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Could adopting a sustainable lifestyle be a solution for climate change? – BBC News

Janne Utriainen, his wife and four daughters are tackling climate change in their own way: they’ve moved to a remote location in northern Lapland where they live off the land: they fish, hunt, pick berries, keep sheep and chickens and grow some vegetables.
Janne believes that climate change is caused by overconsumption – so in order to save the planet, he believes we should all consume less and waste less.
The family does have electricity but they don’t have running water in the house: they use water from a lake for cooking and washing clothes.
Could adopting a sustainable lifestyle be a solution for climate change?
Produced by Erika Benke, Camera: Antti J. Leinonen, Edited by Soraya Auer

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    Next: Could Removing Donald Trump from the White House be a good solution to Climate change?!?! 🤔

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    This is great – but please remember that the profit motive of private compnies causes (I dont know the exact figure) most emissions. It is down to governement control and legistlation to prevent these profiteers wrecking our planet. Let's remove blame from the individual and shift it to large companies. A good example of how to legislate against these companies would be, in the UK, to nationalise the energy companies such that they can be properly and democratically controlled and the profit motive is removed.

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    Climate change does not exist good lord smarten up sheeple!!!!

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    Yeah, why not? Let everyone do this…
    Alternatively, why not press everyone into the cities and gradually regulate the countryside to the point where it's 'sustainable' (nobody except farmers in it)? Oh wait; it's already happening. (Agenda 2030).

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    All propaganda for UN Agenda 21.

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    100 companies are responsible for 71% of global emissions.

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    Awesome… just a shame everybody's living in mega-cities so this is completely irrelevant, eh?

    …showing people a fantasy lifestyle

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    Finding a secluded spot in a wood near a fish filled lake is fine if you're the only family doing so. This isn't an option for everyone on a large scale because space is limited and fresh water lakes aren't on every corner. If everyone started living this way competition for land and food sources would lead to conflict, which would lead to tribalism, power struggles and authoritarion leaderships. We must use the systems that we have in place now, to work together on a global scale by reducing such environmentally damaging consumption.

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    Then it's back to civilisation when their health fails.

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