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Coronavirus: Trump back in Oval Office as millions of Americans await word on federal aid

U.S. President Donald Trump is leaving millions of Americans affected by the pandemic wondering if they’ll get federal aid after initially calling off talks with the Democrats on a benefit package. He did change course on Wednesday, pushing Congress to approve aid checks, but as Jackson Proskow reports, there are questions regarding how fast the aid could be passed.


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  1. Avatar

    He's orange again

  2. Avatar
    CodeRevolution TV

    Interesting that he got well so quick.

  3. Avatar

    America is doomed

  4. Avatar

    The tanning cream is a blessing from god

  5. Avatar

    True Trump is not a doctor but your Dad Bill Gaits is a doctor.

  6. Avatar

    Should be an age limit. Biden is almost 80!!!!!!

  7. Avatar

    And who is this lady saying "and there is no cure"? Wow. These people lie to scare people into a life of fear. This thing only takes out .02% of infected, of which are weak already, and the numbers are FAR less than the annual flu. This whole thing is a joke. Unless you've got a weak immunity then you could be knocked out in 3 days. But besides those rare few, come on people… the lies are there to keep you scared so that you do what they want.

  8. Avatar

    he wears his makeup again, they even added a little extra color 😁

  9. Avatar

    I asked my doctor how long this virus will last, he said "How should I know, I'm not a politician."

    UN Agenda 21 / 30
    "The Great Reset"
    "Rockefeller Foundation Lock Step"
    "The First Global Revolution", written in 1991 by The Club Of Rome

    Why is Rockefeller Foundation funding:

    Gavi Vaccines
    National Coronavirus Testing Plan
    United Nations
    World Economic Forum
    Global Resilient Cities Network
    Atlas AI
    data org 

    "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."  – Ben Franklin

  10. Avatar
    Jessie Diane Ryan

    He does not care about anyone but himself no one. He does not care about his family or staff.

  11. Avatar

    Trump 2020!

  12. Avatar

    He needs to be removed until his isolation is over and his mood stabilizes from the meds. This is insane..

  13. Avatar

    Trump's body double is back in the White House.

  14. Avatar

    Highly doubt that God would bless him

  15. Avatar

    I still feel the whole Trump testing positive for covid was a scam, from Trump the Fraudster. It backfired, he lost instead of gained by his con, so he moves on to the next con job.

  16. Avatar

    Flu season is CANCELLED, replaced with covid-19! No other forms of death exist either in 2020!!!!
    (99.997% survival rate; CDC)

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    Audio Production/Music Production Course

    If they wanted to stop the virus, they would close schools, they would stop everyday flights from China. If they wanted make people die less, they would stop any lockdowns because it kills many more people than covid. If they wanted to rob Canadians they would use a lockdown and get huge national loans. Oh wait…

  19. Avatar

    I shouldn't be laughing but what else can you do at this point? Haha. Good lord.

  20. Avatar

    Good god. 🤦🏼‍♀️

  21. Avatar
    Trình Nguyễn Đình

    Yawn. Stupid and loud people want MAGA.

  22. Avatar

    More like devil in disguise

  23. Avatar
    Kimberley Clarke

    Maybe ever one should watch the great reset, world economic forum

  24. Avatar

    Dawna: ‘’ He’s not a Doctor, he cant authorize the use of drugs and there is no cure” . Was that part of the newscast or was it her personal opinion that she injected in there?

  25. Avatar

    GOD was only seeking one thing America…HUMILITY..America just couldn't show that!! This was not a Pandemic…this was only a test!!

  26. Avatar

    He’s on a steroid high, wait till that crashes

  27. Avatar

    Praise God Trump has exposed the swamp

  28. Avatar

    The closer to the election, the more paid keyboard warriors come out

  29. Avatar

    He’s given false information about how serious it can be. You don’t get a helicopter ride to the hospital and you don’t have all these experimental drugs to help save you 🤦‍♀️

  30. Avatar

    He is just gonna sign an executive order to cut cheques. The Dems won’t pass it unless they get billions to bail out their cities that have been broke for a decade. So sinister to use this crisis to hold money for the people hostage.

  31. Avatar

    Garbage news network

  32. Avatar

    Hey global, why don't you just report the news without your biased opinion!

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    Regeneron seems very promising, be judges for yourselves and see the benefits in it, google what scientific findings come with it.

  34. Avatar

    Everyday the real news is burried

  35. Avatar

    bla bla bla you all rage repotting but complaining about trumps rage tweeting 😂 Ya 74 and covid didnt even phase him! Stop trying to spin things

  36. Avatar
    Michael Thompson

    Giving a psychopath with anger issues steroids is not going to end well possibly for all of us, he does have nukes at his disposal.

  37. Avatar

    They are using rapid tests in Florida that return results in 15 minutes and the President was cured with treatment in no time at all.

    Why isn't Trudeau dealing with this Covid situation in a serious way instead of giving in to fear?

  38. Avatar
    Noneof Urbusiness

    Oompa loompa doompety doo

  39. Avatar

    He never said it was a cure, just that it made him feel really good. He's offering a potential treatment to millions of his own people for free and yet somehow people have a problem with it. If you don't want to take it don't take it, but at least he's offering a potential treatment to people who want it (with thier doctors approval) LOL

  40. Avatar

    Best President ever. 🙂

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