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Coronavirus update: 770,000 cases, 33,000 deaths | DW News

The number of infections worldwide has topped 700-thousand people, according to a new tally by the AFP news agency. Over 33,000 people have died.
As more and more countries impose lockdowns over the coronavirus, India faces a larger challenge than most. Its 1.3 billion people have been ordered to stay at home since last week. But for the informal workers who form the backbone of the economy, this means losing their income overnight – leaving many without enough money for food. And those hardest hit by the lockdown may now also be most at risk of catching the virus.
Other Coronavirus news:
– The US government’s top infectious disease expert is warning the Covid-19 pandemic could kill up to 200-thousand Americans. Dr. Anthony Fauci said millions could become infected.
– After a spike of infections in Japan, Japanese media are reporting authorities will begin banning foreign travelers from the US, China, South Korea and most of Europe.
– The price of oil has fallen to 23 dollars a barrel – the lowest since 2002. That’s becaus of plummeting demand due to the global economic slowdown.

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