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Coronavirus: What you need to know

A new ‘mystery’ coronavirus has killed more than a dozen people in China and has sparked fears of a global outbreak. So what is the so-called ‘wuhan virus’ and can it be stopped?

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  1. Avatar

    Ww3, Hong Kong protesters, Burning Australia, and now new virus.

  2. Avatar

    Depøpulatiøn program: initiated. Start location: China. Target: all humans. Cure: perfected and stored. Inoculation: all billionaires. Expected deaths: 5,834,937,612. Expect cure profits: $16,583,434,714,934.93. Propaganda: worldwide.

  3. Avatar

    Mother Earth trying too get rid of human overpopulation virus with it's own virus fair play..

  4. Avatar

    Imagine being the guy who was playing plague inc on the Area 51 missile control computer

  5. Avatar

    "And doesn't respond to antibiotics treatment."

    We know we're screwed when a virus doesn't respond to antibiotics. The end is upon us

  6. Avatar

    This is karma from capitalist, materialistic greed

  7. Avatar

    when is the walking dead back on?

  8. Avatar

    China seems to get a lot of new diseases. What's going on?

  9. Avatar

    Unlike Ebola, this won't last long, coz it's a made in China kind of virus.

  10. Avatar

    seems the chinese had alot of corona extra😂

  11. Avatar

    Fcuk your New World Order bullshit ~ did Dr Gallo invent this virus, like he did AID's too?

  12. Avatar

    YouTube kaise recommendations de rha hai

  13. Avatar

    With Trump in the WH & Boris as PM, nothing matters any more…We're all doomed anyway.

  14. Avatar

    we getting rid of the anti vaxxers bois

  15. Avatar

    No mention that coronavirus was created by the West? Go check out the holders of the Patents.

  16. Avatar

    so.. everyone with a cold will now clog up the waiting rooms at hospitals lol… woooo

  17. Avatar

    I think it's just a flu a pit worse than the others, And they are making a big deal out of it for political stupid reasons, while instead they could just give some freaking antiviruses or whatever

  18. Avatar

    "The virus can make people sick"

    Omg, really? So it's not one of those viruses that make people healthy then?..

  19. Avatar

    Why hasn’t the reporter got a mask on?

  20. Avatar

    Lol I won’t catch it I don’t watch MSM news so I’ll be ok. I wonder what the headlines would be if the MSM found out that there will be thousands of pensioners that will die this winter because they can’t afford to heat there homes

  21. Avatar

    i dont know why but im getting plague inc vibes

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