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Coronavirus: Trump leaves hospital, takes off mask upon arriving at White House

U.S. President Donald Trump left Walter Reed National Military Medical Center on Monday, Oct. 5 following his weekend stay after he tested positive for COVID-19.

Trump had been admitted on Friday after revealing he and First Lady Melania Trump had tested positive for the coronavirus.

On arriving back at the White House, Trump took his mask off before saluting the Marine One helicopter which transported him home, then walked into the building.

Earlier in the day Trump’s physician, Dr. Sean Conley, announced the president’s health has been improving since being diagnosed with COVID-19, and that he has “met or exceeded” the criteria to be discharged from the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

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  1. Avatar

    Mainstream media is pure garbage. This headline implies that he shouldn’t have taken his mask off. If there aren’t people within 2 metres of you, you don’t need a mask.

  2. Avatar

    Go Trump Go 🎉
    Greetings from Sweden 🇸🇪
    Trump/Pence MAGA 2020 🇺🇸

  3. Avatar

    He looks like he is gasping for air and struggling to breathe!

  4. Avatar

    He says don't be afraid of covid. Well tell that to the 210k americans that have passed on. I'm pretty sure they didn't have the privilege to have the kind of treatment he has.

  5. Avatar

    But all these comments are so unfair on the President. He did prove that you may not get killed by COVID-19 if you have a raft of helicopters and limos on standby to take you to hospital whenever needed, and a team of 10 doctors to look after you around the clock.

    And it's patronising that the Biden team pulled all negative ads of the President just because he was ill – now that the President has made a triumphant return to the White House, DO YOUR WORST Team Biden!

  6. Avatar

    He’s gasping for air

  7. Avatar

    This is a clowned Donald trump he doesn’t sound like the original anymore 😄

  8. Avatar

    Trump say's don't be afraid of corona virus. Bull, that does not mean to except it with open arms. Who is he kidding anyway, it's killing people every day! Don't be stupid and let your guard down! I would not believe much of anything that he has to say about it! Think of it this way, if you don't protect yourself from it you could come down with the corona covid 19 virus! Don't be stupid people!

  9. Avatar

    I swear to God he's not normal he deserve to win again😁👏

  10. Avatar

    His kids no doubt have been around him in his family business, how did they skip from getting the virus? Something does not ring a bell here.

  11. Avatar

    And where’s his wife? Did he forget and leave Melania in the hospital? Probly doesn’t give a rats booty

  12. Avatar

    You mean he took of his mask at his home ? 🤔
    Maybe you should ask why Biden is not in quarantine after being exposed to someone that tested positive. He's been coughing and wiping his nose constantly.

  13. Avatar

    He probably was never even sick. Lmao.

  14. Avatar

    The United States is in good hands! God bless President Trump forever and ever! Vote Trump/Republican!

  15. Avatar

    Trump is the best president ever!!!!!! I am so happy he is better!

  16. Avatar

    Looks like he's having a little trouble breathing..

  17. Avatar

    Showing love from S. Korea stay healthy Mr. President and win again 2020. Ignore the communist supporting Pro Chinese Democrats.

  18. Avatar

    The ultimate troll of the Deep State. Game over, you dopes.

  19. Avatar

    “Don’t let it dominate your life,” says the man with free health care whose botched COVID-19 response ensured the virus would dominate our lives.

  20. Avatar
    Shannon Paine Frattura

    It he,s sick 😥😥😥 Russian roulette. If not😏🤐😉part of his pathetic game of terror

  21. Avatar
    Shannon Paine Frattura

    His theatre make up has obviously been adjusted to every part of his pathetic story

  22. Avatar

    Tramp is standing on top of the world 👑

  23. Avatar

    Wow this fool looks bad

  24. Avatar

    Bruh this dude look like he can’t breathe when he takes it off

  25. Avatar

    The trump cult is going to be so sad if he dies but im sure they will blame the democrats 😉

  26. Avatar

    Yes giving the thumbs up means you are perfectly healthy.

  27. Avatar
    Edward Mitchelson

    He still looks sick and not fully recovered

  28. Avatar

    His breathing seems a bit harder to me. Like he is trying to catch his breath.

  29. Avatar

    Even with a mask it only takes a quick moment to breathe, trump is struggling.

  30. Avatar

    The new Jesus

  31. Avatar

    The most loved president in history

  32. Avatar

    that was so funny, right after he gets down to the bottom of the stairs and the reporter started speaking to him, It looked like Trump thought the reporter was going to ask him "how are you doing Mr President, you feeling all right?" and instead he's like "how many of your staff are infected!? Do you consider yourself a super spreader?!"

    And Trump responds with "thank you very much"? 😂

  33. Avatar

    Trump really is the 🐐

  34. Avatar

    He really thinks that orange tan makes him look good.

  35. Avatar

    Perfect opportunity for a headshot from a 50cal

  36. Avatar

    AAAAhhh. Good for Trump!, Take that, world! I wish him the very best, he deserves it. If it is true he had corona, i hope he will keep his recovery up, and although i always have hated his politics, i will eat my hat for this stunt. Fortune favours the brave. (The only thing, is i always have to end up eating my words when i defend or like Trump, so the jury is out!)

  37. Avatar

    Did anyone notice the funny way trump was uncharacteristically opening
    his lips and only showing his teeth after walking up the steps? It was
    obvious to me that he was sucking air thru his teeth to keep from fully
    opening his mouth. Notice also how his chest expanded. Hmmm. Just

  38. Avatar

    The boss is back 😉 lets get the party started

  39. Avatar

    What a nuts president. Your are a liar!!! 🤥

  40. Avatar

    Someone who has gone through it can see right away when he takes of his mask that he has shortness of breath. That's the typical "Can't take deap breaths so you breath with your mouth open" So if he feels better than 20 years ago I must be in topshape too.

  41. Avatar

    President Trump now says that he's feeling better today than he has felt in the past 20 years. Although I actually am happy to hear that his condition continues to improve, the mere thought of having a more confident Donald J. Trump and as a likely consequence in his case, a more arrogant POTUS frightens me immensely. It's doubtful but let's hope that he's learned his lesson this time.

  42. Avatar

    I guess not. Just fast forward to 4:02. I truly have never seen a more egotistically driven person in my lifetime. "Although I'm still likely infectious, let me take my mask off so that the press, fake and otherwise, can get a good pic of me", his pea-sized brain said to him. That was just a genius move, Mr. President….genius.

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