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Coronavirus: White House confirms Trump has "mild symptoms" of COVID-19

Speaking with reporters in front of the White House on Friday morning, White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows confirmed that U.S. President Donald Trump has “mild symptoms” of COVID-19, but added that he and First Lady Melania Trump were in “good spirits.”

“The American people can rest assured that we have a president that is not only on the job, will remain on the job and I’m optimistic that he’ll have a very quick and speedy recovery,” Meadows told reporters at the White House.

Trump, 74, is at high risk because of his age and weight. He has remained in good health during his time in office but is not known to exercise regularly or to follow a healthy diet.

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  1. Avatar

    Remember how the evil deep state is using the virus to rig the election, their puppets are lighting fires, etc. It's an agenda I understand and it would be in your own benefit to stop believing the false narratives from the deep state prapaganda machine.

  2. Avatar

    What's the label Trump attached to those who caught Covid, losers? I guess now he knows you shouldn't mock others who get sick from the virus.

  3. Avatar
    The Old Farts’ Farm

    Ignore the negative mr Trump, hurry and get well.

  4. Avatar


  5. Avatar

    The stable genius will be carried out of the WH horizontally.

  6. Avatar

    its Fake its a big pitty trip because he knows he is losing and if its not fake then its karma.

  7. Avatar

    Don't trust what this guy's says, I don't care either.

  8. Avatar

    The science deniers will be betting and hoping on science, temporarily, for the next couple weeks or so.

  9. Avatar

    chinese and immigrants Trump will make it.. this is why unless you have history 100 years or more in America you need to go.. go disrespect your president.

  10. Avatar
    Crazy Funny Cats

    Trump had tons of energy during the debate.
    Good thing he has mild symptoms like 99.86% like everyone else in the world

  11. Avatar
    Crazy Funny Cats

    Damn good speaker

  12. Avatar

    I don’t believe anything that comes out of the White House.

  13. Avatar

    Who really cares

  14. Avatar

    Americans need to get their pitchforks and torches out and take back their country.

  15. Avatar

    No need for fear, eventually Donald Trump will disappear

  16. Avatar

    Trump will recover and be reelected in nov.

  17. Avatar
    Hunter Rodriguez

    Let's just face the facts for a sec where going to die no matter what covid cancer old age natural disaster so wytf i mean facts plz tell me different lol I'm not worried honestly I'd care less about a vaccine or not we might all die and go extinct like the dinosaurs so yeah lol

  18. Avatar

    I'm confused. Donald says is a hoax.
    I'm confused. Donald says is a hoax.
    I'm confused. Donald says is a hoax.

  19. Avatar

    October surprise. Distracted yet?

  20. Avatar

    YAHOOOOO finelly ..trump your punsh for bein a bad evil human

  21. Avatar
    Robin Westergren

    The president is lying, Covid 19 is not a threat! I beleve 100% in Trump. If he die its becuse asbestos in the whitehouse!

  22. Avatar

    I heard a month ago they were sending a CALL OUT for CIVD INFECTED PEOPLE 9and paying them) TO ATTEND RALLIES AND STUFF to TRY AND PURPOSELY SPREAD COVID TO HIM… SO .. NOT surprised

  23. Avatar
    Robin Westergren

    If all old and sick people die, your economy will be on the top. Do like Trump and dont care if people die. Emotions is something we dont need! If you have Covid 19 give it to your weak relatives so they can die so you get lover taxes!

  24. Avatar

    looks like trump got a roll of the dice and taste of his own medicine

  25. Avatar
    Ludwing GonzalezArroyo

    Can’t wait till ALL his supporters are gonna say ALL kinds of conspiracy theories about trump’s condition: Biden passed is to him. Somebody sneezed in his drink, 5G crazy stuff, or it’s the mask’s fault, who knows…

  26. Avatar

    I'v refused to wear a mask so far..the one and ONLY time I'v had no choice was to see my Doctor!!! How fkn messed up is that? Plus 99.9% of doctors just LOVE working the phone they fkn love it what a sad state of affairs

  27. Avatar

    When an ordinary American person gets COVID 19, he will be told to stay at home until he can't breathe. When Trump gets COVID 19, he goes to hospital even with mild symptoms and has a medical team to provide service for him. No wonder he doesn't want to wear mask. He just doesn't care about American people!

  28. Avatar

    Consider the possibilities. 1) Drumpf tested positive on Wednesday, prior to the presidential debate; translation of his thinking …… if I am is going down, Joe's coming with me. 2) It is a lie; to shore up his hard line supporters for his re-election. 3) It is real; and his insane suggestions about ingesting sanitizers, and taking obscure unproven drugs just didn't work. 4) He has a mild encounter from it, meaning he will be even less empathetic to others saying, 'I told you it was nothing'; and finally 5) He ends up a ventilator for 2 months giving the world peace and quiet until he recovers, whereby we will all experience world war 3 because he will blame China for giving it to him. (that about covers it)

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