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Coronavirus update: Italy struggles to combat ‘tsunami’ of cases | DW News

Italy is struggling most to combat Covid-19, with a total of nearly 5,000 coronavirus deaths. Officials there once again reported the largest one-day increase in fatalities. Regular papal events are no longer open to the public. Pope Francis’s Sunday Angelus prayers are broadcast online instead. The Vatican’s Saint Peter’s Square has been sealed off. While authorities around the world take more drastic measures to try to slow the spread of the coronavirus, the number of cases globally nearly doubled last week. The current tally by Johns Hopkins University in the United States counts more than 300,000 infections worldwide and over 13,000 deaths. The raging pandemic has forced 35 countries across the globe to impose restrictions, disrupting lives, travel and businesses. This means globally, every seventh person is confined to their homes this Sunday.


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  1. Avatar

    To avoid this, I think everyone should have some device that can quickly detect this virus, and then everyone should be cautious.
    Nothing is happening to the big scientists.

  2. Avatar

    Let’s pray for the fast recovery of affected individual and thumbs up for the huge determination for all fronliners..

  3. Avatar

    😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 I can't control my tears, please God remember your people 🙏🙏🙏🙏 so sad indeed, wherever we did wrong before you God forgive our sins and save us from this dangerous sickness

  4. Avatar

    This is because of our attitude. Ignore the order to stay at home. Do not care the other people, selfish & typical minded. Many people in the world especially in US, UK or europe, they taking for granted of this virus. Still enjoy at the beach, pub, & other leisure places. This is huge calamity for the human kind. It seem like many people don't care about their life. We only live once, once you die, it never comeback for 2nd chances.

  5. Avatar

    Stay safe. Be strong. Love you all in Italy. We pray for you.

  6. Avatar

    Stay strong world…from india..

  7. Avatar

    It should be respected that health workers must be paid higher than any living individual in this planet.

  8. Avatar

    Italians just be eating their heads off.feeking so stressed

  9. Avatar

    In the 1st place – LOCKDOWN Restricted Movement Order for 14 days nationwide:-

    Full Ban & Closure of :-
    1) Movement & Mass gethering. (Sports, culture, religious, social activities).

    2) Closure all education from pre-school to university, places of worship, business premises.

    3) No overseas & inlands travelling (Those returning from overseas must undergo health screening & self-quarantee for 14 days).

    4) No tourists & foreign visitors entering at all.

    5) Closure all government & private premisses.

    6) No non-essential outdoor activities (at the parks or etc.) Only allowed to take away food no dine-in. Only allowed 1 person per vechicle for essential purpose & must wear mask / checking body tempreture before entering supermarket.

    7) Allowed for operations:-
    Essential services or production of goods.
    Water, electricity, post, transport, fuel, broadcasting, banks, healthcare, pharmacies, airports, security, defence, food supplies.

    8) Stay at Home. Whoever refused to 'Lockdown' will be 'Lockup'.

    These truly happening in my country NOW.

  10. Avatar

    may we know so the world know , how many chinese tourists entereditaly shortly before and during the chinese lunar holiday? a correlation of this figure may give light to the intensity of deathrate.

  11. Avatar

    Let us pray for this WORLD!🌍
    This Virus is spreading worldwide 😭🙏

  12. Avatar

    I am from India and our prime minister is making a curfew no one should leave Thier houses.this is the right movement to fight this disease.if we don't leave our homes,they will take care of the affected people without harming us at all.if this process continues,it may be successful.god help us all

  13. Avatar

    I am from India and our prime minister is making a curfew no one should leave Thier houses.this is the right movement to fight this disease.if we don't leave our homes,they will take care of the affected people without harming us at all.if this process continues,it may be successful.god help us all

  14. Avatar

    Rip to all those poor souls who has been victim of Corona and lost their lives 😔

  15. Avatar

    0:30 you could see her tiredness through her voice

  16. Avatar

    When you do nothing God will do something, I dont think you are going to learn anything from this…😏

  17. Avatar

    Syrian baby remember guys he passed away ..and itly locked bdoer of Syrian people.. all countries bombing in Syria and 3 years old baby or to much injuries and before die he said .he tell everything to Allah. second i observed indian forces lockdown kashmir and Allah lock down Allah countries think about ……. Pakistan zinda bad🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰🇵🇰

  18. Avatar

    In my country now have 84 patients covid-19. Sending love and pray to Italy, brake my heart and I hope my brother and his family and Italian all safe

  19. Avatar

    Semoga segera berakhir….sehat sentosa serta mulia

  20. Avatar

    Italians love god, where is your god now?

  21. Avatar

    May Italy recover soon…. prayers from India

  22. Avatar

    Pray ? Your faith is misplaced!!. Only Science can save us

  23. Avatar

    It is same as WUHAN of China .need stay at home for 2months , only 1person in each family can go out to buy food each 10 days.

  24. Avatar

    I Really Feel Bad 😟 We All Are In A Big Trouble

  25. Avatar

    I pray for Italy. I pray for the world. I pray for the strength of medics to fight on to save more lives. Lord end this.

  26. Avatar

    Unexpected Death… Each and everyone crying for Italy ….RIP….

  27. Avatar

    Whats hapenning to the world right now is all because of chinese people who eats bats etc. Its all their fault…

  28. Avatar

    God bless us all..he will heal the world soon…

  29. Avatar

    Pray for Italy 🙏🙏🙏

  30. Avatar

    Shortages are what companies hope for to raise prices, providing medical supplies in a crisis is the last thing you want the private sector to attend. Government must assure supply and dieter price gouging.

  31. Avatar

    So sad. So many families breaks, and the doctors and nurses has exhausted, they tired and also very easy to get effected. Hope this disaster go quickly. Pray for all people suffering. Hug.

  32. Avatar

    God please help us we need you praying for the world and for Italy praying for innocent souls heal them God they need you

  33. Avatar

    This hurts my heart…💔 But, I hear that some key contributing factors of why Italy is having this surge of deaths…The amount of smokers, the increased amount of seniors in the area and the generational levels of family members that stay together in small housing. Is this true?

  34. Avatar

    oh my god! How could China do this to us? Why did they silence the doctors who tried to warn the world about what was happening in WuHan? Why are they still arresting journalist and social media users for speaking on the virus? I always wondered why China had a blocked internet, but now I can see why, to stop information getting out. This virus could have been better contained if information was shared in a timely manner.

  35. Avatar

    Oh my goodness, I can feel the terror and psychological pressure, with itlay

  36. Avatar

    It is American flu virus , the soldier bring it to WUHAN . Then the virus variationand spread.

  37. Avatar

    Fight as a global citizen everyone please itlay needs our help

  38. Avatar

    I suppose if Italian authorities can take help of China they must, just only think about the control it and making it on hold. Imagine u have 900 patients of covid19 a day and there are only 500 beds

  39. Avatar

    All died bodies should be burned as coronavirus will come back from those died bodies and go in to under ground water. or direct contact to any of these corpses later.

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