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Coronavirus: Should we be worried about the rise in cases?

Sky’s Ed Conway looks at the global cases and the reality of the coronavirus virus shown in the latest data.

Cases of COVID-19 are rising at the fastest rate since May in England so how much should we be concerned?

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  1. Avatar

    Just lock it down and stop the bullshit. Let’s completely finish off the economy and future once and for all.

  2. Avatar

    We can't afford another lockdown. Let all the sick people above the age of 60 self-isolate and help them financially if needed, the rest of the Country should go back to normal and save whatever is left of our economy. They can tax young generations for the next 50 years and it's only going to get things worse. But then again, with the Debt Trap that the UK is in, the lack of gold reserves, natural resources or just good businesses in general, we are doomed anyway. A nation of Pubs and Cafe's can't, shouldn't and won't survive the upcoming global financial collapse.

  3. Avatar


  4. Avatar

    I am afraid not of c😷vid,but from this title.

    We all know that,if,for example,bomb or fire is in building,than 1.thing need to remember is to do evacuation SLOWLY and CALM. If no,than people as crowd get in panic and do stupid thing stamping those who felt on floor. When we are under pressure of fear than it is easier to manipulate with us.

  5. Avatar

    Look, Boris, the numbers just don't add up.

  6. Avatar


  7. Avatar
    Enlightened Prophets

    they are using cases now instead of deaths to bring in a second lockdown to all of Europe!

  8. Avatar

    Don’t worry just wash your hands and sing a song for 20 seconds

  9. Avatar

    as if this clampet actually just coughed into his hand hahahaha

  10. Avatar

    Nice work sky, this is good knowledge well presented

  11. Avatar

    Sky News Australia is so much better than the far-left rubbish and lies on British TVs.

  12. Avatar

    More scare tactics again

  13. Avatar

    Death increase with the number of cases exponentially as health service exceeds peak and risk break down. So the real risk is not 3000 daily. But a possibility of 10,000+ per day if not careful

  14. Avatar

    Surely the number of tests and the rate are related…….

  15. Avatar

    Stock up on the toilet paper lads it's round 2

  16. Avatar

    No, the press is getting nervous and trying to get everyone else to follow suit. But deaths are down to 1.1% from 1.5%. So actually the news is really good!!

  17. Avatar

    I work in a call centre that supplies tests to people with symptoms and today there was an explosion in people phoning, ill with flu like symptoms. So many we completely ran out of test kits. It was weird.

  18. Avatar

    Do people seriously not realise the potential long term affects the virus could have on your body for the rest of your life? Especially your lungs?

  19. Avatar

    Betteridges law of headlines says NO.

  20. Avatar

    The mainstream media is the biggest virus. Stop the scam now!!!’nn

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