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'Corrosive to public trust': Keir Starmer attacks PM's lockdown measures

The Labour leader has criticised Boris Johnson’s three-tier approach to curbing the spread of coronavirus, saying ‘pitting region against region’ is ‘corrosive to public trust’. He pressed the prime minister on why he wouldn’t pay an extra £5m to Manchester before tier 3 restrictions come into force there on Friday, but would spend £7, 000 a day on consultants to create a test-and-trace system that doesn’t work 

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  1. Avatar

    Johnson is untrustworthy, where’s you big red bus you imbecile! 😡😡😡

  2. Avatar

    I'm looking forward to the next government U-turn in the coming days or another new Nandos Heat Chart.

  3. Avatar

    Praying for everyone in the world right now who is living this tyrannical nightmare. 🙏

  4. Avatar

    You mean "fatal..
    Corrosion of bank or shares" in whatever lame polluters' products lifestyle s etc.. Valentina Nappi vs pope . Italy wins w Nappi.

  5. Avatar

    B0ris is lame

  6. Avatar

    Starmer is a mirror reflection of johnson sadly

  7. Avatar
    Lord Ball-sac the 2nd

    Prepare for riots on Saturday then

  8. Avatar

    Keri is just another useless fool fronting the middle-class party. Get stuffed.

  9. Avatar

    Starmer you haven't got a clue go crawl back under the rock you came from

  10. Avatar

    Bla bla Boris, rhetoric, stalling and trooling
    Lol its already gone past the point of No return sunshine

  11. Avatar

    It is only in there for 28days, we will review it after 28 days. Which is it you doublespeaking snake.

  12. Avatar

    It's utterly grotesque that Serco having failed to make their version of track and trace work, is now considering making a dividend payment. It's morally indefensible and repulsive that people are profiting from the misfortune of the country. (In particular, the misfortune of having this government of third-raters.)

  13. Avatar

    This virus is not going to be brought to heel by all this hot air, get used to it being with us forever, LIVE WITH IT.

  14. Avatar

    The despicable behaviour of local authorities is corrosive to public trust and will only encourage the public to disregard protection measures

  15. Avatar

    Ohh yes …where are 35millon????

  16. Avatar
    Esl online lessons via zoom

    Boris Johnson is an immoral letchworth charlatan of bigamist proportions.

  17. Avatar
    Repulse theMonkey

    The Johnson Regime do not need public trust. They cannot be voted out for years, and even when the next GE rolls around there is no credible opposition, just a worse version of what we currently have.

  18. Avatar

    Can the people put a vote of no confidence???

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