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Coronavirus testing labs hindered by supply shortages

Children’s National Hospital in Washington D.C. has the potential to process thousands of coronavirus tests every day. But a lack of essential supplies makes that impossible. Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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    This is a shame. At this late in the game do you not think our government has a little bit of responsibility.

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    traveling kills , stop giving money to airlines and cruise ships . Trump gives most of the help money to these carriers of selfish , polluting disease carriers because he is pure trash

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    A trillion dollars, with a "T," is an unutterable, unspendable, communist amount of money to spend when it comes to healthcare for all.

    But if companies need a bailout, suddenly trillion with a "T" becomes a very normal number.

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    India has made its indigenous testing kits
    The entire world shd learn from india

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    Hate to say this but also teach your workers not too waste supplies.

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    Trump bankrupt the country in his first term and made U.S. currency virtually worthless.

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    In our ER the majority of times that we get test results the patient is already in the ICU vented! The turn around time is as hampered as our ability to even test those that we need to! Trump won't allow Federal help because he wants to keep his head in the sand. His family is safe so why the hell would he care about others family's? He has no sense of humanitarianism. He's a narcissist attempting to lead the greatest nation in the world. He's an embarrassment and he's deadly.

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    Get the Chinese test kits. Operated by one person in the field, result in 15 minutes and the most incredible is if you are tested positive, there is a hospital bed waiting for you. Everything is free and taken care of.

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    Well, this was predictable. Lab workers doing the tests need protective equipment too. Good job, "Mr. President"!

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    And the world want to see you make No 1 as well!

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    covid19 is Trump's Hurricane Katrina.

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    NEW IDEA Search Michael V. Caldwell to hopefully help stop the spread, WE NEED CDC to view and test it if it is a viable idea.

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    Anything that the government is in charge of is an inefficient bloated bureaucratic sloth.

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    Thank goodness Trump fixed these problems 3 weeks ago.

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    These Covid-19 tests are free but what about the treatment after you return a positive result?

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    One hundred channel RT-PCR (96 well plate) thermal cyclers and no place to go! What happened to the “millions of kits” promised?!!

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    The trump is murdering how many by his past actions? We will NEVER KNOW! But if you worship him enough, he may favor you with some of your needed supplies to save the lives of “We The People”.

    I will never worship trump. I worship only God. I am a Christian and it is a sin to worship trump.

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    What happened to "ThE fLu iS fAr wOrSe" look at us now, thank you so much Washington Post, thank you and all the other mainstream media outlets that deeply engraved the idea that covid-19 is nothing to worry about into everyone's minds. This is exactly why nobody trusts you anymore

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