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Could a 30-minute COVID test come to the UK?

Boris Johnson’s moonshot testing programme “can be done”, according to a Chinese company which has created a 30-minute COVID test.

Sky’s Asia correspondent Tom Cheshire took a test to find out how it works.

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    Why need 😫 Hurry ☝️😭☝️ Everything's

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    World Hoax Organisation

    In October last year the Bill and Melinda gates Foundation funded John Hopkins Center for health security, along with the World Economic Forum hosted a pandemic response exercise call Event 201 in New York, two months later we were told that there was a major pandemic, In an attempt to cover their tracks the John Hopkins Center for Public Health later issued a statement stating that the timing was just mere coincidence and that they hadn't “predicted” a pandemic. 🤔

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    Anyone else read the protocols of the elders of zion and understand that psychopathic elites are responsible for this scam, for their economic gain and your enslavement?

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    This is so boring. We don't care

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    All I know is that my nerves are being tested..covid this covid that

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    So this came from China and now China have this machine. Good money maker well done.

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    For a so called virus with a 99% survival rate? This anti-humanity agenda has gone WAY too far now.

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    How do they clean the outside of them gloves they be basically passing it to people ffs

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    Hi Guys 😍💋 💝💖

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    More Sky propaganda

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    The so called British Government & so called British News media are complicit in this scamdemic!
    How is that? Because they both have the same demonic psychopathic handlers pulling the strings giving them their scripts

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    ᚱᛰUᛠӖᚱ ᚦᗩӖϻᛰᚤ

    From their own website: "Coyote Bioscience USA is the R&D center for Coyote"

    Right… not really the China Plague then.

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    Testing my patience

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    It's all fake. The test is bogus. Bill Gates, Fauci, WHO and UN are collaborating with the criminal Chinese Communist Party to fake a pandemic.

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    The covid legislation is illegal until the government proves that the virus exists. See coroanvirus act is null and void crowdjustice.

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    If this new testing kit/device is coming from China, please don't ask me to go anywhere near it!!! I mean, we all know where this Pandemic began don't we ?

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    I took a driving test and the result was covid-19

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    Listen to the reporter his voice sounds as defeated as our Government pffft pathetic “Late Britain”

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    Not even testing for a virus

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    Not wearing a mask anymore, time has come to move on

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    Don’t buy from China

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    Chinese company? so youre communist sympathisers to? cute

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    They have to have a process that is believable… to test the entire nation adequately…

    To claim 85% above people are infected.
    Which will then… cause much more fear.

    Then… everyone will line up for that VACCINE SHOT… with tracker inplanted.

    Is what it is. Watch them delete my comment.

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    M A N U F A C T U R E D P A N D E M I C

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    The Government Lockdowns doin more damage than the Virus Flu

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    Daughter Of Zion, iron, like a lion, in zion

    Idiots still dancing around singing coulda woulda shoulda with this corrupt scam

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