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Coronavirus: U.S. politicians, White House officials share well-wishes for President Donald Trump

U.S. politicians from both parties, White House officials and Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s wife Jill Biden all shared well-wishes for President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania after they both tested positive for COVID-19 earlier Friday.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Sen. Lindsey Graham said Trump was in good spirits, with the leader saying the president was less than thrilled being “cooped up” in the White House.

Biden said she hopes Trump and Melania would see a quick recovery, stressing it’s a “matter of health and respect.” Democratic Rep. Jim Clyburn and Sen. Dick Durbin also shared their warm wishes, with Durbin saying it’s a moment to come together “as we should with every person facing this challenge.”

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  1. Avatar

    Fake America

  2. Avatar

    scary plot twist. pence is prez. handmaid's tale

  3. Avatar

    Jill biden shut up

  4. Avatar

    "within an hour we put out that information to the American people".???
    People including Bidens campaign found out through a tweet from Trump. Are these now considered official?
    Before Trump goes to hospital no masks. After, masks are made mandatory.
    Worst leadership in the world.

  5. Avatar

    Wow, less than 24 hours and Trump is being hospitalized for a "hoax" virus! Too bad the Americans who took it seriously and yet succumbed to Covid-19, didn't have this available to them.

  6. Avatar

    you dam news people shut up, you's ask the same questions over & over & over, you's are so so so so boring.

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  8. Avatar

    you news people act like BABIES , YOU SUCK

  9. Avatar


  10. Avatar

    I think some one put something some where for the president to get Covid19!

  11. Avatar

    Why is Kaleigh lying about the WH putting the news out within an hour? THEY did not!! Trump himself did last night, and nothing else came out of the WH. KM had a conference this morning and she mentioned nothing about it. And as far as Lyndsey goes, he doesn't give a damn about Trump, all he cares about is that he's getting his SCOTUS.

  12. Avatar
    gordon gilchrist

    Hope you didn't wear a MASK.

  13. Avatar

    With positive test for the Wuhan virvs, Trump has no choice but to nuke China 🇨🇳 into pieces for its unleashing of the Chinese virvs into the American 🇺🇸soil.
    – Trump will win his re-election landslide for sure because many Democrats will vote for him.

  14. Avatar

    Hold China 🇨🇳accountable!
    – China's Xi Jinping and
    – WHO's Tedros
    should be criminally charged and arrested immediately for their roles in the Wuhan outbreak.

  15. Avatar

    TRUMP 2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  16. Avatar

    Beware of the following DANGEROUS words,
    that the Chinese 🇨🇳regime is using to recklessly MANIPULATE and CONTROL other people:

    – "descendents of Dragons",
    – "Chinese blood", 
    – "Chinese root",
    – "Ancestors",
    – "Patriotic Chinese",
    – "Traitors",
    – "China motherland",
    – "Belongs to China",
    – "China's internal affair",
    – "Inseparable part of China",
    – "Since ancient times".

  17. Avatar

    No Chinese 🇨🇳 should be allowed into Canada until the Wuhan outbreak has been independently investigated.

  18. Avatar

    Lindsey enjoy your final days bud

  19. Avatar
    Matt David Landberg

    I wish President Trump and Melania Trump well and 🙏 for their full recovery!

  20. Avatar

    losers. All these grown adults support this pathetic president despite all his lies and racism? The well wishes are not believable especially linsey graham who’s words are worth less than turds in a toilet bowl.

  21. Avatar

    When Trump was well, he was taunting and laughing at those who took the virus serious. He would have no respect for any of these people who wished him well and think they are weak and stupid for not taking advantage of the situation as he would love to do time an time again.

  22. Avatar
    Viking Excavating

    Bill Gates funded the lab in Wuhan that created and released the virus. Thankfully Bill has a vaccine to save us from the virus he created.

  23. Avatar

    smeeeellls fishy

  24. Avatar

    When Clinton got sick in 2016 Trump mocked. Now Biden sends wishes for a speedy recovery. Evangelicals pay attention. This is how a true Christian acts.

  25. Avatar

    The truth is, I hope this will be a hard lesson for him because many lives have been lost from his incompetence as a leader – encouraging violence rather than offer solutions, holding large gathering amid a pandemic, spreading hate and lies, going against doctors and scientists, cheating on his tax and his wife, always blaming others etc. This human being set humanity back several decades and it’s about time nature does her thing.

  26. Avatar
    Colin Goldthorpe

    The comments section is just shameful, regardless if you like the person or not. Compassion to other humans is not difficult, a lot less difficult than typing a hateful comment on line. People should be ashamed of themselves, imagine your standing in a hospital room with your sick grand parents/parents and someone came in a said something dumb like your comment. Truly disgusting that people could wish hateful sentiments, life has a special place for people like you….

  27. Avatar
    bounmy chanthavong

    Trump need to do tai chi and kung flu

  28. Avatar
    Hank Hankenhunter

    I'll bet they are. They're seeing their cash cow come down with Bovine hoof syndrome. The smell of shat pants in the Whitehouse must be overwhelming by now.

  29. Avatar
    bounmy chanthavong

    come on reporters Republicans they have theirs real Masks on as always . they no need anyone below them telling them what to do lol

  30. Avatar

    Make America Sick Again

  31. Avatar

    WHO & CCP must pay the world.

  32. Avatar

    God bless and restore the health of President Trump and First Lady Melania! My prayers and warm wishes are with our courageous president, his family and colleagues!

  33. Avatar

    Could it be a hoax? Mr. McConnell should retire as he is not a kind politician for all. Please vote Ms. McGrath. Thank you

  34. Avatar

    Unfortunately, mr. Graham is a hypocrite who isn't trustworthy. Please vote Mr. Harrison in. Thank you

  35. Avatar

    I prayed for the Lord to release his pain and for him to remove himself from POTUS. We will see if the prayers were answered. Prayers to all for healing and peace.

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