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Councils promise free school meals after footballer Marcus Rashford’s campaign

‘If the Government won’t fund it – we will’ – say councils, cafes, restaurants and bars who have rallied behind the footballer Marcus Rashford’s campaign to provide children on free school meals in England with food during the half term holidays. (Subscribe:

Conservative MPs voted down a Labour move to extend the voucher scheme this week, but several local authorities say they will pay for childrens’ lunches themselves, including Liverpool, Manchester and Birmingham.

Tonight, the UK Government said they had expanded eligibility for free school meals to more children than any other in decades – as well as increasing welfare support.


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  1. Avatar

    Nothing is free."free schools meals" payed for by the council is payed for by the same people who can just pay for their own kids lunch without the middle man,plus bureaucracy. Itl cost far more than a sandwich from Tesco.

  2. Avatar

    Even India gives free school hot means. Come on UK you are rich enough after the colonial loot to provide kids with some healthy nutritious meals

  3. Avatar
    Russian Métropolitan

    7000 pounds a day for consultants and yet no food for children, this government is truly despicable disgusting and evil

  4. Avatar

    Sir Marcus Rashford, anybody?

  5. Avatar

    I hope everyone who voted tories is happy that children are starving and a footballer had to step in to stop it

  6. Avatar

    That’s good now how about some national discussion about the proposal for government workers to drive around London in vans rounding up gypsies for deportation? England is in danger of disappearing up its own racist and bigoted Tory arsehole at this point

  7. Avatar

    Horrible tory cunts.

    The rich get richer and the poor get poor.. this will never change unfortunately

  8. Avatar

    Market guys Watford brilliant kind big hearted gentlemen ❤👍🙏❤ Thank You

  9. Avatar

    can you imagine if all you had to do was apply for the "free school meals for your children during the holidays" and get an extra £30 – £40 in with your benifits.. i can't see that getting abused by every single mother in britain, if they do decide to go ahead with it they need to issue the money in FOOD STAMPS/COUPONS for select food stores to be used on FOOD and not take aways.

  10. Avatar

    Give themselves a pay ride when they are already millionaires but cant feed kids? Evil bastards. Whole of parliament needs a complete overhaul

  11. Avatar
    Елена Федотова

    Its about humanity

  12. Avatar
    Сергей Пилипчук


  13. Avatar

    In the past I could not stand footballers, I think they are OVERPAID just like celebrities, I understand the status a famous name will have but Marcus has made me respect him to a new level and make me hate football players even more because of the sad potential they have to our communities. Marcus rashford deserves every award there is!!!!

  14. Avatar

    Good man. I'm no fan of football, but this guy is the real MVP.

  15. Avatar

    https://skwawkbox.org/2020/10/21/sky-news-forgets-to-mention-mps-who-voted-to-keep-poor-children-hungry-were-tories-here-is-a-list-of-them-all/ and
    ''Tories Try to Justify Starving Kids This Christmas'' ~ https://youtu.be/T9OGJB0cEEI

  16. Avatar

    This is a stain on our country, so wrong to take meals away. I hope the politicians don't get any pay rises this year.

  17. Avatar

    I’m 44 now but some of the worst memories of my childhood are when I was on school holidays. Sometimes I would go without food for 3 days a week. My dad and Mum tried so hard…dad was ex special forces and eventually had a break down.

    This has been going on for years. No one cared, no one knew.

    I’m grateful for Marcus and the work he’s doing. Those days of being hungry still affect me to this day.

  18. Avatar
    SeekGod FirstAllways

    God bless you my brother, hyphen are a Good Samaritan!! 🤗🍛🙏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  19. Avatar

    I agree parents need help…. but also parents need to learn how to cook as well as cancel virgin media as well as other non essentials…and use child benifit to buy and make meals that will last a few days ..

  20. Avatar

    Top lad 💪🏼 proud of everyone helping.

  21. Avatar

    I wonder why other english players have not come and backed him up, strange

  22. Avatar

    I feel sorry for the kids, it would be a good idea. Sadly so many women decide to have kids with men they barley know, then surprise surprise they're single mum's over night so have to live off of the tax payer. I think people shouldn't keep having kids if they can't afford them, or have been with their partner for a few years at least. I know not everyone who is on benefits is like this, but I would say about half are.

  23. Avatar

    May God bless you Rashford.

  24. Avatar

    Good on him.
    As no child should go hungry.

  25. Avatar

    Children of Britain know your place. Born poor, die poor. The future belongs to those who can afford it. – The Conservative and Unionist Party.

  26. Avatar

    Another scum bag millionaire spending tax payer money on his BS campaign

    Another enemy of the working class

    Another nail in the coffin of responsibility and the nuclear family.

    He is a scum bag

  27. Avatar

    Tory mind set unable to fatham the concept, that low wage earners are not able to cope with ANY deductions to their salary, which is being caused by this pandemic. Purley because they themselves have never had to survive on minimum wage. Let alone have to deal with the hardship of lossing their job. As most of these tory MP's have investments and savings and a salary for them is more about prestige than having to survive.

  28. Avatar

    What a fantastic young man and ambassador for everything that is good in this world. An absolute credit to humanity at such a young age, hats off, well done you!

  29. Avatar

    We should put a 'feed Britain' tax on all professional soccer players and staff.

  30. Avatar

    Hunger is a biggest weapon against humanity. This punishment from the Tories are seriously evil minded.

  31. Avatar

    TV show off show off

  32. Avatar

    Marcus Rashford. I would normally dismiss most overpaid sports stars and celebrities as…well, as overpaid, self-indulgent, exhibtionistic, narcissistic idiots. But this bloke is different. He is good. In every sense of the word. He obviously really cares and he has made a real difference. Hero.

  33. Avatar

    The mandem making moves for the UK kids. The politicians ain't done a thing for anyone.

  34. Avatar

    Rashfords best goal by far

  35. Avatar

    Here’s an idea Rashford , why don’t you and your football mates , get together and fund it ? Jobs a good in , end of !

  36. Avatar

    We need to petition for stopping MPs food subsidies in the parliament restaurant when they can well afford to pay full price!

  37. Avatar

    This is not happening in Britain this is happening in England maybe its time you worked out that England is not Britain and Britain is not England

  38. Avatar

    Can you show me one person who’s actually going hungry tho we have an obesity problem not a hunger problem

  39. Avatar


  40. Avatar

    5th November people

  41. Avatar

    If the otherside can score a political point feeding children you've made a mistake somewhere.

  42. Avatar

    its time the people took back over

  43. Avatar

    It's so sad Corbyn didn't get to be PM, all the smears against him were disgraceful. We'll never get that chance again.

  44. Avatar

    Why don't Rashford himself pay for it he ca afford to do so, making millions a week. STFU lad you are a Fake guy! Why do you need ppl to help when you can pay with your own money

  45. Avatar

    Man U should be proud of this guy … He's raised awareness of this issue. Top bloke.

    – Arsenal fan

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