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Could suburban women decide the US election?

Donald Trump is on the hunt for suburban woman voters, many of whom who supported him in 2016 having since turned away to Joe Biden.

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  1. Avatar

    and the polls have then
    ….pure shite…u ladies are lost…GFY

  2. Avatar

    She needs her face knocked back into place. Yes, let's go ask a self declared political activist their view because that won't be biased at all.
    Sky news, as always, a shill disgrace that needs euthanised.

  3. Avatar
    Sam Kadiddlehopper Esq.

    Please we should repeal the 22nd Amendment because of these NOW's who for the most part are way too sensitive and should STFU!

  4. Avatar

    Ahahhaha this is pathetic! Vintage liberal garbage.

  5. Avatar

    This seems like an onion video, this is hilarious.

  6. Avatar

    I acc feel uplifted listening to Trump – I have family in the states that are all voting for Biden – I don’t understand how people don’t think for themselves and just get brainwashed by the media

    I tell them to enjoy their raised taxes

    Trump 2020

  7. Avatar

    Trump 2020!
    Keep America Great!

  8. Avatar

    Abolish Row v Wade!

  9. Avatar

    What utter BS

  10. Avatar

    Idk why we care about this fucked up country so much it’s always gonna be crazy over there

  11. Avatar


  12. Avatar

    Do sky news realise they are posting on YouTube. Their leftist agenda does not belong here! Youtube is mainly right wing

  13. Avatar

    How embarrassing.

  14. Avatar

    Suburban idiots

  15. Avatar

    If the suburban women do – then the US is doomed

  16. Avatar

    Karens. Well coining that term doesn't seem so bright anymore.

  17. Avatar

    according to sky, suburban women like politicians who fondle young girl's breasts

  18. Avatar

    I hated him at first but I actually like trump now

  19. Avatar

    the title of this video has the same condescending tone of someone saying "imagine" to an idea that is highly realistic and sensible but belittled by those thriving in the current state of affairs.. just saying

  20. Avatar

    TRUMP 2020 Landslide 🇬🇧🇺🇲✊🏻

  21. Avatar

    Notice how Sky very conveniently doesn't interview any suburban Trump supporters even though we all know, as do they, that there are tons out there…

  22. Avatar
    no one expected the spanish inquisition

    See folks, even the UK is trying to force binden down our throats!

  23. Avatar

    Anyone dumb enough to vote for the Biden/BLM/ANTIFA coalition shouldn't be allowed to vote.

  24. Avatar

    Female suffrage is objectively one of the worst things to happen to western civilisation

  25. Avatar

    "The George Floyd thing happened and that was my breaking point…" Trump didn't kill him and Trump clamped down on the riots targetting innocent people and businesses….and Trump and his admin were launching police reforms that the Dems blocked…while Dems were encouraging the riots to move to your suburbs. The cops who committed the crimes were arrested quickly and all the signs and noises were that the system were going to convict them and make changes to policing but Dem supporting rioters then looted and vandalized and ignited fires in neighbourhoods. The killing happened in a Dem run city….and most of the riots were in Dem run cities and states.

  26. Avatar

    This suburb woman is clueless as the people that voted for Hillary Clinton pfomoging her Nuclear War with Russian

  27. Avatar

    So calling someone a housewife is offensive now? 🥴 what are they meant to be called then?

  28. Avatar

    Vote Donald at least he looks alive.

  29. Avatar

    It might be the Black and Latino minorities that will decide this election.

  30. Avatar

    Lol so basically it’s all trumps fault 😂

  31. Avatar

    Trump Around!

  32. Avatar

    This is like waiting for a.new game release

  33. Avatar

    Why is sky pretending suburban women isn't just code for white women? Donald trump said "Suburban women" voted for him, the US doesn't track "suburban women" it tracks white and black women,

  34. Avatar

    So some feminists throwing a hissy fit over the term 'housewife' will decide the election… I doubt it

  35. Avatar
    Michael I. Akhiwu

    If Biden can strike a balance of good economical and social goals, I think he has it in the bag.

    He has made some gaffes, but let’s be honest here, the average voter probably won’t bother to look them up.

  36. Avatar

    Trump will win Ohio i expect and all the other key states

  37. Avatar

    Could journalists be any dumber?

  38. Avatar

    Mainstream media is so biased!

  39. Avatar

    Yes, because covid and George floyd is trumps fault. The lack of logic is astounding

  40. Avatar
    Diogenes' Lantern

    Oxygen thieves. Not a clue as to what they are talking about. George Floyd was your "emotional breaking point"? Pulease man. Inform yourself silly bint.

  41. Avatar

    Do any of these women work? Or just live off there husbands wage?

  42. Avatar

    They look like a bunch of house wife’s to me

  43. Avatar


  44. Avatar

    Stupidest video I’ve ever watched

  45. Avatar
    Kevan Valentine-platt

    Is this another way of saying white women will be the reason trump wins?

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