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Coronavirus: Stephen Barclay 'not aware' of a flaw in tracing app

The Chief Secretary to the Treasury says he was “not aware” of a flaw in the NHS contact tracing app which was reported by Sky News.

Workers with low incomes on benefits are entitled to receive £500 if they cannot work from home while they self-isolate.

But a hidden flaw in the process for claiming the payment means they can only claim the support if they are given a code by a human contact tracer.

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  1. Avatar

    Simple question, get a marketing promotion as an answer; what a cretin!

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    If they can get everybody with a permanent RFID Chip embedded in their body that will be it. No French Resistance or American Revolution or Vietnam Anti War movement will ever be possible again without the Ruler’s Approval. That’s the Endgame with this “Virus”.

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    Yet another blustering, lying tory, making it up as he goes along. The arrogance of them is astounding. The reason they come on your show but not C4 and GMB is that they are given an easy ride, just allowed to waffle on and on and on.

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    Narcissco Capital


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    Another useless Tory POS

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    Whether the app works or not is not the point. The issue is WE DON'T WANT YOUR CREEPY, SINISTER TRACING APP.

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    Foglorne Leglorne

    Should have stopped after "Stephen Barclay not aware".

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    I live for Kay!!!!! 🙌🏿

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    What does the amount of people who have downloaded the app have to do with the fact people can't apply for the benefit money..

  11. Avatar

    The app has had nothing bad bad publicity from day one. Never mind the major bugs. Even our GP's have said it was "a disaster and a national shame".

    Now your saying your handing out fines of £10,000 to those who are breaking the rules and using the app.. The app that is riddled with bugs and is notorious for its miscommunication.

    The idea of the app seems fine. However it seems more like an enabler for the goverment to fine £10,000 to people. I understand it only fines those who break the rules, But who exacly decides that?

    What reason do i have to use this app?

  12. Avatar

    This country has to do as it was done in Spain!!!

  13. Avatar


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    Invasion of privacy and I will not be forced to be complicit in this charade of lies, crashing the world economy and creating control through debt. This is a worldwide agenda

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    Covid 19 does not exist.

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    He knows, he is another worm tongue. He has been assured that him and his family will be looked after as the culling begins. It's already started so I should say intensified.

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    Mediterranean Diet

    A 2019 WHO report on pandemic measures states that contact tracing is not recommended in any circumstances. That has since been completely disregarded with no explanation or justification.

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    Lying, blundering, incompetent, buffoon.

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    Search global economic reset

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    RIGHT behaviour ! RIGHT behaviour ! Who the hell does this jumped up politician think he is. I bet his pyjamas have a red arm band with a swastika . Bloody cheek .

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    "as we work with directors in Liverpool" whilst a gym is closed following a visit from Armed Police!

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    Fuxx the app fuxx the corrupt politicians

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    Isn't that John sessions

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    its not my fault!!! dont blame me, lets talk around the houses and not actually answer the question 🙂 it was not hidden it was designed that way.

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    Next time interview a tree for better answers

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    angelatate clownreality

    Nobody should be being tracked and traced like farm animals, slaves or prisoners. This aint about a virus folks, this is the roll out of the UN's AGENDA 21/30, NEW WORLD ORDER, NEW NORMAL tyranny they're running under the cover of a virus, WAKE UP!

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    SERCO NOT NHS – MSM / BiT / SAGE & the govt of occupation are culpable in causing Stockholm syndrome within the UK populace & will be held accountable for their actions. . ​https://www.bitchute.com/video/akE3uenqTfOj/ ​

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    Should have have interviewed a brick wall, would have got a more comprehensive answer.

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    Authoritarian capitalism time to come out and fight

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    another corrupt uk politician conveyin lies about fake covid 19

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