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Coronavirus: Trudeau, Tam respond to “COVID internment camps” conspiracy theories

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, along with the country’s chief medical officer of health, Dr. Theresa Tam, were asked about a rise in misinformation on the COVID-19 pandemic on Tuesday.

Trudeau said he was recently asked about “COVID internment camps,” replying that we need to be “attentive to source” and look for “trusted sources.” He also said there’s a lot of “noise” and “harmful misinformation” circulating on the internet. “We need to hold together and resist people who would sew chaos within our communities and democracy,” Trudeau said.

Tam said internet and social media platforms are trying different tactics to quell the “outrageous disinformation” by pointing people to credible sources, as well as removing, de-monetizing, and throttling misinformation.

When asked about vaccine confidence she added that “we need to immunize the population against misinformation before the vaccine arrives.”


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  1. Avatar

    So properly funding the FOI staff and the audit capabilities of the federal government would clear the Liberals
    of this "disinformation" problem. Bring it on…

  2. Avatar
    Loreen Degenstein

    Trudeau and his cohorts will face charges for crimes against humanity! But first we need to go after the media supporting the lies!! SHAME!

  3. Avatar

    misinformation, disinformation, just pick a word. No need to use both.

  4. Avatar

    "Conspiracy theories" yet neither of them say they aren't a thing.

  5. Avatar


  6. Avatar

    you know its sad when you are a centrist but thats considered right wing extremist

  7. Avatar

    What was this long winded dance of avoiding the actual question.. I don’t even know anything about these “camps” but they both looked nervous and like they were talking too much too avoid actually answering

  8. Avatar
    Playing With Fire

    Censorship of the NYT &the presidents press person along with many others has already happened. How can we trust the media when only one side if that, can be seen. even this platform does it. Trust this government not likely .

  9. Avatar

    "Listen to doctors"….Just not the doctors that we don't approve of…..the one's saving patients with hydroxychloroquine 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  10. Avatar

    Yes camps are inplace! He is lying! There is proof of his plan! Eventually forced vaccinations! He will have a debt relief fund, thereby you are forgiven of your debts, mortgages, etc….BUT!! BUT! YOU MUST GIVE UP OWNERSHIP TO YOUR PROPERTY ,HOME, ASSETS. OH AND BY THE WAY FORCED VACCINATIONS ON TOP OF ALL THIS. HE PLANS TO DO IT BY 2021.

  11. Avatar

    I read last week quebec had approved a concentra… i mean containment camp being built. Today its gone completely. We are living in 1984 people!!!

  12. Avatar

    Remeber Trudeau was told it was his duty to make sure we comply….

  13. Avatar

    Didn't say there were no Covid isolation camps coming though did he?

  14. Avatar

    Media: “there are rumours of the Govt building isolation sites.”
    Trudeau/Tam: “we need to sensor the internet.”

  15. Avatar

    Yup, American crazies live here as well.

  16. Avatar

    The people should be building internment camps for the corrupt politicians and lying media.
    Let's lock THEM up .

  17. Avatar

    Lies every day. We don't believe you
    Fake covid

  18. Avatar

    The only disinformation out there has come directly from these very clowns.. shut it you loosers.

  19. Avatar

    Neither of them did not answered directly if the camps exist or not.
    With his record lately, their statements make me nervous.

  20. Avatar

    You know I would be more inclined to believe him if he didn’t already try to COVER I T UP !!!!

  21. Avatar

    of course its disinfo. there is no Agenda for mass extermination currently underway, just relax Government is here to help.

  22. Avatar

    These camps are being built for the sole purpose for EVERY Canadian citizen to be vaccinated and ID chipped for tracking and for proof of vaccination. It's for everyone's safety.

    The Reckoning draws near…

  23. Avatar

    Tobacco continues to be the number one cause of preventable disease and death in Canada. An estimated 45,000 Canadians die each year as a result of smoking. Countless others live with chronic diseases. Despite public health education and prevention efforts, approximately 15 per cent of Canadians currently smoke.

    How's this for conspiracy theory?
    Why don't you shut down the economy?

  24. Avatar

    We would be fools to believe anything they say!

  25. Avatar

    Okiedokie Justin Castro.

  26. Avatar

    This what happens if we deal with china , communists ideals ,, de couple from china , no more dirty money ,from a dirty country

  27. Avatar

    Tam is Trudeaus handler.

  28. Avatar

    Stop participating in all the nonsense. At this point in time your willful ignorance is inexcusable and you're just as bad as the ones who are intentionally doing this to us. For anyone who is somehow still managing to believe there's a real pandemic taking place, how much longer would this have to continue and how much worse will you allow their "rules" and "recommendations" to get before you will have had enough? Where exactly do you draw the line? Take a look at what your complicity and compliance is doing to yourself and everyone else. You're ruining lives, killing people and destroying the world as we know it. You're the ones enabling them to continue to do this to us. Stop wearing the masks. Stop "social distancing" yourself from others and especially your own family and friends. Stop living in fear. Live your lives how you used to before this giant lie of a pandemic began or it will never end. They'll just keep taking and taking and taking from you as long as you keep giving and giving and giving until there is nothing left.

  29. Avatar

    Give some people an inch and they'll take a mile. Give others fourteen days and they'll take the rest of your life. Covid-19 is fraud. The pandemic is treason. Prove it's not.

  30. Avatar

    My children will not be wearing masks, having their temperature checked, getting tested, sitting in "sugar cubes", using hand sanitizer or washing their hands hundreds of times a day, using any tracking apps or being vaccinated when they go back to school (or ever) and any nurses or doctors that visit their school will not be granted access to them. In fact, I'm not even going to send them to school to be exposed to any of the nonsense that's taking place there.

    Vaccines have all kinds of harmful and toxic chemicals and ingredients in them but along with those awful things they also contain aborted dead baby human parts. No way. I will never get a vacinne. Especially for a fake virus. Who knows what the long term affects will be for this rushed out vacinne as well.

    Where are all of the sick people? Where are all of the dying and the dead? Where are all of the grieving families? Why are there so many people across the world uploading videos of empty hospitals that were claimed to have been filled to capacity and overwhelmed? Why did Italy admit that ninety nine percent of their coronavirus deaths also had other more serious health issues, were very old or both? Why has the CDC issued orders to label any deaths doctors can as coronavirus deaths even when there are other more serious health issues that they have died from? Why are there so many families suing because their family members are being dishonestly labeled as having died from coronavirus? I have tons of other questions like that too. Also, there's this :

    "Common colds are among the most common illnesses. Many different viruses (rhinoviruses, adenoviruses, coronaviruses, and human metapneumoviruses) cause colds, but rhinoviruses (of which there are more than 100 subtypes) cause most colds. Colds caused by rhinoviruses occur more commonly in the spring and fall. Other viruses cause common coldlike illnesses at other times of the year."

    Go ahead and verify that with however many sources you wish. If you have any old medical textbooks or books dealing with viruses, they will state the same also.

    Covid-19 is a H O A X.

    Show me the evidence that convinced you that you should surrender all of your rights, freedoms, the ability to provide for yourself and your family, months (so far) of your life, the world economy, the lives of all the people who required life saving and/or life extending treatments and procedures but could not get them due to a H O A X and were later most likely labeled as having died from covid-19 and sooooo much more and then explain to me how that wasn't a huge mistake.

    The tests aren't even looking for a virus of any type. All they're doing is looking for things that may or may not be there if there was a virus present (not specifically covid-19) but those things may or may not be there for a ton of other reasons too. One being if you've had a flu shot. There is no real test for covid-19 because there is no covid-19.

    Face masks are the new aluminium foil hats except for that aluminium foil hats don't limit your oxygen intake by up to twenty percent and force you to breathe your own carbon dioxide. That's not good for you for a ton of reasons. One of them being that it will drastically lower your immune system which will make it easier for you to catch non H O A X related illnesses. They will also make you a lot more susceptible to things like heart attacks, strokes and even cancer.

    Before the covid-19 H O A X, in the state of New York for example, if you wanted to wear a face mask on the job for occupations like drywallling, landscaping, construction, painting etc…you had to get checked out by and have a form filled out by a doctor stating that you are healthy enough to wear a face mask and even then, they're still a health hazard.

    Recently two Chinese students died because they were wearing face masks all the time and a Chinese man had his left lung collapse after jogging a couple of miles while wearing a face mask.

    My medical condition is that I absolutely require one hundred percent of the oxygen available to me as well as having to expel one hundred percent of the carbon dioxide within me with each exhale. They also cannot force you to disclose your medical reasons for not wearing a face mask. If you don't want a hassle, tell them you cannot wear one for medical reasons. I'm just going to tell them "NO".

    Go onto the city of Toronto website (For example. Feel free to use other resources to check into it too.) and have a look for yourself. Anyone and everyone is exempt from wearing a face mask. All you have to do is tell them you're exempt. It is against the law for any establishment, store, arena, museum etc…to harass you about it, treat you differently or even ask you why. Even if it wasn't the law I would still never comply with any of this H O A X but it is so go take a look.

    Any store that gives me a problem with not wearing a mask is never going to get my business again. Ever. Not in person, online or in any other capacity. I'll also give them a horrible review on every available platform.

    Covid-19 is fraud. Social distancing is useless. No masks, tests, drugs, quarantines, steroids, vacinnes, temperature checks, immunity passports, social bubbles, social circles, circles drawn on the ground or trackers for me or my family. EVER.

    I'm not about to give anyone my personal information for a plate of spaghetti or any other reason at all either. Ever.

  31. Avatar

    Don't forget that in the basement of those internment camps there's a pizza parlour. Make mine an Hawaiian.

  32. Avatar

    Who with their right mind would trust these curropt liars they're all bought and payed for by their globalist puppet masters

  33. Avatar

    There was a rfp report put out that the Federal government in Sept was looking for contractors to build them. That was brought up by a MPP of this country. So stop with the disinformation

  34. Avatar

    Please don't vote if you need to consult a fact checker website. It's okay to not understand politics and stand back. It's more noble to not vote then vote based of emotion. Don't worry nobody will know.

  35. Avatar


  36. Avatar


  37. Avatar

    Get Trudeau out now!!!!!

  38. Avatar

    We don’t believe a word you say Trudeau!!!! Resign now!!!

  39. Avatar
    The Emancipated Gardener

    As if democracy is some penultimate construct. We don't trust you because you are bumbling at best, corrupt more likely. People are waking up to the realization that government is a cancerous boil. Serves no useful purpose in this day and age.

  40. Avatar

    He's a liar tam a man and yes he's got camps! Stop listening

  41. Avatar

    What a world, that people believe these are being built. Why are some people out to believe these conspiracies, the Prime Minister should not have to respond to this question.

  42. Avatar

    It would help if the Liberals stopped lying every day..

  43. Avatar

    Yes we do need to resist people who sew chaos . Get rid of justin Castro

  44. Avatar

    Teresa tam being a female is disinformation !

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