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Coronavirus: Toronto’s top doctor asks province to take action to stop spread of virus

Toronto’s medical officer of health Dr. Eileen de Villa outlined her request to the province of Ontario Friday to take further action to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus in the city.

She said she would like to see indoor dining at restaurants prohibited for a four-week period, the suspension of indoor fitness classes and team sports, and that large venues like banquet halls be required to “submit a plan demonstrating how they will comply with public health measures.”

De Villa also wants Torontonians to only leave their homes for “essential activities like school, work and fitness.”

In response to her request, Ontario’s chief medical officer of health Dr. David Williams said her request and the data she sent about COVID-19 outbreaks in the city are being reviewed by his team. He said provincial health officials are challenged when it comes to introducing restrictions because not all jurisdictions are seeing the same rise in cases.

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    It’s all a hoax scam! DemonVilla should be ashamed of herself! Because ALL liars and murderers shall have their part in the Lake of Fire which is the Second Death. (Revelation 21:8)

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    lock her up. she is a psychopath

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    "Top doctor". Lol.

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    Rocco Galati

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    2 things 1. who wrote that speech cause how your reading it you sure didnt write it and 2. why are you talking to us this like were a class of second graders

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    Follower of Christ777

    Sweden went through herd immunity and it worked.

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    I’m here to give you a dislike because it’s false information.

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    Please read more like a robot. I’m scurred.

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    Manifestation Network

    fake garbage

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    B U LL S HI T

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    I do not consent.

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    The conspiracy theorists, racists and bots are having a good time here — too bad they’ve fallen for US weirdo politics. Do these people really think Trump is saving Canada from the demon-worshipping Democrats (and rich Jews of course — I forgot to name the anti-Semites)?

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    I want a second option ,, I want the Swedish doctor opinion ,, Canadian doctors are corrupt

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    "The reason I am asking the province to undertake additional public health measures…" as she reads a script with the edicts passed down from a non-elected (corrupt) global body…

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    Does anyone else think these people Look so stupid standing behind each other like a rotating carousel of mindless puppets? They all share a spine, take turns using it, and it's a loaner.

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    If she's the "top doctor" of anything, the medical profession as a whole is completely undeserving of our respect.

    It's not hard to figure this out people: more fake testing produces more fake results, which then can be used to implement very real control. Wake the F up.

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    This undertrained doctor will face court charges for cheating people and taking part in fear spreading….Let's take better care of our immune systems and we will be fine. Flu season is coming every year. Every year flu virus mutate and is different. This is why some people are getting flu shots every year… and getting sick with a flu. Like those who ignore vaccination.

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    Oh, shut up Eileen.

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    So I hear that every person in Canada owes 10 thousand dollars…… but not one person has received 10 thousand dollars in total yet….. who’s running this scam ?

    How about we all line up to get the virus and get over it. The strong will survive and be able to get on with our lives.

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    It looks like we are marching on to being New China. China has infiltrated our country without a shot. Our ambivalence and compliance has made us victim of tyranny. We need to stand up against this ploy for a takeover NOW.

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    Dangerous trump is surviving and he’s an old obese man lol

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    Bunch of communists they should be thrown in jail for the rest of their lives for what they did to this country

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    we all canadians are going to Otawa to take this goverement DOWN

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    Lockdowns, facemasks, enforcement, predicted shortages, checkpoints, vaccination ID cards, martial law, covid camps, NWO.

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    Eileen de Villa, who wrote your PLANDEMIC script? 😂

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    Can we have some real science and real numbers just from covid alone ..can we see the research showing this virus has been isolated and the false positive rates from tests ..

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    You want anyone just hanging on, to fall off so you can get richer and they can get poorer

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    Let the virus spread among healthy people and protect the vulnerable people. Healthy people will survive it and the herd immunity will happen. Also, if the public servants are not working, they should not receive a pay check.

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    Yet they still haven’t changed school to full online🤦🏽‍♀️

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    These comments are too funny. I didn't realize there are so many nutcases in Canada … LOL. I don't know anything about the doctor, but after listening to what she has to say, think I'd take her advice over anything most of the commenters have to say.

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