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Coronavirus Update: Virus Freezes Economy, Business Leaders Urge Testing | WSJ

New data show how chunks of the U.S. economy froze in March, business executives tell President Trump that a lot more coronavirus testing is needed to get Americans back to work, and New York is set to require people wear face coverings in public. WSJ’s Shelby Holliday has the latest on the pandemic.

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    Thapat (Gut) Foopromwongse


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    I dreamed of a failed america under the trump regime

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    Does anyone else think these 5-10% figures seem impossibly low?

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    The Farrell Law Firm, PC

    Interesting video. Wish it was longer !!

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    Protest for your freedoms. Don't let the flu enslave you as house prison. Resist tyranny

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    Business leader want their slave back working.

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    Crisis either causes regress or progress depending on the will of the people.

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    Doctors are being TOLD to exaggerate death numbers with over diagnosis. Hospitals get big payday for each coronavirus case and huge payday for ventilator. This is medical fraud and a conflict of interest. They are trying to push digital I.D.s and mandatory vaccinations developed by eugenicist Bill Gates. See plandemic Event 201. They want to develop a digital global currency. Complete surveillance. EVERYTHING they are doing is unconstitutional to push these globalist agendas.

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    Ramped up testing is certainly needed. But when i was in the Air Force we were always taught to teach/lead by example.
    When the "alleged" leadership of this country gets on tv daily; none of them wearing a mask, none of them keeping the 6ft distantce; that's not particularly reassuring ref efficacy of either of those measures is????
    Plus they apparently didn't get the memo about coughing into the crook of their arm instead of into the mic or their hand. Duhhhhhh

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    Hi I see you.

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    This year start on such a rough spot

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    Will be waiting till 2022 to go back outside. How stupid these people could get by allowing people to get infected because they have immune system that’s the hope and protection governments are giving to the people 🤦‍♂️. How governments use your own body to impose their will on people to control them?

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    Most people in the US who watch only FOX or OAN, but no news channels, don't know what's happening in the US. Fox etc dont give any comprehensive information about the outbreak.

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    FoxNews says Corona Virus ia a liberal Hoax – South Dakota – No Lockdown – but state forces ice skating rinks to store bodies.

    This is what Murdoch family does.

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    business leaders urge to end lockdown at month end or first day of month so payroll will be easier to calculate

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    China is directly responsible for all deaths and costs globally

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    This emoji was a foreshadow of the pandemic 😷

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    Contradictory news everyday!

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    Insignificant Other

    Read the bible

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    Soooooo nothing new then. More generic corona news.

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    Who care's that trump is wrong????? yes test them all!! So glad im not there!!

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