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Coronavirus: World leaders react to US President Trump’s positive test

World leaders wished U.S. President Donald Trump a “speedy recovery” after he tested positive for COVID-19 earlier on Friday.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador were among those who sent their wishes.

Italy’s far-right League leader Matteo Salvini had choice words, however, about Trump’s diagnosis, saying he had been on social networks and was disgusted by people making jokes about the U.S. president’s health.

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  1. Avatar
    Audio Production/Music Production Course

    Omg. So some test which never works indicates he has it. Thus test can show that you has alien blood. Nobody believes in this plandemic anymore.

  2. Avatar

    God Bless the true leaders of the world! Love one another! Stop the corruption, manipulation, and greed!!

  3. Avatar

    Why they wishing him to get better. He never believe in COVID 19 and make big joke out of it. Call it’s a Hoax. Shame on him saying in his rallies that old people die of disease cos they old.Karma back fir him.

  4. Avatar

    We join millions across America praying for their full and swift recovery. God bless you President Trump & our wonderful First Lady Melania.

  5. Avatar

    Even turmp made a wall still the Mexican s being kind

  6. Avatar

    So this is what the leaders of the world look like when they lie…..Oscars worthy performances, must be hard to do when you're laughing inside….

  7. Avatar
    Michael Goldstein

    I think they really wanna laugh

  8. Avatar

    Invite all current Canadian employees to come to your city hall at 4pm on October 09 2020 to make a request for a monthly distribution of 500 Canadian dollars. The country’s money is also ours. Many in-service employees’ monthly income is less than 1,800 after tax deduction. After deducting transportation expenses, it is better for people who stay at home and sleep because they are at risk of the epidemic. This is very unfair. Please tell everyone that people who are able to come out and organize. In Canada, the government will pay attention to troubles only

  9. Avatar

    Chinese gov. sent infected people on planes all over the world with a clear malicious intent to spread a contagious virus to other nations; concealing data as the infected landed in other nations. Chinese gov. prevented infected from traveling inside China, but infection spread there, too, regardless of them trying to contain it to Wuhan. When Trump recovers back to his full speed (God wiling), it will be interesting to see his reaction to the culprit -China gov. officials. The Chinese gov bought PPE from all over the world -before-the world was told of the contagion, thus intentionally depleting other nations' supplies and ability to provide aid to their own citizens as they became infected.// Had Chinese gov prohibited infected from flying out and instead – notified the world of a contagion present in Wuhan, the world would love the Chinese gov today. Today however, the world wants nothing to do with China as a direct result of the massive destruction of human life and causing havoc to the economies all over the world.

  10. Avatar

    He's lying. That's all he does. Don't wish him well wish him the hell he caused others to suffer, the illness and yes, death.

  11. Avatar

    Virus plague carrier
    Ignorance has consequences
    TRE45ON 209000 deaths 31 days bunker boy

  12. Avatar

    The president is fine though . millions have tested positive with mild to zero symptoms . Get the facts straight and quit fear mongering . Crimes against humanity are needed for these corrupt "leaders" . We the free thinkers are coming for yas

  13. Avatar

    Has a word that come out of Merkel's mouth ever reflected reality? Stop lying DERKEL!

  14. Avatar
    Cristina Lexy Reef Tank

    🍎Wow,i bet
    🌏 world leaders are wearing their mask now.

  15. Avatar

    I wish little donnie to not recover and die

  16. Avatar

    i love the last one, what he said is true! he was probably talking about the dems being happy trump getting sick!

  17. Avatar
    SHAMAN hunter gatherer

    This is what America has come to look at our allies smh

  18. Avatar

    Boris recovered, but his hair didn't.

  19. Avatar

    Trump is going to pull "A Tupac." Dr.'s gonna be like here sir medicine. Trump will only say two words… F… Y… 😍

  20. Avatar

    Get well soon!

  21. Avatar

    Honestly, no I dont wish him to recover quickly. Let him feel what others have felt. The virus making them sick and weak. Perhaps he can reflect how much of a fool hes been. insensitive to others, mocking those that wear a mask. Telling people not to wear a mask to do what they want, and yet the giant himself has fallen to the thing he claimed to be a hoax. Nice to see he only cares when HE is the one affected yet the many people that got sick and sadly those who died dont have the luxury to be the president and get rushed to get the best care. Telling people to inject themselves with bleach, acting like a child and this is who people had voted for? It sad. I only feel sorry for the staff in the white house who had no choice of being there. I dont care if hes sick, and the world leaders are being too kind, Trump deserves to suffer, for he allowed his fellow Americans do the same and did nothing. I call this Karma.

  22. Avatar

    "Joe Biden didn't get Covid 19 he is the smart man" Joe Biden is like the man who successfully survived War War II by cowering at the bottom of the foxhole while his buddies risked their lives saveing America…. Is this really the man you want running the country? G

  23. Avatar

    Hopefully all trumps entourage suffer horribly the way they caused 100’s of thousands to suffer and die horribly and alone.
    Save empathy for those that deserve empathy.
    These people deliberately mock downplay and give misinformation at the expense of many others pain and suffering so they can retain power and make money for tgg hv selves.
    They are the epitome of what is called evil.

  24. Avatar

    Even Putin sent a telegram saying: Get well, you still owe me 4 more years

  25. Avatar

    Thoughts and prayers

  26. Avatar

    Hope he gets well soon. To show everybody it's a flu

  27. Avatar

    "Heal me, O Lord, and I will be healed; save me and I will be saved, for you are the one I praise." ~ Jeremiah 17:14

     “Trust in the LORD with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding. In all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight. Do not be wise in your own eyes; fear the LORD and shun evil. This will bring health to your body and nourishment to your bones.” — Proverbs 3:5-8



  28. Avatar
    Red eyed Mongoose

    I only wish for him what he truly deserves ! Sooner would be better than later.

  29. Avatar

    why does boris always look so drunk

  30. Avatar

    World ' LEADERS? '
    They are not leaders , they are corporatist.

  31. Avatar
    Vafflin / ヴぁっふりん

    its not fun to see everyone spoke a positive lie

    also 1:26, its not disgusting at all when we wish someone to die, especially a children-murderer, who forced school to open during pandemic.

  32. Avatar
    Renegadebroadcasting com

    How come the Chinese in wuhan are back to normal without producing a vaccine?
    Oh god the thought police are gonna call me names for this 1.

  33. Avatar

    Boris Johnson's hair looks untidy and it seems that he woke up like a bit of a zombie.

  34. Avatar
    Shannon Paine Frattura

    Pity the poor innocent souls walking around with corona stamped on their foreheads today because the domino effect is in affect,,,,,,,,trumps actions lead to manslaughter nay murder charges?,,,,,,,,,,,,make America put him and his cronies in prison hospitals,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  35. Avatar

    Boris is try the "Nick Nolte's Mugshot" hairdo….

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