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Coronavirus: The economic pressure on Canada's tourist towns amid COVID-19

The loss of foreign nationals due to COVID-19 and the Canada-U.S. border closure is driving a downward trend regarding tourism, particularly in Banff, Alberta. Jayme Doll reports.

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  1. Avatar
    WatchTheWorldBurn Pepe

    I visited Banff last week, everyone you will see are wearing masks, idk why on this video looks like 50% are not wearing ones.

  2. Avatar

    What a disaster. And unnecessary

  3. Avatar

    Im from van and i was just there 2 weeks ago and can confirm the mosquitos are not dying

  4. Avatar

    I was just there a week ago. Now I’m back in Saskatchewan and I’m already kind of missing it.

  5. Avatar
    Minecrat Silent Build

    my brother lost his job due to covid lost his apartment had to camp in someones back yard hadn't eaten in 4 days and then had his car flip and crash and now he has lost everything again covid has runied everything and they say a second wave is coming in november

  6. Avatar

    The economic pressure on Canada's tourist towns amid DRACONIAN LOCKDOWNS

  7. Avatar

    It's rather odd that the common flu kills just as many, if not more people yearly. Please down vote this

  8. Avatar

    Weird, where are all the racist comments?

  9. Avatar

    The Trudeau Liberals have made covid 10x worse with their terrible inconsistency and lack of honesty. Stop this nonsense you are fducking up the kids.

  10. Avatar

    Keep snitching plates you idiots. Keep it up.

  11. Avatar

    might not be cancer but ive had a sore throat even though i might just be sick im still , not happy with when i asked the bank for help to quit smoking before being sick with a doctors note (they said they couldnt help) . before my birthday i was crying because i couldnt smoke on my brithday like i could before . disappointing TD bank bronte oakville

  12. Avatar

    it’s a satanic agenda to push forth mandatory vaccines to depopulate the earth. DO NOT take this vaccine. gather together by the thousands. you will be fine.

  13. Avatar

    amazing how the news forgets about everything else that’s real and kills more people…..

  14. Avatar

    repent and accept Jesus Christ As your lord and saviour and receive salvation

  15. Avatar
    billyBbad mollyholly

    Sounds like Banff is the only spot suffering? At least it's isolated? Yea, right?

  16. Avatar

    fear and control propaganda and lies.

  17. Avatar

    knowing my best friend could be my ex I desever more respect then this . i almost died trying to help her and others at the train tracks how i spent my new years .

  18. Avatar

    Global economic reset/NWO straight ahead..scamdemic is their scapegoat.

  19. Avatar

    Yes it'll be sad to see our little towns disappear get ready to live in little boxes in the middle of big cities.
    It's just a mask, it's just a vaccine!

  20. Avatar

    Can anyone prove that the virus has been isolated? The authorities claim they have isolated it, then why are we seeing so many false positive tests? I came across people that went to a testing lab to be tested, left the lab before they were tested, and later told they had the virus? Some people went to multiple testing centers and received both false and positive results? Why does the testing seem unpredictable and unreliable? Thus, if the testing is highly inaccurate, why be concerned with the number of people infected? All we hear about are outbreaks and lockdowns because of the infected rate climbing meanwhile the mortality rate is declining?

    The CDC recently released a report saying that only 6% of COVID19 deaths can be blamed on the virus. For example, in the US we are told that 180,000 people have died from the virus from the 5 million infected. If the CDC is right and only 6% can be attributed to the virus, then only 10,800 died of COVID19 not the 180,000 that they initially claimed. This gives us a mortality rate of .00216. In other words, the virus is behaving like a normal influenza.

    Why all of the fuss? Why is the media in a frenzy reporting fear? Who is behind this propaganda? The sponsors? The media bosses? None of this makes any sense, but the whole world is behind it? Meanwhile I am not aware of anyone that has had the virus and passed away. I did come across friends that had relatives over 80 years of age that passed away, but they were fighting other ailments.

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