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Coronavirus: Trudeau says there’s "still time" to "turn around" 2nd wave by Christmas

During a coronavirus briefing on Monday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said that while Canadians are being asked not to come together in person for Thanksgiving, “there’s still time to turn this around for Christmas.”

The prime minister urged Canadians to continue wearing a mask and social distancing as efforts continue to curb the spread of the virus.

As of Monday, Oct. 5 there have been 166,156 cases of COVID-19 in Canada, including 9,481 deaths. According to Canada’s top doctor, chief medical officer of health Dr. Theresa Tam, an average of more than 1,800 new cases have been reported daily during the past seven-day period.

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  1. Avatar

    Till Christmas? Does that give you enough time to get the rest of our money out to your friends or will you need an extension Justin Trudeau/Chrystia Freeland?

  2. Avatar

    Let's see the contract that was signed for the money the bankers created out of nothing to "lend" to "canada". INVESTIGATE TRUDEAU

  3. Avatar

    `LOL he has to READ every word that come out of his mouth. Any thoughts of your own going on in there Justin?

  4. Avatar

    TRUDEAUMANIA IS A VIRUS. It causes bouts of stupidity.

  5. Avatar

    This guy is useless!

  6. Avatar

    yes… time to rethink our policy on hc q and zinc ?
    And to allow our doctors to do their jobs without political interference, as they request.
    At the very least, more public info on Tonic Water, maybe even Quercetin and zinc ???
    Meanwhile, Bitchute is Better and so is Rebel News.

  7. Avatar

    Oh, here we go again. What are we, in day 200 of "15 days to flatten the curve"? This is about power grabs. This is about undermining democracy. This is about an election south of the border.

  8. Avatar

    WILL NOT sign up for this tracker.

  9. Avatar

    There is also still time for him to resign as well.

  10. Avatar


  11. Avatar
    Dana Lorraine Dodds

    OMG these are all positive cases that doesn’t mean ANYTHING. They conveniently forget to tell you these cases are asymptotic and not at all virulent and they play on fear monger. When will people see and hear the false narrative here. Go see other social news cast that actually tell you the truth about this whole propaganda. And yes it is the flu season starting just like any other years. This will go on for an eternity because it seems to work. Do you want to live in fear for the rest of your life!???.

  12. Avatar

    Covid-19 has nothing to do with his shortcomings and the controversies that surrounding him.
    Why would we want to make this situation the same as our Southern neighbors, to be a circus? Once the world finds a vaccine, and/or a treatment, then should politics be tackled.
    In all fairness, our government did respond a heck of a lot better than DT. There will be ample time for deciding his faith. There is going to be a fierce debate about every issue the public has with him. As there was before him. He is not the first nor the last leader of this country who will have to answer to the people. It might take longer to get justice, but currently we, and the entire world, face a much worse enemy. Politics is dirty. It is unfortunate. 25 years ago, my political science professor, who once was a civil servant, began every single class with a nervous breakdown because of what he knew and witnessed. Now, the focus is to stay safe and avoid becoming sick.
    Just a thought.

  13. Avatar
    Dana Lorraine Dodds

    People are loosing total credibility for this government exempt for the fearsome. SAD 😔

  14. Avatar

    Does anyone remember the times of small pox, pestis, so on? How long did that take to eradicate? I am in disbelief about most postings.
    Humans faced the most devastating pandemics since the dawn of time, until medicine finally emerged and had a place in society. No governments, borders. Do we actually learn anything in school, from our parents, read history?
    People act like this is the first time we are faced with a deadly virus. I don't know, polio wasn't even a century ago before we had vaccine for to stop it. It the twilight.
    Many generations have been spaired for such devastation, seems like the masses have to blame someone for it, I guess before medicine, people persecuted witches, now we prosecute the leaders. We can't seem to live without conspiracies.
    Could this virus be man made? Yes. But that will come to light in a long while. But for now we have to deal with it. It is a financial burden for everyone. I am disabled, but not attacking anyone. If I were to attack, that would be the surgeon who did this to me.

  15. Avatar

    "Calif. doctor successfully cures 1,700 COVID-19 patients"
    One America News Network 5 Oct 2020

  16. Avatar

    Trudeau, the tinpot dictator!

  17. Avatar

    There's still time to get rid of corrupt, thieving Liberals too.

  18. Avatar

    Where is the part where he shoves a stick up his 🤬 while jumping up and down, screaming "I'm a good leader!"

  19. Avatar

    Resign you 🤬ing traitor!

  20. Avatar

    please resign. There is still time to turn this country around before this PM burns it to the ground

  21. Avatar

    Wake up canada, this time its call the 2 wave becuse its plan form before,
    High numbers of positive tests how many deaths??????
    There has allways bin flus and people deaing form it.
    Its a political game as It can be.
    I thank GOD for Smart people,
    But 1 thing, GOD is in control in our lives no mater what.

  22. Avatar

    Lol. I’m glad I live in an area with no left wing politicians, no left wing people and no left wing media.
    We have no lockdown, no masks, no riots and no virus.
    Our hospitals stayed empty and the seniors are out golfing.
    Our children and teenagers are enjoying their lives without masks or fear.
    This guy is a clown .
    He left the airports open to international flights until the four major cities became supposedly epicentres. He then let it into over 300 senior care homes and used his propaganda ministry to inflate the number and spread the fear .
    The face diapers mark the sheep for the climate lockdown that’s coming next.
    We also have no racists, no climate emergency and still only two genders.
    Lol. Obviously the insanity is on the left .
    We ditch the left wing government and their propaganda ministry years ago and it was the best move ever . It’s like paradise around here.
    Take your face diapers off and tell the politicians that we pay to pound sand. The scandemic is over and class action lawsuits are starting for everyone that lost a job.

  23. Avatar
    Markmarkus0911 user Lol

    He sound like a robot

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