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Coronavirus whistleblower's opening statement before House lawmakers | ABC News

FULL REMARKS: “Our window of opportunity is closing.” Dr. Rick Bright, the former head of development on a COVID-19 vaccine, testifies before the House Commerce and Energy Committee after submitting a whistleblower report on the United States’ response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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  1. Avatar

    lol whistle-blower on low key saying trump ain't doing his job. lol

  2. Avatar

    China try to hack our system for vaccine and Dr. Bright say it gonna take couple years to complete the vaccine . By that time it gonna be half dead , half infected , and rest of other are mentally crazy I'll.

  3. Avatar
    Dennis Moninger

    USA gets a "Participation Trophy'
    For CORONAVIRUS response efforts .
    Sure the USA's world's highest death rate is not a win, but we all get a trophy .

  4. Avatar

    bet he could teach master flautist Monica Lewinski a thing or 2

  5. Avatar

    Fat Donnie is going to kill us all.

  6. Avatar

    Msm is pathetic another nothing burger. Yum yum.

  7. Avatar
    Siouxanne Buehrer


    Joe: When I’m in the Waffle House I’m going to…
    Jill Biden: White House honey, White House!

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    This world is beyond saving.

    Too many people arguing and no-one is getting anything done.

    All of this would stop if the world could just unite, drop country borders and become accepting of all forms of ideology under a common banner of freedom.

    Alas, dreams like that are just that, dreams.

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    Maurice Lucious

    Trump is political very partisan any pandemic playbook attached to Obama was something he would not embrace.

  10. Avatar

    Why they can't do something the people can't. I'm talking about Congress so we just sit back and die. Really

  11. Avatar
    Maurice Lucious

    Trump doesn't give a damn about solving the Coronavirus. He just wants to play politics scapegoat OBAMA and reopen the economy before his reelection.

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    Songbird For Jesus

    Trump has to depend on Drs. He's not a Dr. Unfortunately, many Drs. Disagree. especially with doctors like falchi who hasn't seen a patient in 30 years and has no one to stand to about how it is affecting patients. He's a deep State Career person. Who knows maybe this guy is too, with an agenda. Hotspots deserve more restrictions than other towns and cities. This is all great but we can't go into a deep depression over this. The amount of people that have died is over the Hong Kong flu epidemic in 1968. But does that include the flu? No one is answering that question. He's not saying anything different then we already know. President Trump is not God he is not All-Seeing all-knowing nor everywhere. But when he found out the CDC screwed up which would have initially helped a great deal he got on it right away. Where was The WHO? Being quiet so China could prepare themselves. Because they are hooked up with China financially. New York state was near the bottom of States prepared for this pandemic why Governor Cuomo?

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    I’m confused. Dr. Bright isn’t say nothing new. Shocker, the government didn’t know how to handle the outbreak?! Neither did most countries lol

  14. Avatar

    He’s speaking from the perspective of a doctor. It’s the people to decide what we want to do. People are divided. That’s where our problem is.

  15. Avatar
    Frank Elizalde

    Big bunch of go-nowhere DULL words from Dr. Bright. Big push & shove scheme by Pelosi to grab tax payer money for non-covid 19 related “art” funding.

  16. Avatar
    Trump 2Q2Q The Library

    Here we go again…………
    When will you learn abc ????

  17. Avatar

    Society is not only screwed towards being set back to square 1 from the jackass in the white house being completely completely worthless, its regressively more than screwed towards going back many years of a set back loss, of it needing to take many years out of our damn lives inorder for the nation to get back to where it was, because of that ignorant stupid anti fact/logic backwards jackass in the white house. WORST POTUS EVER!

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    Wellcome to libtard news

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    Rigard Radaghast

    This guy isn't a whistleblower he's a jackass. If you want to see what really causes the pandemic look no further than wuhan

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    What a resume, seen people with outstanding resumes and dumb as you could not imagine!!!! All of these experts are conflicting and this illness and recovery are all different, so take your "expert" recommendations and get in line.

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    I don't know about this guy.

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    Q. Warren Teen

    CLICK BAIT!!!! Reporting you for misleading information!

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    Richard Laurent

    The media always chose these jerks that do their worst then blame OUR PRESIDENT TRUMP THE AMERICAN HERO. DR. FAUCI is who we have been listening to, he has led us down the wrong path.

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    Ok. Trump you heard Mr.Bright..lets see if it sunk in that blond brain of yours..bottom line it ain't safe to open up America yet.

  25. Avatar

    If it was a true whistle blower, yt would've removed it.

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    Brian Anderson

    Snowden is a whistleblower. This is a state sponsored I-don't-know-what.

  27. Avatar

    Thank you Mr. Biden.

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    I hope this guy gets it ……if you know what I mean ….lol

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    Severe #TDS on parade. No wonder this Tard was demoted. What a tool. 🤮💯🖕🏻

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    Any competent expert, like Dr. Bright, equipped with facts and truth is incompetent and clueless Dumb Donny's enemy.

  32. Avatar

    This message has been brought to you by the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation.
    "Although we cannot prevent your windows computer from getting hacked. You can trust me with your life.
    Now take my vaccine" –Bill gates

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    ?? Whistleblower?? Dear GOD!! NOT ANOTHER TDS NUT!!

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