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Coronavirus: South Africa's COVID lockdown may have created 'herd immunity'

Leading scientists in South Africa believe the country has established a form of collective or herd immunity to COVID-19 after the number of infections unexpectedly plummeted following a major outbreak in June and July.

Commenting on a series of studies revealing the existence of high infection rates in the provinces of Western Cape and Gauteng, the country’s leading vaccinologist, Professor Shabir Mahdi, told Sky News that he believed the coronavirus had stimulated a level of immunity in approximately 12 to 15 million people.

“What has happened in SA today, the only way to explain it, the only plausible way to explain it is that some sort of herd immunity has been reached when combined with the use of non-pharmaceutical interventions… like the wearing of masks, physical distancing, ensuring ventilation when indoors and so on.”

At the height of the pandemic, South Africa was ranked as the world’s fifth most-effected country, behind the US, India, Brazil and Russia – all of which have much larger populations.

It was at this point that researchers based in Cape Town began testing for traces of the virus in blood samples provided at local clinics by pregnant woman and HIV patients.

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    Alright. I better not hear of any outbreaks from South Africa from now on

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    Titan mukungurutse

    lol 😂 y’all drinking the Koolkid too. 4 months. South Africa’s population is just younger .

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    Globalization,AI ,pandemic,Illuminati,Internet. More on my channel..

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    Amen may we all enjoy a return to normalcy soon 🙏💞🙏

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    Estian Maritz Gaming

    I did not even know we have so much immunity

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    Hmmm what’s the age demo for the population studied? Also sunlight is helping.

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    Younger population. DUH!

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    But yet over here in U.K. Doris Johnson wants a national LOCK DOWN dictating to the public not to socialise with anybody outside of their household😂 FOH Does this man think we’re dumb?!

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    In my village we did not even do that lockdown stuff, life went on as it still does as normal. We only here of covid on the news. My village is Coville Village in the Eastern Cape please donate to our village restart program on our Standard Bank account: Coville Community Sand. Your help is highly appreciated.

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    Be free. Resist the NWO.

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    PatheticBritan Pfft

    No it never 🤦‍♂️

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    Average age in South Africa is 27. That seems to explain how they survived an uncontrolled spread.

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    PatheticBritan Pfft

    Brazil had 70k infections daily since May and still they have NO herd immunity so stop reporting lies from liars

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    Typical of my country to fail upwards.😂😂😂😂😂

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