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Coronavirus: Trudeau says Canada's recovery depends on global recovery during UN meeting

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Wednesday during a high-level United Nations meeting said that Canada’s recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic depends on a global recovery.

“We have a collective responsibility to make sure no one is left behind,” Trudeau said.

Director-General of the World Health Organization Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus discussed Tuesday’s grim milestone of one million people having died from the novel coronavirus. He said science and solutions to the pandemic will be ineffective without solidarity, and calling for a rejection to nationalism.

Billionaire Bill Gates also joined the video call, saying the “world is on the brink of a great scientific achievement” with a COVID-19 vaccine likely being ready by early next year. He added that they’ll likely have more than one vaccine ready. Gates also said they are building the system to “help reduce the damage of the next pandemic.”

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  1. Avatar

    This is so beyond dystopian.
    That like to dislike ratio tho πŸ‘

  2. Avatar

    Bill gates got you're money already how many billions just from Canada per dose 40 million times 1000$ .That will buy Trudeau ,Tam,and your crooked premiers 500 times.

  3. Avatar

    That video that went viral of Justin Trudeau getting punched in the face comes to mind…

  4. Avatar
    NotLess Grossman

    Why Bill Gates picture? You see his face and pandemic in the same sentence, .. Why the concern for children in Africa? Why does he want them vaccinated when Americans cannot even afford proper healthcare.

  5. Avatar

    Maybe more people will start to wake up when a loaf of bread costs $12.

  6. Avatar

    Trudeau is not capable in running anything.

  7. Avatar
    Lydia Moosburger

    OMG is Trudeau involved with Gates? he sell out canada to Gates?

  8. Avatar

    Our recovery has nothing to do with anyone else. Stop importing people first

  9. Avatar

    When did Bill Gates become Dr scientist?Bill Gates is not doing it for me!!!

  10. Avatar

    Is Bill Gates actually Mr Rabbit?

  11. Avatar

    Because Bill Gates and the WHO dont have enough money/? Serial slayers! Ask anyone in Africa. Who told you you could use our taxpayer money to give to the likes of these people Justin Trudeau? Did you ask Canadians or in your Ji Ping dictator style just do it anyway mr minority? Every dog his his day.

  12. Avatar

    IS there a bigger snake oil salesman, then the current PM of Canada?

  13. Avatar

    Is anyone still under the spell of Bill Gates?

  14. Avatar

    A traitor to our collective and individual rights and interests, vote PPC to end the madness

  15. Avatar

    He becomes more disgusting every time he opens his mouth,,,Everyone knows COVID was the SCAM they used to push for the tracking implant vaccine. Imagine what GATES paid that cockroach to push all this knowing its for population reduction.

  16. Avatar

    The Only Savior for this country is the People's Party of Canada

  17. Avatar

    Truedua is a puppet well paid by B.Gates His announcment all but confirmed how conected he has been with B.Gates ~ Listen carefully when B. Gates uses the word " Elimnate " & quite often ~ take heed what else he says, the world is on the brink of " scientic achievment & system " Gates has no knowledge of science he also tripped by saying " Global Elimnation " an underlining truth to Gloabally Depopuluate (as his family has been working on for decades ) gaining more $$$$$$$ & power with other organizations Big Pharma, Rockerfellers , N.W.O. W.H.O. the list goes on This virus is currently being used as a decoy to keep & maintain society in such a FEARED state of mind , if we do not abide & submit oursleves to their mandated laws + additional restrictions we'll be punished one way or the other , a form of slavery a program in the making decads ago B.Gates body language acutally expressed an excitement for their plan is almost in full action & certainly NOT for a vaccine either but instead a " System " the N.W. ORDER controlling us

  18. Avatar

    Gates is obessed with a possessed influence controlled by an evil spirit Call it Jezabell

  19. Avatar

    Hes so happy? Wait what. Why? Im sick of these people, can the government go back to, not talking so much

  20. Avatar

    covid19 speard by spy….all plan out by the greedy and devil…………….
    tedros and Bill helps the speard by slow and confuse everyone………..

  21. Avatar

    Why do you not provide speakers that can express proper English so even us seniors can comprehend what is being said,

    And Trudeaus idea to use these assume unproven vaccine shots, Will probably cause more problems, and will give much other problems unseen.

  22. Avatar

    Terrible choice of a thumbnail.

  23. Avatar

    Oh this is bad. This. Is. Bad.

  24. Avatar

    Bill and Trudeau are bum bodies

  25. Avatar

    Pm blackface has failed Canada and Canadians he was told by the military back in January what was going on in China and instead of closing the borders he played the racism card he gave away our PPE and tam said masks don't work

  26. Avatar
    Christopher Gill

    bill cant keep a computer form getting a virus but we are to trust him to make a vaccine

  27. Avatar
    Shannon Paine Frattura

    Who speaks for the dead,the ones dying from this virus ?

  28. Avatar

    OMG! People this guy has a total investment in this all along and always did!!! So he had jumped from software systems to something that he will be guaranteed to make a huge profit from.

  29. Avatar

    Oh shut up, man!

  30. Avatar

    Justin Trudeau is the economic threat.

  31. Avatar

    Open you main

  32. Avatar

    Tradeau can go to hell. And the stupid man from the u n the United Nothing and bill gates can all go to hell we know your plans from the devil your father

  33. Avatar


    Flu season is CANCELLED, replaced by covid-19!

  34. Avatar

    Bro didn’t even ask if he could borrow $20 from me to pay for this

  35. Avatar

    430 million to fight the sniffles…u got a better chance dieing in a car crash…in a lock down…thats your money people…and people die on our streets everyday.. more to come

  36. Avatar

    economy bleeding is not stopped. you do not care for it at all

  37. Avatar

    after I see WHO Mr. Tedro, Immed, lose interest to watch.

  38. Avatar

    Don't you mention the word Solidarity, because Solidarity in Poland in 80s was fighting for freedom not for fascism. Hope to see you all in the Norymberg style court. ✌️

  39. Avatar
    Whitecap madness

    Same guy that said
    "A few modest deficits"
    Completely wiped out a nation…..

  40. Avatar

    It’s sad that people will listen and believe this parasite

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