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Coronavirus: Traders in Wales worried as lockdown begins

Landlord Neil Davies tells Sky News that this 17-day lockdown will cost him £16k but he fears there could still be another one.

The new lockdown rules in Wales mean non-essential shops have to close, as well as pubs, bars and restaurants.

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  1. Avatar

    Why are governments the world over committing economic suicide over a virus no more deadly than seasonal flu?

  2. Avatar

    it is bullshit…

  3. Avatar
    Shriniwas Chaudhari

    Warning: From the very first moment of the US election results, the global chain of all devil brains is going to be extremely active once again.

  4. Avatar

    The government need to be sacked!

  5. Avatar

    CV-19 was just the test run. Want to know what they will do next?


  6. Avatar

    I live in wales and I think its necessary

  7. Avatar

    Birthday cards 🚫

    A crate of whiskey 👍

  8. Avatar

    Why can Welsh people buy bottles of Vodka, but a birthday card isn't available for purchase?

  9. Avatar

    It's costing lives not saving them

  10. Avatar

    Everybody write to International criminal court in Hague–send a copy to perfidious media/politicians/cops as they are all criminal!?

  11. Avatar

    Watch LOCKDOWN death rate sky rocket!!!! When all the damage is done Boris will then resign never to be seen again.

  12. Avatar

    Just saw video on Facebook, guy in Wales in a supermarket going around the store ripping off the cling film wrapped around the non essential items. Saying we are going into winter and people need clothes. Was attacked by shop bouncer. Welsh government are really taking the piss out of us.

  13. Avatar

    I'm speaking to more and more people saying that increasing 'cases' and increasing restrictions is not making any sense. What is the logical outcome here? A fight for our lives?

  14. Avatar

    Casedemic, not a ration

  15. Avatar

    3 weeks ago MP’s take bumper pay rise and then cut school meals. This doesn’t sound like a stunt?

  16. Avatar

    The death rate is less than 1%! Why are we so afraid? We fought 2 world wars and here we are cowering away like big fat cowards! WHAT A BIG FARCE! So people die of flu, cancer, accidents everyday and in more numbers than covid. This is a CLIMATE CHANGE PLAN FROM THE ELITE!!

  17. Avatar

    mask……eyes with🌚👺👺👺👺👺👺

  18. Avatar

    absolutely pandemic

  19. Avatar

    There's alot more love and concern amongst the people, the governments are tyrannical with no TRUE explanations, there's more to this than meets the EYE…!!!!😐 we know what's really going on don't we,! Also be careful on FB as its HIGHLY CENSORED.

  20. Avatar

    All this while china is having massive parties and concerts.

  21. Avatar

    No anti lock down demonstration story of what's happening in London? Still no Hunter Biden/Joe Biden corruption scandal? Sky Lies #FakeNews

  22. Avatar

    I feel for the Welsh people. Just look at Victoria (Australia), where retail has been closed for 4 MONTHS! Originally told it was going to be for 6 weeks.
    The devastation is now beyond repair, and are still not out of stage 4 lockdown despite a 14-day average of 5.2 cases/day and no deaths. https://www.covid19data.com.au/victoria
    A million people out of work. Thousands of businesses shut down. Mental illness rising. Suicides rising. Victoria is the NO-HOPE state.
    Just pray that is is only 16 days.

  23. Avatar

    They're destroying people's jobs and businesses, pushing them to suicide, significantly increasing their chances of having a stroke or heart attack, to protect them? They're pushing the UK to the brink of bankruptcy, so we won't be able to afford an NHS or welfare safety-net, to protect the vulnerable? Really? BS. Our politicians are criminals.

  24. Avatar
    John Buffalo I am 97

    If china tries to overtake Britain then i support a war like my allotment friend said today

  25. Avatar

    Refuse to pay taxes if shut down..

  26. Avatar
    angelatate clownreality


  27. Avatar

    What we are seeing here is the people of Wales getting what they voted for. It is they who voted their political leaders into power.
    So let no one feel sorry for them. May they reap what they sowed.

  28. Avatar


  29. Avatar

    If this carries on, we'll be a 3rd World country soon. In fact so 3rd World that even the 3rd Worlders won't want to come here.

  30. Avatar

    They want to starve the population to death.

  31. Avatar

    No English money. No wales.

  32. Avatar
    Anything's Possible - Spotify / Apple Music

    All this economic and social damage for something with a 99% survival rate. I just don't get it.
    Its obviously really sad for anyone who has lost loved ones but all these rules just seem to be too strict.

  33. Avatar
    DharmaPolytheisticPagans ॐ

    Free Wales, free Scotland, hand north Ireland to South Ireland, free Manchester, give up orgy England

  34. Avatar

    Wales wants a fire break for the rest of the UK..
    But I bet they don't want to stop all the finance support coming from the rest of the UK 😂😂😂

  35. Avatar

    Ridiculous to lockdown the whole of wales. Media driven hype has caused politicians to overreact. The wrecking of the economy will cause many deaths.

  36. Avatar

    The Welsh government is stupid!

  37. Avatar
    Wild Northumberland

    Its not about saving lives its about goverment control welcome to dictatorship Britain unless your a dirty tory

  38. Avatar

    Wake up humanity.

  39. Avatar

    The beginning of the new world order .the great reset.crashless society coming now.we are being controlled.😬

  40. Avatar

    It’s obvious they’re keeping it simmering until people are so fed up they’ll beg for the super, innovative, never used on humans before vaccine that will magically make everything right. Or will it…..

  41. Avatar

    Shut down Wales when today, football matches are still getting played and reported on. This whole caper stinks.

  42. Avatar
    NPC000139582 Chesney

    If its this bad now when the fake Covid 21 next year there be no food either.

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