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Could this be Disease X? Everything you need to know about the mystery virus gripping China

It is the mystery new disease that has put authorities around the world on high alert. Already, two people have died and 43 have been infected with a never-seen-before pneumonia.

The disease, which emerged in China at the beginning of this month, has already spread to other countries and testing has confirmed the presence of a new coronavirus – one of a family of viruses which have proved particularly deadly over the last few years, infecting more than 10,000 and killing around 1,600.

Experts are now asking if this new virus has similar epidemic potential. But with so much still unknown, they will have a battle on their hands to contain it.

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    I'm scared. I went to Thailand a year and a half ago.. bangkok too. And now I have a runny nose, headaches, fever, did have a sore throat + severe cough. UK btw.. help me.

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    Around the world infecting thousands , I was thinking she was going to say millions.. lol

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    What's with the music? feel like I'm watching an alien invasion film

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    It's obvious that this virus X feeds on man made Climate change. e need to fear man then?
    Sounds like flu to me.

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    So what happend to, all the other viruses that were the end of the world…

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    probably from the innocent dogs they eat

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    Clickbait and terrible reportage: coronaviruses are also common in humans. The recent outbreak has been well contained as shown by the three cases discovered outside of Wuhan in Thailand and Japan – who were travellers from the city itself and most likely to have been in contact with the place of original infection, no information (age or prior state of health has been released yet) about the few suffering the worst conditions, with two fatalities sadly. The new strain has not been proven to be pneumonic, so the 'are spread through coughs or sneezes' is dubious misinformation in this event; it has only affected people in proximity to a livestock/fish market – animal to human – the area is sealed and the authorities quick to respond, as for 'super-spreaders' that is shameful and negative. Flu has caused more wide scale concern in China this year due to a mild winter, closing schools etc. The news media has nothing new just now to worry us with and sell their junk, that's why they will peddle pictures of people wearing pollution protection masks while talking about a completely unrelated topic. The speed of reaction to infections in China is a world leading and very reassuring as this case has proven.

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    Mysterious…. unless your CIA

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    Someone's been playing plague inc……….

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    Should be called dog eaters lung then!

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    Theres a reason why u dont eat these animals

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    Thanks for telling me about something I should be deadly afraid of with no solution.

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    Finally the world will reclaim itself one way or another the human race will die get over it

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    Why are they trying to scare people?. So stupid. The person who made this is a bellend

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    Stop flights to China then, that's where it's coming from

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