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Coronavirus: 'Too early to say' how we celebrate Christmas – George Eustice

Environment Secretary George Eustice has told Kay Burley it’s “too early to say” how Britons can celebrate Christmas this year as large parts of the country continue to be under strict coronavirus restrictions.

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  1. Avatar

    Anybody who takes a vaccine from a company with indemnity on the table must have no brain.

  2. Avatar

    Is Sky news becoming the Andy Burnham Show?

  3. Avatar

    Yes…..it is too early

    Happy Halloween

  4. Avatar

    Gaslighting.. Innuendo… Rumor and flat out lies.

  5. Avatar

    Masks work as well as putting your hand over your mouth.
    Masks breed bacteria

  6. Avatar

    Check World Economic Forum "Great Reset"

  7. Avatar

    Anyone that voted these disgusting people is responsible for this!

  8. Avatar

    I don't get it, what's all this "we" business? I'll be celebrating christmas the same as I do every year… with a pizza and a bottle of JD.

  9. Avatar

    I don't celebrate Christmas anyway, over commercialised rip-off 🖕🏽

  10. Avatar

    First off why the F is Kay Burley in Washington? The election has nothing to do with us. She obviously wants to get her nose in everything and Sky wanting to push their anti Trump agenda

  11. Avatar

    We celebrate it however we damn well please.

  12. Avatar

    Secondly I won’t be celebrating Christmas. I’ve worked all through this scamdemic to only get 3 days off for Christmas. That’s what key workers get for Christmas. So I don’t really give a sh**

  13. Avatar

    These cockroaches have been compromised. This is not incompetence. This is a power grab. Be disobedient and disruptive. Say 'no' to tyranny. Say 'no' to their hurried vaccines. Call out the complicit mainstream media.

  14. Avatar

    I'm pro lockdown (as long as it's only like a month or less) but I defo think they should lift them for Christmas Day, it's a time of magic and family and we need it now more than ever, hope everyone reading this and their family have a beautiful Christmas, peace and love x

  15. Avatar

    Watch all these grubs copy dan Andrews

  16. Avatar

    2:30 Stoney faced Kay Burley urging a national lockdown that will cause yet more suicides and domestic violence. Creepy!

  17. Avatar

    Celebrate it how I always do, a cold not stopping that.

  18. Avatar

    What a liar. I see his family business is thriving at trevaskis farm and restaurant. Not hiding your valuables in Polly tunnels yet so the bailiffs can't take them like back in the 90's then George ….. well the rest of us are getting pretty close to that….. short memory and no morals makes for a good politician.

  19. Avatar

    I will be holding a funeral service for my turkey so we can have more than 6 people 😄.

  20. Avatar

    I am doing Christmas with my family regardless, and probably will be more than 6 of us.

  21. Avatar

    We Should All Be Dead.

  22. Avatar

    Too early to be mentioning it not even past Halloween yet!

  23. Avatar

    Why do sky turn the comments off if it has anything to do with migrants

  24. Avatar

    This cabal of criminaI Iunatics have no right to say how people spend their Christmas.

  25. Avatar

    We are winning the fight against the flu 🙄

  26. Avatar
    angelatate clownreality

    Come on folks, wake up, it aint about a virus. This is the roll out of the UN's AGENDA 21/30, NEW WORLD ORDER, NEW NORMAL tyranny that's simply masquerading as a virus. This is pure evil posing as care.

  27. Avatar
    Mad Hatter let loose

    Yes please, do cancel Christmas so I can save money and spend it all on myself in the January sales…..

  28. Avatar
    adil jatt 1988 uk nameless

    Mydikin kates mouthtillicum init yessssssssssssssssssssssssssss

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