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Coronavirus: Trudeau, health officials address COVID-19 situation in Canada | LIVE

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says the federal government is creating a new emergency rent subsidy that will provide funds directly to businesses who need help paying their rent.

The previous rent subsidy was paid to landlords.The new subsidy will cover up to 65 per cent of eligible rent costs for businesses which have lost revenue because of COVID 19 and up to 90 per cent for businesses which have to close entirely because of the second wave of COVID-19.

As well, the coronavirus pandemic is expected to accelerate unless Canadians reduce their contact with others, new modelling shows.

Health Canada’s latest modelling suggests that by Oct. 17, the cumulative case total could range between 188,150 and 197,830, Dr. Theresa Tam, Canada’s chief public health officer, said.

In addition, Trudeau discussed job numbers after Canada added 378,000 net new jobs in September, Statistics Canada says. The gain, which was far stronger than economists expected, brings employment to within 720,000 of its level in February, before the novel coronavirus pandemic took hold in Canada.

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  1. Avatar

    Doesn't take a genius to know those lowlifes will close everything down again on purpose. No income for people and bills will keep coming kids brainwashed by screen.

  2. Avatar

    ya just down load the government tracking app on your phone so they can track you anywhere any time. Good Idea

  3. Avatar
    Sarah Louise Spooner

    You can get more info about me on my channel 😍💋 💝💖❤️

  4. Avatar

    Who will hold Trudeau accountable for all of his treasonous acts?

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    HR Headlight Restoration

    I find it so funny how something so contagious and easy they say to transmit, but you don't see the people working in home depot, Lowes, grocery stores and Walmart that work the tills and bag your stuff not dropping like flies lol OMG Canada wake up!!!!!! this is a complete joke. I guarantee if we could stop the pay to Trudeau and all the people of parliament this thing would be over tomorrow!!!

  6. Avatar

    I keep wondering when all those ethics violations are going to be taken care of? I also wonder why the NDP and Bloc sold out their morals and backbones for concessions.

  7. Avatar
    Robert Cummings London

    Sick of this SCAM!!

  8. Avatar
    Justino The Dominican Dragon

    This pandemic has effected me horribly..as millions have. Another test..stay strong everyone.

  9. Avatar

    How much tear gas did the government just purchase? Why do they need so much?

  10. Avatar

    Someone should get in there and cut out the first 20 minutes of this stuff, so when you turn it on he comes out right away. I know it's no great sin, no big deal, but they spend big bucks on sound and such, it seems like a simple fix.

  11. Avatar

    hmmmm….. At the beginning , is there a total of "19" flags?

  12. Avatar

    Someone who earned less than $5000 who claimed the CERB has to pay it all back. Someone who earned $100 000, only has to pay half of it back! Brilliant policy

  13. Avatar

    Trudeau the Traitor

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    yeh im good downloading your watch what your doing APP

  15. Avatar

    Let's work together and find the truth.

  16. Avatar

    Everyone. Start wearing Trump 2020 masks. Watch how quick this "pandemic" ends.

  17. Avatar

    Oh look a talking turd

  18. Avatar

    I used to trust the media to tell us the truth…

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    Please Justin, explain why the "right" are so violent? So, your saying that money rules moral respect? What had you been smoking lately?

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    Enough of the Scamdemic and fake masks!!

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    The only reason why we flattened the curve before is because we shut down. Until the Vaccine has been administered to most of the population the only way to flatten this curve unfortunately is to shut down again. this wave is worse than the first.

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    Every Tool In The Box

    It's always "it's you the peoples responsibility, it's all down to your actions, what you do now will affect what we see in 2 weeks….yadda yada yada". The problem is the people don't know night from day anymore, every report or update confuses, contradicts others. Wear a mask, it's so important, but on the other hand you don't have to. Stay at home, go to work, isolate as much as possible, send your kids to school, keep your bubble small, curves is up, curve is down.
    It's never going to be our leaders responsibility or fault if anything goes wrong, it will always be because the people didn't listen. It's pure politics, shift the blame to others, and cover their butts.

  23. Avatar

    Oh no they forgot to close the comments, here comes all the retards that thinks this is fake. I’m 90% sure they’re the same people who thinks vaccines are fake too.

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    Fidels son should keep far away from provincial matters. Health is clearly defined in Section 92. Justin stay in Toronto and Quebec.

  25. Avatar

    Already too late for some. Saw a few Boston Pizzas closed their doors. And why hasn't anyone questioned the validity of the models being used?

  26. Avatar

    Honestly speaking, all actions are reactionary. In fact, the words from the PM and advisors were from the beginning of COVID arrival in Canada was, “we are watching, we are monitoring.”
    This is NOT the first health epidemic Canada has faced, and the approach has NEVER changed when tackling such problems. It is entirely fair to say that letting people walk off planes quarantine from flights originating in mainland China and Northern Italy at International Airports in Canada for weeks back in March without quarantine was a mistake. No hindsight 20/20 vision here.
    After this, first mistake control of the disease was reactionary and in catchup mode.
    International passengers fie Arrival Forms. No followup on arriving passengers by jet in particular from already known pandemic areas was mistake #2.
    Canada Revenue Agency knows last years income from employment for all but those who are just entering the labour force. It is on a computer, along with Social Insurance Nu bet and Home Address. Absolute perfection with regards to the latter is acknowledged as impossible BUT accurate for an exceedingly high percentage of Canadians. Income based on “historical income” rather than a One Cheque Sum Fits All, approach which was a “brain dead approach” was error #3.
    Swing … Whiff, Swing … Whiff, Swing … Whiff.
    Thank goodness our PM and Cabinet Ministers are not in our military!! Planning, monitoring under their watchful eye would see an invasion force entering Canada on Parliament Hill in Ottawa before an announcement from the PMO that an invasion force that the Government had surrendered.

  27. Avatar

    We have a PM that is running a country behind a desk, pathetic.

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