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Coronavirus: Testing will ‘unlock puzzle’, PM says – BBC News

Testing is the solution to “unlock the puzzle” of coronavirus, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said.

Mr Johnson was speaking after it was revealed only 2,000 out of some half a million frontline NHS workers in England had been tested.

The PM said the government needed to “massively ramp up” testing so that NHS staff who were self-isolating unnecessarily could return to work.

It came as the UK had its biggest daily increase in deaths – 563.

As of 17:00 on Tuesday, the overall number of deaths from the virus in the UK was 2,352.

Mr Johnson, who is self-isolating in Downing Street after contracting the virus himself, has faced widespread criticism over his government’s testing strategy – with around 13,000 tests available each day against a target of 25,000.

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    I’ve just woke up at 5 in the morning and somethings wrong
    Last night my mum said I should have my duvet (the past few days I’ve slept in my blanket) and I hardly had my blanket on all night right now I’m warm and cold and I have a runny nose witch started about an hour ago and the time I’m writing this comment it’s still 5 in the morning
    The most kids could feel from the virus is a cold and my mum takes blood for a living so I could actually be exposed BUT my mums high risk so she’s working in a different area and she started working right after my self isolation (my brother only had allergys) NOW what do I do?

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    Daniel Frederikson


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    Daniel Frederikson

    hes working from home. why the cheap Ali express camera? is this the best the BRITISH EMPIRE can do? are you not embarrassed ffs?

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    Die boris die

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    How is he alive yet?I thought he is R.I.P 🙁

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    Pray to God, stop praying to fake idols……. The Bible isn't a story its historical fact.

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    The only puzzle is you Mr herd immunity. Your hair looks the same when your sick and when our not…just saying.

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    Is Boris dead? Haven't seen him for ages. Think the elite are passing around a lesser version of covid 19 amongst themselves so they'll survive the real thing. Government seen this coming a mile away, they're a shambles.

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    positive economic reform ideas.

    Would that be before or after we all starve to death prime minister? You need to consider these points.https://youtu.be/E2nUB_TFL0U

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    भारत पागल करेगा चुप सब

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    भारत देखता हूँ रेन्डी. लोग. को.

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    Sarah McGuinnes

    Boris looks tired, this virus makes you lethargic. I do believe Boris has the virus, let's hope he recovers ok.

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    Lol this joker 🃏/ it’s too late for lockdown ..boris doesn’t have virus 🦠 he knows he’s fu*cked up

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    Turn the 5g off.

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    Secret Billionaire

    3 weeks ago, he said the NHS is well prepared.

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    Benjamin Palfrey

    What is the testing going to do nothing as you can be tested one day and get the infection the next completely pointless

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    So what is the long term effects I understand nobody could possibly know the health outcomes from this, however once the person test positive does the test stay positive like a false positive after it runs it course. Is this a illness that compromises a person's ability to fight off other common illnesses? They would have to know this because over seas this took place in Nov 2019 NO WARNING TO THE OTHER COUNTRIES so what are those people experiencing?

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    Wish you a speedy recovery, thanks for showing the way and self isolating yourself!

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    Dear brothers and sisters here is a very effective treatment on coronavirus, as you all know that there is no medicine available for the Corona virus. Any medicine, which we take for Corona treatment like hydroxychloroquine, works indirectly on the virus, the medicine goes to stomach then becomes a part of bloodstream to reach the required target. Remember only that Sort of medicine will be successful against this virus which has a direct contact with it, mans a medicine which must be in vapours or gaseous form which we can inhale so that it flows through the nostrils, throat, right into the Lungs. That medicine must have the property of dissolving the upper fatty surface of the virus; it is just like the action of soap on the virus for 20 seconds of handwashing!!!
    So what should be that "fumatic" medicine? It is ONION !!!
    We know onion has a tearing effect on eyes even if you are at 6 to 8 feet from the onions being cut. On google you can easily search that onion is very good against cutting the fat, then why not it's strong fumes be used for cutting off the top surface of coronavirus made of fatty substance?
    So here is the remedy, take medium size of fresh onion cut it into "chewable sizes" slowly and gently chew it in your mouth (THE MOUTH MUST BE KEPT CLOSE TO CONFINE THE FUMES), BREATHE THROUGH YOUR NOSE so that the acidic fumes of onions will go right from your nostrils through your throat deep into the lungs having DIRECT CONTACT with the virus dissolving out its upper fatty surface. Mostly keep your mouth closed to store the fumes and sometimes, in between, INHALE THROUGH YOUR MOUTH AND EXHALE FROM NOSE. You will feel the toxic fumes passing through your throat into the lungs,your eyes will be tearing!!
    I would call it a DIRECT TREATMENT because the fumes have direct contact with the virus itself. I am practicing it, whenever I come home from the market and it smooth down my throat. Try to practice it, I am sure it would be successful against the virus.
    I am writing all of these words inspired by the words of of the messenger of God Muhammad (peace be upon him), " whenever you go to a new city, eat its onion first" (so that you make yourself prepared against the the diseases and health risks of the new land)
    If you want to increase the severity of fumes you can add garlic, ginger, turmeric and even green chillies (green chillies also cut the fatty material very well). It would be very difficult to breathe through the, so called, toxic fumes but this is for your life which is more important! you can repeat this method a number of times a day depending upon the severity you are suffering.
    This message is for all the mankind, may God bless us all. Ameen!!!!!
    GOODLUCK !!!!!!!!

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    The British Armed Forces have for Decades trained with NBC = nuclear ☢️ biological 🦠
    & chemical 🔋🛢🧨 warfare ‼️
    There Must be warehouses full of NBC equipment ‼️
    Why haven’t the NHS got it ⁉️
    Every few years we get a virus 🦠 from China 🇨🇳 swine, bird , monkey & bat ⁉️

    & The 4th richest nation is totally inept ‼️
    & ill equipped ‼️🕳

    Around 1,700 die every day in GB 🇬🇧

    Let’s get Real ‼️

    What is The Agenda here⁉️

    Crash the market’s take away people’s wealth
    Cashless society
    Controls and conformity
    All of the above….. 🧐

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    Worst PM UK ever had

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    Seems like UK just got the shipment of test kits from China. Hope they are not faulty… Or infected as in other cases.

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    Scruffy sod ! We are people not a herd .

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    Boris we wish you well & a speedy recovery God bless you let’s prey we beat this 💀🦠🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧👍

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    TESTING WITH WHAT? BULLSHIT, UNRELIABLE TESTING KITS? https://revealingfraud.com/2020/03/health/35-sources-the-covid19-corona-virus-is-over-hyped-and-likely-fraud/?fbclid=IwAR3WrtFaZENEybBF5GquAZ3atiniPlGVdAeYnHjxciUun8zRns3PU5ecxek

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    Lost all credibility the people are awaking this is going on too long.

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    If you and your scientific team are confused. Speak to david icke !!!! He will show you. Davidicke.com sheds truth on a programme to vaccinate the world thru scam virus. Millions and millions and millions r smelling
    The bull shi-!

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    David Mc Donald

    Let me bring you up to speed From Australia testing helps WHO no cure just helps Government make false numbers x20 times any Government number

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    Get lost Boris, you effed up and you know it.

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    @leo nardo  很多人总说是体制的错,实际上就是人民造就了这个体制而非体制造就了人民!中国人的本性就是欺软怕硬恩将仇报懦弱无能贪婪自私见利忘义推卸责任害人害己自取灭亡!中国人的阳寿尽了,灭绝时刻已到! @leo nardo  很多人总说是体制的错,实际上就是人民造就了这个体制而非体制造就了人民!中国人的本性就是欺软怕硬恩将仇报懦弱无能贪婪自私见利忘义推卸责任害人害己自甘堕落输不起孬种懦夫妒恨别人报复社会自取灭亡!中国人的阳寿尽了,灭绝时刻已到!中国人劣种贱奴白眼狼无义种还是快快灭绝去吧!共产党比起中国人的邪恶本性可差远了!

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    Will the tests detect all 3 three strains of covid 19? Will getting one strain protect against another? https://youtube/fB8M37gx5xM

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    It's just a nother way to down grade the population how many MPs have the virus

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    Someone find me the time machine I want to go back to the 1970s I don't want to go to the future the future is dangerous

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