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Cougar stalks hiker for 6 minutes

Kyle Burgess captured the encounter on camera when a mother cougar stalked him. ABC’s Megan Tevrizian reports.

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    You know cougars have one weakness:
    The second amendment

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    “Terrifying ordeal”… It must have been terrifying for the poor cougar who thought her cubs were in trouble. She was doing what is in her nature and seeing as she was in her environment…. just saying.

  3. Avatar

    But white people insist on being in love with the outdoors.

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    In even BIGGER news: "A sentient Ken doll News reporter speaks on live TV"

  5. Avatar

    She's not stalking him, she's telling him to leave. This encounter went as well as it could have.

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    And a friend of mine wonders why I won't go hiking

  7. Avatar

    Because the cougar is staving. Normally they would stay clear

  8. Avatar

    Thought this might've been a Cougar Karen for a second

  9. Avatar

    I support the cougar

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    Nope nope nope nope I love wildlife but carry a gun in the woods and absolutely would have shot at one of those charges

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    This is why when you're in the wild you should either be armed with a gun or bear spray. Bear spray works on all land predators not just bears

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    The paws wide grabby grabby thing is threat gesture.

    She didn't want a fight that might leave her injured she just wanted him gone.

  13. Avatar

    Idk, I might have killed her if she was coming at me like that. I know she's protecting her young and all, but that dont mean she wont try and f u up.

  14. Avatar

    A cougar??..I hope she was hot😂😂

  15. Avatar

    This is so scary.

  16. Avatar

    She was trying to scare him away from he little one's👍

  17. Avatar

    Fucking cool

  18. Avatar

    This is why you bring a gun with you. Out in the woods you are not on top of the food chain.

  19. Avatar

    Anybody seen COVID?

  20. Avatar

    Glad your safe, if that would have been me the cougar would have known I was afraid from the smell coming from my pants. Depends anyone

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    He should have thrown the stone early

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    Lol Fing city boys 🤦🏻‍♂️ she wasn't stalking him she was chasing him away from her babies. Ounce he was far enough away she was just waiting for the right moment to run back to her Cubs. She had no intention of killing him if she wanted to eat him she would have rushed straight at him when she was in the bushes however the only cougars that are dangers to adult humans are juveniles just kicked out by mom and the really old and thus starving. Either can be easily dealt with by an adult but both will attack due to inexperience and starvation. Cougars are ambush predators, her slapping her paws on the ground are the human equivalent of I've got a gun get back. LASTLY an adult Cougar especially a mom won't hurt you unless you threaten it or it's cubs, if you see one yell like a man not a little bitch ANIMALS REALLY CAN SENSE FEAR jump up and down slowly moving away and throw rocks if necessary. And yes just walking around a corner and seeing cubs will be seen as a threat by a mother cougar. Carry bear mace a stick and a knife the woods aren't peaceful places they're dangerous and bueatiful.

  23. Avatar

    Lol the pic of her with her arms all open

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    Ramond’s Enchantment

    – My soiled pants would have scared that little “kitty Cat.”

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    all the poor animals of the world are starving…we have taken all of their lands from them and all of the accompanying resources they need for survival

  26. Avatar

    Scary indeed!!…..I would be leaking from every orifice

  27. Avatar

    Good mama. Thank you Jesus this man is alive he must have an important reason here on earth

  28. Avatar

    I was stalked by a cougar for 6hrs. She had a lot of money.

  29. Avatar

    The media can't even report on animals accurately.

  30. Avatar

    That fucking spray tan on that anchor.

  31. Avatar

    It's cub season, is he dumb to go hiking???

  32. Avatar

    I love cougars.

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    Today’s News: A Cougar Peacefully Protests a White Man in Her Neighborhood.

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    Cathleen Williamson

    I watched the whole vid. Scary indeed. Funny at the end. He says, well "that" just happened.

  35. Avatar

    My? Is why u walking alone in her hood….your trespassing in her house 🤔🤔🤔🤔

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    In related news, a nearby laundromat had to shutdown for the entirety of the proceeding day to clean and sanitize its washing machines.

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    sméagÖl nØt gÖllum

    if he wasnt made such a beta male by toxic feminism he would have thrown a rock sooner, what a quuuuueeeerrrrrr

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    This is some serious bs. Too much tv for 🐑🙊🙈🙉

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    Yeah. Dont mess with a predator's young.

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    Thats not stalking. It's just an encounter. If momma wanted she would've killed him. Very very few people ever live to tell about being stalked by mountain lions….they are silent as F!, you wouldn't know till you're neck is punctured.

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    That’s a big ass cat

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    Glenda Holmes-Moore

    That remind me of the time in 2013 when a Rottweiler dog had a stand off with me pin to a neighbors door. All I could do was remain calm and by the grace of God it finally walked away.Psalms 91-14,I will protect him for he acknowledges my name. To this day I am still traumatized,when walking through apartments I am often looking for stray dogs. It happened again, someone dog was out loose and I had to jump over a neighbors patio gate and bruised myself badly.

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