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Coronavirus: Tracking new outbreaks in the sewers – BBC News

Covid-19 cases are on the rise in Spain. Around 15,000 new cases of the disease have been reported in the past week.

In the city of Valencia a team of engineers and scientists are going into the sewer network in an attempt to find out where outbreaks are likely to spring up next.

Video produced by Silvio Castellanos, Juan Antonio Dominguez and Bruno Boelpaep

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    Medical professional. Epidemiologists. Virologists. Censored across the globe for challenging the COVID 19 response. That isn't science. That's dogma. That's an agenda.

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    Good effort..

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    In 2009 we had the Swine Flu Pandemic which was a proven ( many many many times ) a absolute Mainstream Media Fear Fairy Tale that nearly ended in a World Wide Medical Disaster with Mass Forced Va**ination of Baxter's 72 kilo of deadly Va**cine ( Baxter admitted the "mistake" ) that contained live Bird Flu Virus .

    Many many folk frightened by Mainstream Media Fear took the Va**cine volenteraly and was damaged or died .

    These people unwittingly alerted everyone what a terrible idea it was but paid the ultimate price born out of fear .

    After the dust had settled the total "maybe" death toll from Swine Flu was 29 people World Wide .

    A absolute Fairy Tale that very nearly ended in a Nightmare .

    Here we are yet again but this time they have used the deaths of our dear Elderly to also scare us into Mass Va**ination .

    Many many many indipendently run studies indicate that Countries who gave out free Flu shots to over 65,s last year got worse hit by C19 ( Flu ) .

    Seek out Jane Burgermiester,s 2016 summary of the 2009 Swine Flu Pandemic farce and think very carefully and let's not repeat our near brush with a World Wide disaster .

    Jane ,the Polish Government ,Dedicated Scientist ,Medical Experts and French Activists saved Millions .

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    Does that mean the Teenage Mutant Turtles are at risk of Covid.

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    Why the fuck is bbc showing about Valencia Spain why 😂😂 of this shit hole

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    Caroline Light ll

    I hope to God that we are doing this in the UK… But with that Idiot Johnson in charge…
    I don't think he really care anymore than that megalomaniac Trump.

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    Here's a clue to outbreaks…the idiots are not following the social distancing rules.

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    Goldfinga Sliverfinga

    The ones that manufactured the virus there agents are spreading it again and again

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    Considering this virus is supposed to be so contagious, I still don't know a single person whose had it and the people I know don't know anyone whose had it

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    Wasn't the Virus found in Spanish Sewers in September 2019 ?????

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    Ignore the Govt and ignore the BBC.

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    Fear. The one thing the social engineers can use to shape society most efficiently.
    It is evil in its purist form.

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    Absolutely a waste of time ..The body gets rid of Common Cold all the time and it's obvious it's going to be in sewers lmao .
    Just let the Bacteria in the Water deal with it like we do in sewage treatment plant,s ..LIKE WE HAVE BEEN DOING FOR YEARS .
    Face Plant lol

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    How much bullshit are people going to believe.

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    How long people going to be 🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑🐑

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    fact checker official

    sars cov2 is covid19 ffs!!!! bloody liars from the off.

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    Arabella Sommers

    That's It Everyone !
    The Next Announcement Will Be That Your Not Allowed To Go To The Toilet
    Going Along With This Rediculouse Psyop This Just Proves That All Of Those Years Of Studying For Their Qualifications For Which They Were So Proud Are Now Been Made A Mokery Of And Are No Longer Credible.

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    BBC Obsessed with Gloom

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    Oh here we go..easy to see the cabal is falling..with shit like this..pun intended..

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    They'll find it on mars next. THIS IS ALL BULLSHIT

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    Pls tell me is this breaking news?

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    Anthea Blackmore

    Well fine I think we all have it in us! Spain had it in there last year, in which case we are probably already pretty much over the worst of this if this is the case…..

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