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Coronavirus: Tokyo 2020 'will go ahead as planned' says Olympics CEO

Tokyo 2020 is to ‘go ahead as planned’ according to Olympics CEO Toshiro Muto, despite the growing concern amid the coronavirus pandemic. The decision by the IOC (International Olympic Comittee’ has been met with backlash by a number of competitors, including Britain’s Katarina Johnson-Thompson. ‘I feel under pressure to train and keep the same routine which is impossible’ the Team GB heptathlete said on social media

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  1. Avatar

    I Say The Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games Should Go As Planned We Are Not Letting This Coronavirus Win It Will Die Soon in The Spring Were It's Nice And Warms With Flowers And in The Summer Were It's Totally Hot And You Can Go To The Beach 🌸🌼🏵️🌹🌷🌻💐🏖️🏕️🏜️🏝️

  2. Avatar

    IOC got some big dollars from Abe.

  3. Avatar

    We spoke to the IOC and it's important to carry on with the 2 week long advertising saturation campaign from the private sector in the spirit of the Olympics…

  4. Avatar

    How much did you get paid by Japan, IOC???

  5. Avatar

    Olympics must be delayed to ensure 'equal' competition ► https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2020/mar/18/ioc-counting-on-solidarity-of-athletes-as-dissent-grows-over-2020-olympics
    See all our coronavirus coverage ► https://www.theguardian.com/world/coronavirus-outbreak

  6. Avatar

    Abe, I know how much you want to host this freaking Olympics before your term ends. You care about nothing but your own shiny legacy and power. Feel so bad for your people whose safety you neglect

  7. Avatar

    Crazy Abe Shinzo, it must get cancelled. Tokyo is filled with coronavirus!

  8. Avatar

    Selfish and Reckless!!!!😷

  9. Avatar

    Oh no it won't. You can't have a party when no one can come. No airlines. No crowds. No Olympics. Boo Hoo. A bunch of big shot executives won't be fattening their bank accounts this year. Boo Hoo! Boo Hoo!
    Of course, the athletes are going to get screwed too… but then, anyone who thinks being slightly better at some recreational activity (aka "sport") than most others is a worthwhile endeavour deserves a slap upside the head. Grow up and get a real job.

  10. Avatar
    Vinadelmar Vinadelmar

    tokyo Olympic must be canceled due to radioactive contaminants, radioactive air, radioactive food, radioactive water, Corona virus, earthquakes, evil Abe,hot weather and so on !😱

  11. Avatar

    4 years back to back professional

  12. Avatar

    Crazyyyyy///Stop/////NO OLYMPICS GAME IN JAPAN…..Peoples will be sick more and more….

  13. Avatar

    if you look at the sponsors of the olympic 2020, you might see why the IOC wants to go ahead..

  14. Avatar

    The Olympics are a business and the IOC doesnt want to lose money and Abe wants to protect his legacy! What a joke! Boycott the Tokyo Olympics!

  15. Avatar

    This did not age well…

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