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Coronavirus: spike in cases due to change in diagnosis, says WHO

A rise in coronavirus cases in China’s Hubei provinces is ‘largely in part down to a change in how cases are being diagnosed and reported’, Dr Michael Ryan, the WHO’s head of emergencies said during a news briefing. He said that the increase was due to a change in the way Chinese authorities were counting new cases. China on Thursday reported an additional 13,332 extra cases – which could go back days or weeks, said Ryan
Huge rise in coronavirus cases casts doubt over scale of epidemic
Coronavirus: WHO scrambling to get details of new cases – live news

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    Coronavirus cases are spiking because of that jackass Xi Jinping, the World Health Organization and their price taggery. They cared about China’s economy first and now things are going off the rails. A-holes!

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    They’re lying to us fam we’re all gonna die!

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    at 0:24 he says these numbers go back to the start of the outbreak…………. Well then we are back on day 1 of the outbreak 60k infected……….. China Lied we all knew that anyway and the WHO went along with that. We are all screwed peeps.

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    Yeah this isn’t China trying to buy time at all.

  5. Avatar

    CDC and WHO are giving contradictory information.

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    Next they'll be saying it's just a common cold 😰

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    ok but what about the death? 😀

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    These damn bureaucrats are always on message to protect markets. They suck for that.

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    Hey guys. We finally named Kung-Flu.
    Now there's nothing to worry about except racism.
    Yes. It's safe to fly to China- please dont stop going to China. That's where the money funding the WHO comes from

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    It's how they clear the Hong Kong protests

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    BS, why or yoh listening to anything the WHO has to say. They have not reported valid numbers since this whole thing started, nor the CCIP, nor JHU. These figures are so over inflated its not funny. Even with the over inflated numbers the deaths from the common flu are worse than these numbers. Freaken do your research. Research deaths by flu. Better yet research the worst epidemic currently active in the U.S. , but exists in other countries as well, its monthly figures for death far exceed the corona virus. Research Deaths by Drunk Drivers. Now wake up you fools and think logically. Research similar outbreaks and compare the figures, you will see this is being overly exaggerated and does not come anywhere clise to other k own epidemics, in fact corona does not even qualify as an epidemic as yet. Never seen so many gullible peopke before in my lifetime. Research Deaths and put this into perspective. Heck I have seen whole cities/states on maps lately all red which subconsciously makes you think, oh man the whole city or state but then when you check the number there is 1 to 5 people suspected, mind you suspected, not confirmed, in that city or state. They are playing all you fools. Yes there is an outbreak, but it is pretty much confined and all inbound and outbound traffic has been cut off to those areas. The number of recovered, is a number you should also be getting, yes people are recovering before any cure was found. If one was truely found.

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    Meanwhile we are all still going to die….

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    The key point here is when did this change in diagnosis happen?

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    Sounds just like a Chinese written statement.

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    don’ buy it. It was because the head of province government replaced. at the same day ha. New one who doesn’t cover for bad debt.

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    This guy seems so unbothered by this virus 🦠

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