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Coronavirus: Tighter COVID-19 restrictions begin, gatherings limited to two people | ABC News

There has been a generally positive response to the Australian governments massive wage subsidy plan to help employees and businesses through the coming months of this coronavirus crisis.

In this update:

0:35 JobKeeper wage subsidy to cushion the economy
0:40 Public gatherings limited to two people
0:58 Spain cases overtake China, Italy extends lockdown
1:22 Migrants sprayed with disinfectant in India
1:31 US Navy hospital ship docks in New York
1:54 Global COVID-19 cases 750,000, with 35,000 deaths

2:10 The Federal Government yesterday announced a $130 billion plan to subsidise the wages of workers at businesses struggling because of the coronavirus shutdowns
5:50 Virgin Australia has asked the government for a bail out as the coronavirus decimates the aviation industry. It’s reported the airline wants a $1.4 billion rescue package.
8:24 Australia’s current COVID-19 case numbers
9:40 Coronavirus community transmission – cluster of cases in Bondi and Waverly, Sydney
12:05 The Financial Times coronavirus trajectory chart
13:29 Ruby Princess update – 3 more cases taken to hospital in Sydney overnight
15:55 John Hopkins university website graphics – world cases of coronavirus
17:04 The US army corps of engineers will help open a temporary field hospital at a convention centre in New York city. President Donald Trump announced an additional 2900 beds will be available to treat patients who are not infected with the virus.
19:17 New York has become the centre of the coronavirus outbreak in the US, with 60,000 reported cases and more than 12,000 deaths.

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