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Coronavirus: Trudeau calls on provinces to accept federal aid on contact tracing

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau claims provinces aren’t taking advantage of federal government aid aimed at bolstering contact tracing efforts. Mike Le Couteur looks at who’s not asking for help, and the barriers facing contact tracers.

“We are there to support provinces right across the country … it is up to the provincial government to roll out the resources we’ve given them in the right way, and ask for more if they need it, because we’re there to help,” Trudeau said on Wednesday.

Manitoba currently has the second-highest per capita number of cases in Canada, behind only Quebec. On Tuesday, a record-number of cases were identified in the province at 124.

In Ontario, contract tracing has all but been abandoned as cases rise in several major cities, including Toronto.

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  1. Avatar

    Most people don't need a cell phone, they play with them, like children.

  2. Avatar

    Most likely this will backfire big time. That will make Trudeau more unpopular and help in him not being elected the next time. That way another party gets into power relieving some of the social pressure. At the same time they will prep the public for what they have in store in a few years. It's only the first time the idea sounds as shocking.

  3. Avatar

    We, the globalist, r shutting down the system.
    U won't stand tall, for your birthrights.
    So, we will make you bend your knee. We already control you.
    We use the Sin, Social Insurance Number to track your employment,
    you r our fiction straw man.Your parents voluntarily Registered you.
    Thru our birth Certificate ponzis scheme.Making u r slave.

  4. Avatar

    Bring back the WE investigations. I’m going to bet that was the biggest news story of the last couple of months. Other than that it’s been day in day out boring covid news that is old and tired.

  5. Avatar

    Corona19 is being used, as a Cover. To overthrow your liberties.
    And break us, for "The Great Reset". Which is to commence.
    Jan 1st 2021. Can President TRUMP stop it.?

  6. Avatar

    down with the libs down and lock up the theaf and lier TRUDEAU must be held accountabel for his role in this

  7. Avatar

    How about federal aid for the disabled! I don't know where my next meal will come from

  8. Avatar

    No Trust of our government and what they will do with contact tracing info. Look for anther way to take our money…

  9. Avatar

    Pretty soon they will force vaccinations for “rewards” like being able to travel, etc. All under the guise of a betterment for society and the world as a whole. People don’t realize we are screwed. Brave new world and 1984 predicted this control over us. I just thank god I didn’t bring a child into this world.

  10. Avatar

    Don't even bother contact tracing. Many have contracted it with minor or no symptoms. Let it run its course. It's not that deadly.

  11. Avatar
    Laura Lee Roberts

    Ford: please, don’t play partisan games during the pandemic! Put your ego aside and let the numbers show us what is happening!

  12. Avatar

    The media is no longer a source of objective, quality information. It’s pure propaganda. Nothing more.

  13. Avatar

    Clock at the look on his face. Makes me sick. 😡

  14. Avatar

    Trace this 🖕

  15. Avatar

    When is he going to come up with an app to trace the corrupt people in Canada. When that’s developed and proven it works I’ll think about this app until then not a chance.

  16. Avatar

    all of our first nation people are being called out to arms to go help our Mick Mac people they are being attacked our children are being raped out there assaulted by lobster fisherman so I want all our people out there get out there and support our Mickey people and arm yourselves let's go defend them let's stand as guard so our people are not abused anymore

  17. Avatar

    China says they have conquered corona virus.
    My dog has a puffy tail.

  18. Avatar

    Big brother can suck it. Only plebs willingly download apps that allow the state to track them.

  19. Avatar

    Keep your Gestapo aps to yourself.

  20. Avatar

    WHERE's HUNTER??????

  21. Avatar
    TruthWillSetYouFree777 John 8:32

    Do NOT use this. They want full technocratic control over us and this is just the beginning. This is permanent

  22. Avatar

    Canada is well on it's way to becoming a communist dictatorship.

  23. Avatar
    TruthWillSetYouFree777 John 8:32

    Covid-19 doesn’t exist. It’s never been isolated or purified or shown to satisfy a single Koch postulate

  24. Avatar

    Give it up with your scam already

  25. Avatar

    Fidel giving more money to get people to do what he wants. Nothing new here.

  26. Avatar

    I will personally never comply. Neither will anyone in my family / friend group.

  27. Avatar

    Revolution needs to happen

  28. Avatar

    The lunatics are trolling online again. They really are insane. Bizarre conspiracies, delusions, bigotry, and vitriol – that's all they post day in and day out. Sad and pathetic. The 37 million other Canadians are busy with life and working cooperatively with our Canadian leaders. Meanwhile – the rat pack (apologies to the actual animals) is online spewing nonsense. LOL

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    Coming4UCanadianSpawn pubg & cod mobile

    Captin unicorn strikes again.. get this clown out!

  30. Avatar
    Bottled Intentions

    They had to pay actors for that hospital film given how all hospitals are empty and medical staff are layed off

  31. Avatar

    "Proud" Trudeau has A.I.D.S. alright, no doubt about it.

  32. Avatar

    The news looks fake. It looks made up

  33. Avatar

    FREEDOM MARCH : Saturday October 17 – 12-5pm, Sunday 12-4pm – Vancouver art gallery – COME PROTEST THIS AND TAKE CANADA BACK FROM THESE CORRUPT POLITICIANS

  34. Avatar

    FREEDOM MARCH : Saturday October 17 – 12-5pm, Sunday 12-4pm – Vancouver art gallery – COME PROTEST THIS AND TAKE CANADA BACK FROM THESE CORRUPT POLITICIANS

  35. Avatar

    Contact tracing sounds like a huge scam to keep track of all the citizens. How long have schools been opened for before they decided to close them down.

  36. Avatar

    All Chinese are tracked by their phone and given a " social credit score " which scores them and determines what their " freedoms " are. I bet Trudy thinks this is a swell idea.

  37. Avatar

    I wish we could contain our tax payer dollars that Trudeau and all the other criminals steal from Canadians daily. How about contact tracing everything government does?

  38. Avatar

    Bata papajji ko bahuL gaya ho kanada se kab aaye ga bata justin Trudeau India ma kab

  39. Avatar

    They still know nothing about Covid.
    But they nailed it on a 2nd wave in the fall?

  40. Avatar

    Government and Main Stream Media are committing Crimes Agianst Humanity.

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