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Coronavirus: Trudeau announces $214M investment for made-in-Canada vaccine development | FULL

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced Friday that the federal government will be investing $214 million for made-in-Canada vaccines, including $173 million to Medicago to advance their vaccine candidate and create a production facility in Quebec City.

Trudeau was joined by Procurement Minister Anita Anand, chief public health officer Dr. Theresa Tam and deputy chief public health officer Dr. Howard Njoo, alongside other ministers.

As of Friday, Canada has a total of 209,184 COVID-19 cases and 9,862 deaths. Nearly 23,500 people have recovered from the virus. Tam said Canada is testing nearly 75,000 people daily.

Following Thursday night’s U.S. Presidential debate, Trudeau said Canada is hoping everything runs smoothly during the election and added that whoever is president in the years to come, they will continue to stand up for Canadian interests.

When asked about why Ontario received more rapid tests than Quebec, where the COVID-19 situation is worse, Tam briefly explained how distribution system works, but also promised to look further into the situation.

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    santa claus again!

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    Scamdemic, fraudemic, hoaxdemic, bolognavirus. Don't let them test you, inject you, tattoo you, or chip you with anything. Don't follow their illegal and oppressive orders either.

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    Trudeau certainly loves throwing our money out the window, he must have waisted a trillion dollars this year alone. Trudeau needs to be stopped before we end up like Venezuela of the North, I thought he spent Billions on Covid already and that was in other countries not just in Canada.

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    So sick and tired of the traitors that haven taken control of Canada. Big trouble is brewing. These traitors have to go. What happened to the Canadian people? Just a pathetic poor quality of people.

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    More money that has been stolen. Where are the RCMP? What do these traitors even do?

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    These traitors have been caught and are just going for it. People should be preparing for a fight.

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    He is wasting Canadian taxpayers money as if it is his to waste. Now investing our money into a vaccine that will arrive late.

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    Canadians do not need vaccines

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    and how much does his family get?

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    Notice the vaccine production facility is in none other than Quebec?

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    Stephanie Whitehouse

    OF course the virus is going to increase just as they launch more satillites into the atomosphere for 5g.

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    He spends Canada's money like it's not his

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    man distoryed this country
    let the new world order begin :/
    vacines are a waste of time

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    Viruses constantly evolve and you can never make an effective vaccine. This is crime. Treason.

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    Why does Quebec the province that does not want to be a part of canada, (has there own rules), have the right to be involved in the Covid vaccine?

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    Thank you Trudeau of investing in the overall health of our Canadian citizens keep up the excellent work crosses ☩ prayers.

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    Stop infinity printing of toilette. paper 🧻 financial criminals

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    28 years old man died from complications at the vaccine trial in Brazil. We have to be very careful about the whole process. Vaccine that have to be tested for a years are tested only for few months. How save they are ???????

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    Why he speaks hutu and tutsi

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    NWO is cancel Traders !!! Freedom is popular can not force the scam vaccine on people !!!!
    I see wot is coming ,Blame Covid for financial collapse scam??? And restrictions of the people travelling ??
    You are kindergarten level globalist scam begs sale Canada sovereignty to Rothschild Rockefeller’s mafia

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    Wilderness Post Adventures

    Great, then all of the news world believers can get vaccinated and I won't have to worry about infecting them with their imaginary disease since they are now immune thanks to the toxic vaccine!

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    The problem is the corrupt commenters who are part of the corrupt conservative messaging campaign.

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    Wish u added that to the economy we are sick of this vaccine that is taking eternity

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    bend over touch you toes trudeau will show you where your vaccine goes

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    I ain’t taking your poison vaccine 🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻I will stick with my 99.9% chance of survival without the vaccine.

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    The vaccine ain’t about making you healthy – it is about eliminating you. wake up sheeple

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    Global – how does it serve the country to provide a forum for the trolls? It serves anarchy. It’s hard to have fact- based discourse with this relentless, coordinated campaign of disinformation.

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    So which LPC crony is this taxpayer money going to this time?

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    No ones taking a potentially poison unnecessary vaccine for a virus 86% of people don’t know they have. It’s insulting Your a disgraceful lying globalist scumbag sellout Canadian government

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    Get this communist out of parliament and put him in jail where he belongs for his acts of treason.

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    Spend all the money for the deadliest lies in the world

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    I trust nothing this… thing says

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    So you want to lock us down again but open the borders to protect us.⚡⚡⚡

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    Here’s an idea, how about getting the money to pay for these vaccines from the WE group instead of tax payers money? They certainly seem to have the funds for it, as we saw through the generous payments made to the Crime Minister’s family. I’m sure they wouldn’t mind extending that generosity to all Canadians by paying for the vaccine.

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    Vaccines are not about making you healthy. It alters your DNA and it slowly make you sick. You should question everything.

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    Who owns the media? Does the government owns the media? It is very bias and I don't believe them.

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    Pharma companies are not liable for their vaccines injury or death. So really they don't need to care what they put in the vaccine. And how it affect people. Even people who owns a home need to buy insurance for their house just in case someone slip and fall on their property. The home owner is liable for injury that happens on their property.

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    Research Georgia Guidestones . They want to kill us

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    The creater is watching you evil satan people. Get ready

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    Rapists of the natural world.

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    Probably giving it to WE. Doesn't say who or how it's going to be spent

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    Stone Angel Technologies

    Take the Vaccine,.. If you Trust Greed-driven, Money-Hungry Whores over GOD (nature) to recieving Effective & Non–Detrimental Antibodies into your body's Immune system! 😈🔗🤑⛓🌎⛓

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    We don’t care about Covid any more !! I’m going to lick some door knobs!!

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