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Coronavirus: Will President Trump's COVID-19 diagnosis change his attitude toward the pandemic

The commander-in-chief of the U.S., President Donald Trump, now has a potentially life-threatening virus after testing positive for COVID-19.

Through much of the pandemic, Trump has often said it would eventually “disappear,” that it was much like the flu and has not worn masks to many events despite recommendations by health officials.

Dawna Friesen explains why the diagnosis should serve as a wake-up call for President Trump.

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  1. Avatar

    Is that a coup attempt by China then?

  2. Avatar

    His ego got the best of his stupidity

  3. Avatar


  4. Avatar

    This might be a deception and that kind of move is not beyond the man or his malevolent inner circle. Is he perhaps avoiding the debates? He now realizes he can't compete with Joe face to face….esp. with the new debate rules. It makes me wonder.

  5. Avatar

    This channel is soo liberal

  6. Avatar

    He got the prove that the virus exists . So , he will change his way that he had up to now .

  7. Avatar

    Even on his death bed , Trump would still make more sense than China Joe.

  8. Avatar

    They trying to make the president sick!…these democrats!

  9. Avatar

    Here's a thought. How do you portray yourself as an underdog? How do you win over people’s empathy, beginning with all those gullible pundits? You play sick. You get a doctor’s note.
    And when you beat the disease you never had, there’s a bonus. You emerge as the chosen one to your base of fanatics. It’s a confirmation of all those weird superpowers they ascribe to you in bizarrely ritualistic paintings and pictures, full of quasi-religious adoration. Yes, you are special, superhuman, beyond the laws of this mundane world, a true savior figure (LOL). Even though it sounds outlandish (even to me). That’s because it’s already happened to strongmen across the globe. Bolsonaro’s apparently had COVID not once…but many times. Go ahead, sneer and laugh, but it has only strengthened his appeal to his base. Boris Johnson found the same effect in the UK — where he probably really had it, but the net effect was the same, it helped Them politically.
    So, with that said… Is Trump faking it? Or another lie we've grown so accustomed to.

  10. Avatar

    The problem with making salient statments is defending them later.

  11. Avatar

    The virus has become self-aware and is about to get the launch codes.

  12. Avatar

    In the debate Trump mocked Biden's practice of wearing a mask

  13. Avatar

    Not even clowns have immunity ..this virus is stronger than I thought. Pence should be ok…it dosent infect robots.

  14. Avatar

    Obama caused that…or the cyclists..

  15. Avatar

    Don’t be vulgar

  16. Avatar

    There was always Hope…she gave it to him ha ha ha ha ha

  17. Avatar

    People over 70 that contract Covid 19. 96.4 % WILL RECOVER. Scaremongering on this MSM we can’t expect anything else. BRRR

  18. Avatar

    Many many good people are worried..that he might not die.

  19. Avatar

    I wouldn't bank on it. He sees all this crap MSM is reporting he's probably gonna be pissed.

  20. Avatar

    What a judgemental and fearful lot of small intentioned people who are Canadian. You fail to observe and listen to the real quality because you only succumb to media narrative. I cannot abide such arrogant absurdity. May God bless President Trump, and The First Lady, Melania Trump.

  21. Avatar
    connected online

    he's not sick, he's going to use this to extend his presidential term. he is going to declare a state of emergency!.

  22. Avatar

    Change him are you kidding?….look not one American even bothered to toss him a roll of paper towels.

  23. Avatar

    It's not a good time 2 bash him. just wish him better,.👀

  24. Avatar

    My best guess is he will hammer the left 100x as hard.

  25. Avatar

    Opinion. The. Devil. He's busy. Today. More then. Yesterday. He's. Purpose. !! To. Steel. To kill. And to destroy. !!! ARE you. A. Child of. Lucifer.👹 ???? You are. Welcome. To the. Swamp. !!!! Eternity. Eternity. We're. You. Gona. Live. ETERNITY. ????????👉👉🔥👈or👉✝👈??????🙀🤔🤔🤔🤔✝👈

  26. Avatar

    The First World Leader to Stop the Communists From Spreading Their Virus
    The First to Close his Borders
    Thank Goodness

  27. Avatar

    Lol..he did it too himself

  28. Avatar

    I'm no fan of Trump but can we wait until he and his wife are fully healed before we ask such questions?

  29. Avatar

    If this lier is reelected, US will be flooded with surplus masks which can be exported to India

  30. Avatar

    Conspiracy theory here; based on Trump's history and a failing campaign could this be a sadistic ploy to drum up a last hour sympathy vote and/or to delay the actual election?

  31. Avatar

    Ignorance has consequences
    Virus plague carrier
    TRE45ON 209000 deaths 31 days bunker boy

  32. Avatar

    Will it change his view? For a normal person yes but he truly is a textbook narcissist and take it from me was married to one – he won't change. Especially if he really only gets mild symptoms then we'll have a greater bragg monster. Can just imagine his rhetoric – "see it was less than the flu and it didn't affect me cause I'm so strong/healthy." Hope for our ears it affects him enough to scare him but not kill him.

  33. Avatar

    I wonder if he has a big old bottle of Clorax hooked to his IV?

  34. Avatar

    It's not really a pandemic.
    Masks don't work

  35. Avatar

    Globalist narrative

  36. Avatar

    2020 delivery is much bigger but you been hiding the real news

  37. Avatar
    Trình Nguyễn Đình

    Yawn. Stupid and loud people want MAGA.

  38. Avatar

    This is all part of Trump's campaign. Biden campaign has pulled down attack ads against Trump. Media outlets are covering him 24/7. His health status has diverted people's attention from his bad performance in the debate and support for the White Supremacist group Proud Boys. And he can create a narrative that he overcame covid-19. Have an independent medical team test him and confirm if he genuinely has the virus. TRUMP LIES!

  39. Avatar

    What a coincidence to get sick when next month is the election!

  40. Avatar

    Saying nobody is immune is like claiming airplanes are dangerous because there is always a chance of a crash. The data is clear at this point, for people below age 70 the survival rate is around 99.97%.

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