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Coronavirus: Trump's doctors optimistic about his condition but face criticism over transparency

Doctors say U.S. President Donald Trump’s condition is improving after contracting the coronavirus, and that he could be discharged early this week.

Those same doctors are facing criticism, however, over what some are calling a lack of transparency after painting a positive picture of the president’s health, before a top administration official said there was concern on Friday about Trump’s oxygen levels.

As Jennifer Johnson reports, it’s still unclear when Trump will return to the campaign trail, as Joe Biden’s popularity surges in the polls.

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  1. Avatar

    Moral of the story, people get covid-19

  2. Avatar

    Is there nothing else to report on in our boring little colony?

  3. Avatar

    Thank God he has Obamacare.

  4. Avatar

    Global news sucks!

  5. Avatar

    Why even bother will polls? And why does american politics get more coverage than ours?

  6. Avatar

    Just vote if you can.

  7. Avatar

    Even the Covaids picks Trump over Biden.

  8. Avatar

    God bless Trump and America

  9. Avatar

    As soon as Donald Trump gets back to work, he's going to develop a vaccine for stupidity and make it mandatory for the mainstream media.

  10. Avatar

    Nobody really cares about him. He wants sympathy now but could care less about the hundreds of thousands who have already died. Look up jackals in the dictionary and his ugly face will be front and centre!

  11. Avatar

    Your ratings suck!

  12. Avatar

    At first they said "no symptoms," then "mild symptoms," then "a very mild fever", then "a high fever", and now they're sticking him in a touring car like the Pope to show off how "well" he is. If he dies, it's really going to be his doctors' fault. He also had a cough, but they're not mentioning that any more. The evasiveness of their answers is creepy, BUT this demonstrates how messed up this whole issue has been, and how POTUS has pretended all along (even now) that it's not a serious illness and he is basically invincible. If they send him back to the White House three days after a high fever and supplemental oxygen, I predict a wholesale collapse.

  13. Avatar
    Chosen Elect 144k

    When people figure out COVID is not real and merelly a Phychological Operation (MK Ultra/Cointelpro/Operation Paperclip etc) they are literally going to lose there mind. The truth is stranger than figure. Things are not what they seem. Wake up people!

    One way to shut off influence is to ask yourself, "Without any media would my personal life experiences lead me to the same conclusion?"

    Being told something over and over vs. experiencing events first hand are not the same.

  14. Avatar

    Not any Canadian news to report on? Sick of hearing the "drumph show antics" all day every day! Media is part of the problem!

  15. Avatar

    oh…but I thought he doesnt wear masks.

  16. Avatar

    Trump singlehandedly proved no vaccine needed. Bless that jesuit shill!

  17. Avatar

    So.. uh… Can anybody explain to me what right and left wingers are?

  18. Avatar

    The fake media and every traitor in the Canadian Government are so fearful = they should be. Your time is coming.

  19. Avatar

    Trump went to the hospital but still with his Nuclear Launch briefcase!
    – Xi Jinping 🇨🇳 and his Politburo gang must be scared hiding in mountain caves right now.

  20. Avatar

    Hold 🇨🇳 China accountable!
    – China's Xi Jinping and
    – WHO's Tedros
    should be criminally charged and arrested immediately for their roles in the Wuhan outbreak.

  21. Avatar

    No Chinese 🇨🇳 should be allowed into Canada until the Wuhan outbreak has been independently investigated.

  22. Avatar

    As if anyone would believe CNN’s poll results or any news media that supports Biden.

  23. Avatar

    So if you are the President.. or a famous person… a team of doctors can tell the public on camera your personal medical information.
    I am so glad to be out of the spotlight.

  24. Avatar

    So it WAS serious at the start..I get it now. Steriod (cortisiod) dosages dampen down immune inflamatory response…J F K was on constaint dosages..these drugs are much more refined these days. The thing is virus still has to run its coarse 8/16 days..right now hes not quite as contagious as he would have been as when he was first showing no symtoms. As with flu rest is paramont to allow progression of virus cycle without straining lungs, heart etc. Moods/behaviour often temporarly affected.

  25. Avatar

    The covid-19 scare caused the weak minded sheep to stay home indefinitely.

  26. Avatar

    We are ALL going to get covid at some point in our lives. A lot of my friends and family members have already gotten it and recovered, and so will yours too. The sooner we develop herd immunity, the better. Just accept that we can’t wear masks forever and have to just let this virus run it’s course. You’re at bigger threat of the flu or dying in a car accident, yet you know better than to hide away from your house forever to avoid them both. We all have to endure the flu, we all have to drive, we all have to go on with our lives. Wonder will the media will stop fear mongering people about a virus that has something like a 99.99% survival rate 🙄

  27. Avatar

    If he is infected, he needs to stay quarantined! Isn't this the primary requirement for all infected person?! So absurd to be out and about to spread the virus!

  28. Avatar

    His oxygen sats being below 94 isn't bad. My oxygen sats regularly run between 83 and 90, and they only put me on it at night. They say anything above 88 is good. So…he is not that sick.

  29. Avatar

    Hes not even sick.. its a trick.

  30. Avatar

    I asked my doctor how long this virus will last, he said "How should I know, I'm not a politician"

  31. Avatar

    all other doctors in the world dont know how to treat coronovirus, but not the Trumps doctors ….:)

  32. Avatar
    Maxime Desjardins

    So funny..this stupid president is getting a high level medical care attention that would probably cost hundred of thousand dollars to a normal class citizen and the only thing he has to say is.."dont be afraid of covid"!!! Wow!! This guy is evil and he probably don't have covid..he's just crazy..GTFO NOW!!!

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