whole point of spending thousands of pounds is to get an education? And therefore, this is maybe doing the students a favour where they can really focus on their studies.
    And i find it insulting when i have had friends die of this disease that people are complaining about their pub night being cancelled. Priorities people!

  4. Avatar

    The Scamdemic continues. 🤦‍♂️ 💉

  5. Avatar

    The harrowing of the North of England get the lot out not fit to serve our great country farage for primeminister Boris is a disgrace another Blair get out

  6. Avatar

    "tested positive" … this virus is so deadly, they had to be told they had it.

  7. Avatar

    "Positive, using a test that can not detect Covid 19….!!!"

  8. Avatar

    Oh dear, at least they aren’t done the pub spreading it, and it cuts down on protests and BLM marches I guess

  9. Avatar
    May Brith Harestad Hollos

    It's not about the virus at all. It's about turning the whole world into slaves.

  10. Avatar

    Sounds like several reasons why they contaminated.
    Residents living near universities will have to be extremely careful in shops

  11. Avatar
    call of duty ruined my life 987

    Say no to the vaccine.

  12. Avatar

    Shame they can't come out for a mass rave Party as they were after lockdown?? 👀🦇💀🤡

  13. Avatar

    It's called the winter flu my god wake up 🐑.

  14. Avatar

    “Should be socialising” they’ve done nothing but party my cousin is in there and they’re all partying

  15. Avatar

    All these conspiracy and covid denying comments really shows people with learning disabilities get left behind by the education system.

  16. Avatar

    Media are disgusting fear mongers

  17. Avatar

    This story….. we have 1000 white marbles in a tub and we add 1 more marble but this 1 covered in wet black paint…. then we shake the tub and now all the marbles have some black on them…..

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