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Coronavirus update: The latest COVID-19 news for Friday 3 April | ABC News

A grim global milestone in the unfolding coronavirus pandemic but in Australia there’s some hope – the number of cases is showing signs of stabilising.

In this update:
0:00 There are now more than one million confirmed cases of covid-19 worldwide… More than fifty thousand people have died.

0:10 Australia has more than 5000 confirmed cases. A man in his 80s has died overnight in Victoria, taking the national toll to 25.

0:17 Two of those fatalities are linked to the Ruby Princess cruise ship, which remains off New South Wales. It’s one of 21 cruise ships being monitored by border force, with officials refusing to allow them to disembark.

0:33 Two cruise ships have docked in Florida with Australians on board. The Zaandam and Rotterdam are carrying 130 Australians who will now be flown to the US West Coast before coming home.

0:45 In the united states a record six-point-six million people have filed for unemployment benefits doubling the previous week’s high. The US has more than 230,000 infections and more than 5000 deaths.

1:00 In Europe, Spain has recorded one of the highest number of coronavirus deaths in a single day — 950. While the UK had 561 fatalities. Italy’s death toll is close to 14,000.

1:22 Reporter Stephanie Ferrier has the latest COVID-19 information in Victoria

3:15 Reporter Antonette Collins has the latest COVID-19 information from New South Wales

6:00 Political reporter Stephanie Borys has more information on the cruise ships docked in Florida plus what’s on the agenda for the national cabinet meeting this morning.

9:50 Reporter Cathy Border is on the NSW/Qld border with an update on border controls and permits.

11:45 North America correspondent James Glenday reports from the US where another six-point-six million people have filed for unemployment benefits as the economy goes into deep freeze to try to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

13:00 Europe correspondent Samantha Hawley has the latest COVID-19 information with Spain’s coronavirus death toll has reached more than 10,000, over 900 new deaths in the past day. Spain is the second worst affected country after italy in terms of deaths.

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