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Coronavirus: Trump bypasses Congress, signs executive orders on COVID-19 aid

U.S. President Donald Trump signed several executive orders on Saturday, moving to bypass Congress as he claimed authority to defer payroll taxes and extend an expired unemployment benefit after negotiations with lawmakers on the latest stimulus package collapsed.

Jennifer Johnson explains that the move may prompt Democrats to take the Trump administration to court.

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  1. Avatar

    So if you get a virus and your home sick who pays your wages when your home? Here the government is giving people money while they are not working. And people want more and they are blaming trump? Because chyna didn’t give anyone a heads up. And that’s who’s fault and why. ??

  2. Avatar

    Not a Trump fan, but something HAD to be done and now for those helpless people.

  3. Avatar
    jacqueline walker-57

    this is would of been kind of fair- but some threw wrench in it. but it is still the british against the germans. IT'S A QUIET WAR BETWEEN THE TWO. FOR THE WHITE HOUSE

  4. Avatar

    Take the money and vote him out

  5. Avatar

    BLM are spreading this out of control.

  6. Avatar

    If the Democrats sue him then we know that they are the problem from the get-go. But we know that they won’t do that because they’ll lose a lot of votes lmao. Trump got Pelosi real good over here.

  7. Avatar

    They should put a partly false icon on this lol

  8. Avatar

    If you wanna get into an argument look further down the comment section. Warning: Toxic

  9. Avatar

    What I like about Trump is a man of Action. He makes things happen when Congress doesn’t know day it is.

  10. Avatar

    Wish we had someone to drain the swamp in Canada

  11. Avatar

    "It wasn't their fault it was Chi- Nas fault" hahahahhahaha choked on my coffee .God I love him

  12. Avatar

    Need moar socialism. Or else! Waaah

  13. Avatar
    Melissa Sow'n Truth

    It won't be the last time Democrats hold Americans hostage. Nancy Pelosi is incompetent.

  14. Avatar
    Jeanpierre Beluzan

    It’s China fault ….. god bless you trump , that’s so true !!!

  15. Avatar
    Jeanpierre Beluzan

    USA has balls and don’t need Canada . It’s Canada that needs USA ..

  16. Avatar

    Please sue him

  17. Avatar

    Democrats: Trump isn't doing enough
    Trump: Offers to spend a trillion (1,000,000,000,000) dollars to help Americans
    Democrats: ….It's still not enough

  18. Avatar

    "Democraps pouting like petulant children" – NO NEWS HERE

  19. Avatar

    President had no choice. The Dems are acting like f*$&#@g idiots. I am so disgusted with Democrats. Pelosi, Schumer, and their cling-ons are poor excuses for human beings.

  20. Avatar

    For anyone still planning on voting Democrat..Did you hear Pelosi state that they will file a lawsuit against Trump's executive order to send Covid money now?? She , and the Democrats, would prefer to wait endlessly to help hurting Americans! They DO NOT care one bit about you or any American

  21. Avatar
    veteran of truth

    How is $400 going to help Americans ,when their 3-4 months in the rent hole and other bills that are late ,they still own rent and other bills so within months they will still get evicted, this is not fixing anything,so now more months of late rent added to their bill ,this only hurts the poor Americans, if an eviction goes onto your credit report that person can never get the eviction removed and they can never get a decent place to live or buy that home and will always have to pay a super high deposit for a crappy place to live,this is what lies ahead for millions of Americans.the $1200 would have been hope money to help Americans get out of the hole millions are in..this is their tax money the American people's money..in six months a bigger problem is in wait.

  22. Avatar

    She really is an awful human being

  23. Avatar

    Love him or hate him he is on great leader and cares for his country more than anyone else.

  24. Avatar

    The Americans are fed up. The TV sees the American demonstrations expressing their opinions, the masses are bleeding, there are tanks on the scene, and the shock is escalated, but why is it causing China and Hong Kong every day? We Asians don’t understand

  25. Avatar

    The U.S. is TESTING at a rate of at least Five times any other country. Since Covid-19 is a slightly more infectious form of the flu then it makes sense that they would have more "cases" identified in the population. At a certain point most people will get it but won't DIE from it. See how that works?

  26. Avatar

    Noticed how they debate who gets what and how much but never how they will ever pay for it. The exorbitant privilege of the mighty $USD.

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