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Could Anwar Ibrahim be Malaysia's next prime minister? | Inside Story

He’s been on the verge of leading Malaysia for decades.
Now, opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim is again trying to grab the post of prime minister.
He says he’s presented the king with evidence he has the required majority in parliament to unseat Muhyiddin Yassin.
Muhyiddin has only a two-seat majority and is struggling to maintain support.
The palace says Anwar has told the Monarch how many lawmakers backed him.
Anwar has urged Malaysians to be patient and give the king space to review his bid.
So, could he finally grab power?
And what would it mean for Malaysia?

Tricia Yeoh, CEO of the Institute for Democracy and Economic Affairs.
Ibrahim Suffian, Executive Director of the Merdeka Centre, a public opinion research organisation.
Bridget Welsh, Senior Research Associate in the Centre for East Asia Democratic Studies at the National Taiwan University.

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  1. Avatar
    Sania Sheikh Viral Videos

    Love Malaysia from Pakistan

  2. Avatar

    In another 2 to 3 days time, Anwar will be sworn in as the new PM. We should not focus on Anwar, rather the forces behind his move. It is UMNO and its component parties that will made the premiership possible for Anwar.

  3. Avatar

    Christianity will teach tolerance, Hinduism will teach peace and prosperity. Islam will teach intolerance, self-hatred and downfall for all non-Arab countries.

  4. Avatar

    Any Malay here?

  5. Avatar

    anuar is dreaming … just a side PM hahaha … forever

  6. Avatar

    Sorry anwar. Your third stunt this time also failed.

  7. Avatar

    Anwar Ibrahim ❤️❤️

  8. Avatar

    Only mahatir mohammad

  9. Avatar

    Wasn’t he a “sodomite”? Malaysia is such a liberal and advanced country!

  10. Avatar

    If Anwar a pm please sack Sabri, this guys useless minister. We should lock down those sabah state before getting serious.

  11. Avatar

    speaks a mexican spanish?

  12. Avatar

    Malaysia should ban Al Jazeera channel for spreading fake news

  13. Avatar

    Lmao al jazeera you should stay in your own turf…anwar is a joke candidate for the majority of voting malaysians and that hard built reputation will not be going anywhere soon. If anything people are amused and embarrassed by his political performance act. I can't believe you actually dedicated a 20 min slot in your programming to debate if this guy is a realistic candidate for prime minister. goes to show how tragically out of depth you are with politics of countries outside of Middle East

  14. Avatar

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  15. Avatar

    Best channel for true and genuine news.

  16. Avatar

    It is very sad that the Palace is seemingly being used by politicians to overide the Federal Constitution, which is the SUMPREME LAW OF THE LAND.

  17. Avatar

    WTF ?
    he is a homosexual ?
    Malaysia is a Islamic county right ?

  18. Avatar

    He's not relevant anymore. People gave him enough time to make changes after a big win in elections. He didn't, things get changed and now he's becoming more obsessed than ever to become one. If he comes to you to gain support, it speaks volume about how much people have faith in him, if any.

  19. Avatar

    Yesterday he did meet Agong. But only say he have supporters. But Agong say he not bring any proof documents. This mean anuar the stupid guy made a fake news again.😂

  20. Avatar

    Yes offcourse Anwar Ibrahim The next prime minister of Malaysia…

  21. Avatar

    Anwar will be appointed Prime Minister on the 20/10/2020.

  22. Avatar

    There are 1001 ways to stop / block Anwar become pm…
    Anwar cannot give the name list because someone will buy them or simply create case/mistake of them than take action on them ….

  23. Avatar

    Anwar knows his chance in the next GE are almost next to nothing to be the PM, probably this is his last miles for a chance as PM. Good luck.

  24. Avatar

    Since Mahathir become pm the malaysia become racist country…

  25. Avatar
    Rajalingam Seetharaam

    That's why … Sabah election somemore la … never think about the ppl.

  26. Avatar

    Hahaha. this report clearly shows aljazeera is ph pro.

  27. Avatar


  28. Avatar

    Got number but dosnt giv a list? How can agong decide? Penyokong ph always husnodzun kalau tunjuk list nati kena beli..wtf ….just show it…simple …

  29. Avatar

    It feels like there's a big power in play. Didn't want Anwar to be PM. He's holding a key to all doc. of corruptions involving mps. Don't you all see the big picture. There'll be all kinds of obstacle he's gonna face. Hope he's strong enough to face it. In sha Allah.

  30. Avatar


  31. Avatar

    Anwar was unjustly sacked in 1998 by Mahathir and later jailed for 'abused of power'. He was again jailed for 10 years for 'raping a 21 years man' by Najib while he was reported having a dislocated disc which later medically corrected.
    No one argues about his leadership ability and administrative record but remains as a stench political enemy to Mahathir and UMNO due to his strong non-malays support.
    He'll surely make a good leader for the ordinary citizen to reform Malaysia economically, socially and politically, however not at all popular among the powerful elites.

  32. Avatar

    Even during this covid 19 pandemic…Power , corruption and greedy politician still think of themself…. sad truth…. the country are already suffering…yeah why not add more drama 👍 Malaysia Boleh!!!! P.S i wont be surprise after he became Prime Minister… he will claim he have majority Malaysian backing him to become King/Sultan of Malaysia 🤣🤣🤣

  33. Avatar

    You can lie to the people,media even your wife but not the king.its karma!

  34. Avatar
    shahrul azila mohd salleh

    He is like crazy wanted to be PM of malaysia,He is just make used of the palace to make political unstability

  35. Avatar

    It’s better to wait for the next 2 years instead of pushing all the way

  36. Avatar

    Madman on prowl!

  37. Avatar

    merdeka Centre's statistics are questionable. most feel they're biased.

  38. Avatar

    Jazeera is lying again

  39. Avatar

    Ms. Welsh nailed it. It was doubtful if there was a majority for the PN government and hence till today Malaysia has no legitimate government. The present day PM had time to shop for FROGS. in his bid to remain in power. DSAI/PH was robbed.

  40. Avatar

    To tell the truth ! Anwar is not suitable to be Malaysian PM. He was Minister of Finance, he was Education Minister and Agriculture Minister, he failed miserably. Frankly , Anwar doesnt has an helicopter mind, he doesnt has a forward thinking , his vision is next to none. Malaysia will not progress under Anwar. Sorry Anwar , you are just NATO, No Action Talk Only.

  41. Avatar

    Please maintain the next PM forever.

  42. Avatar

    Good job DSAI ..

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