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Coronavirus: Tier 2 restrictions are 'creating tension' – Kit Malthouse

The minister for crime and policing told Kay Burley although Tier 2 lockdown is “creating tension”, the pandemic was “never going to easy”.

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  1. Avatar

    I knew this would all end in tiers

  2. Avatar

    these people need to be sacked , the ring leader bojo put in prison

  3. Avatar

    another puppet look for the strings

  4. Avatar

    She called him fat hahahah

  5. Avatar

    its bs thats creating tention

  6. Avatar

    So well done to the lad in the liverpool ⁴ standing up ⁴ his rights
    Gym tastic
    And the recording of them trying to take your raised cash i applaud your spyware

  7. Avatar

    " we are all suffering " – oh come on, some people have been barely financially affected and some have lost everything.

  8. Avatar

    He blatantly lied and smarmed his way through every question. Sometimes with a little smirk in the corner of his mouth as if he was thinking in a thought bubble: I can't believe we get away with this. Kit did her best to highlight the lies and spin but he was more emollient than the average Tory. People should at least read Private Eye to be more aware of the incessant corruption and lies being endlessly peddled by this government.

  9. Avatar

    He certainly looks like he has had to cut back on his shopping budgets in these hard times..just a regular guy trying to make ends meet like the rest of us 😑

  10. Avatar

    Not liking how these sh1tbags are setting Sunak up for prime minister.

  11. Avatar

    These people keep going on about doing the "rignt' thing. But what exactly does the word "right" actually mean? It's a very vague word open to subjective interpretation.
    That's why there is so much disagreement over these measures.
    Similarly, I would like to know what Matt Hancocks definition of "harm" is…another vague term open to interpretation. They are all the same these people…..they are propagandists at the end of the day!

  12. Avatar

    Did she just call him a fat privileged, Tory c#!t or did my ears deceive me.

  13. Avatar

    Yes neverleft aka neverland
    And bob chasing the rabbit around
    Lessons b4 a flip

  14. Avatar

    Honest question why can't the politicians take a pay cut, 2/3rds their salary and I'm assuming as many people work from home the MPs expenses should be greatly decreased. If we all need to go through this let's make sure we ALL go through this

  15. Avatar

    REPEAL THE CORONAVIRUS ACT 2020 PETITION. Don't forget to SIGN people. We need to get to 100,000.

  16. Avatar


  17. Avatar

    Look at this guy's eye's, they look sunk-in and evil.

  18. Avatar

    Covid 19 kills Health, families, communities, jobs, wealth, prosperity, security, trust, sanity and your spirit, literally everything except the host!

  19. Avatar
    Christopher Singh

    don't see how Kay Burley can get away with fat shaming him with that gym comment. If he did the same thing, he'll be asked to resign and cancelled

  20. Avatar

    Shifty looking politician

  21. Avatar

    Looks like fatso, hasn't skipped a meal in its life.

  22. Avatar

    Oh 'we' agree do 'we'?

  23. Avatar

    ALL BULLSHITE! https://youtu.be/hDJCifDOxr8

  24. Avatar
    Mediterranean Diet

    COVID-19 Crimes against humanity.

  25. Avatar

    Nice to see politicians lying and using the same excuses from around the world

  26. Avatar

    Yet Again a bubbling muddle!

  27. Avatar
    Samuel Carrington

    No the lies are causing my tension.

    New gov plz

  28. Avatar

    Please keep fighting in our millions ✊🏻https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/313310

  29. Avatar

    These corona rules are so vital and important apprently, yet the ones who are creating the rules are the first to break them 😂

  30. Avatar

    Same words since march. Stop talking unless its good news!

  31. Avatar
    Sebastian Telefin

    Let corporation of city of London pay it off

  32. Avatar

    Very intelligent virus 🥳

  33. Avatar

    They delete your comments.

  34. Avatar

    Malthouses's 'ankle braclets' are on skin chips that can monitor bodily activities, motion, and position. And how much more effective if they could be nano slipped into the body to keep us safe from not only inebriated drivers but also covid 19 by policing not only social distancing but unsafe political distances too.

  35. Avatar


  36. Avatar

    It's about money

  37. Avatar

    If scotland and wales pay for school meals during the holidays why cant england ???

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