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Coronavirus: Trump says in return to campaign trail that he feels "powerful"

President Donald Trump returned to the campaign trail in Florida on Monday for the first time since he announced his COVID-19 diagnosis, appearing at an outdoor rally without a protective mask and touting his management of the coronavirus pandemic.

Trump tossed out masks to the crowd as he entered the airport rally in Sanford and repeatedly talked about his recovery from COVID-19.

“I went through it now. They say I’m immune. I feel so powerful,” Trump told thousands of supporters standing shoulder to shoulder, most without protective masks. “I’ll kiss the guys and the beautiful women. I’ll just give you a big fat kiss.”


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  1. Avatar

    hope he keeps the word about kissing. he'll lose whatever support he has left lol

  2. Avatar
    Ryan StonedOnCanadianGaming

    So many stupid people in that crowd…
    No masks, no distancing.
    Prediction: Trump has covid again.

  3. Avatar

    The underage low-rent boys are especially glad that he is feeling powerful.

  4. Avatar
    The Solid Creative

    trump will win. the country is tired of blm. you leftys brought it on yourselves. enjoy 4 more years that all of you earned!

  5. Avatar

    Hahahaha! I'm lining up!

  6. Avatar

    God bless THE Man!

  7. Avatar

    Wouldn't it be nice to hear a President talk about …oh don't know policies or maybe what he intends to do about the out of work starving Families in the USA? He could tax the rich and feed the poor…. If only he could make it all about him………

  8. Avatar

    No different than Nazi rallies in 1930's NYC.

  9. Avatar

    Trump the Lord of the Concrete Jungle…

  10. Avatar

    Thy have no alternative but hate for thy daily bread

  11. Avatar

    Trump can kiss the men and women and make them cry

  12. Avatar
    Ecks Gaming Benchmark

    I wouldn't be surprised if more than half the people at that rally ended up getting Covid cause Trump doesn't want to tell the people if he is negative when he just got out of the hospital not long ago with Covid.

  13. Avatar

    “Im very young and I’m in great shape” lol if only I had 1/10 of this guys confidence

  14. Avatar

    Trump for 🇨🇦

  15. Avatar
    Christine McConnell

    yuck just had a biden ad prior to this.

  16. Avatar

    Beat the rona in under the week and look at all you idiots wearing masks and wetting yourselves

  17. Avatar

    90% of Global News headlines this year. “Trump says …”

    It’s just sad really.

  18. Avatar

    He's trying to spread the viruses to all Americans fellow .

  19. Avatar

    Love this guy! TRUMP 2020 😂

  20. Avatar

    TRUMP 2020 👊🏼🔥👊🏼

  21. Avatar

    Powerful? More like Hercules unfortunate cousin Ridicules

  22. Avatar

    Unlike our prime minister who went into hiding like a child.

  23. Avatar

    He on steroids like when I get bad poison ivy n bruh y don't they just make a little bottle of those antibodies and some steroids and vitamins for ppl like he just took like tf man… They can get rich off that… $150 each to live, covid solution done

  24. Avatar

    He's STUPIDMAN 🐱‍🏍 He can spread COVID with a single a sneeze 😆😂🤣

  25. Avatar

    Global News….you guys are pathetic!!

  26. Avatar

    I always knew he liked me! 💋

  27. Avatar

    Didn’t he lock himself in the basement when there were protesters at the wh?

  28. Avatar

    Imagine being over 70 and such energetic, legit.

  29. Avatar

    electric ⚡️ trump 👍

  30. Avatar

    What a complete fool

  31. Avatar

    “This is a spiritual battle” on Computing Forever channel. Very informative video about the nwo great reset and why they link c virus with climate change.

  32. Avatar
    AMIR trump ansarifar

    Good morning sir .I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU THANK YOU

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