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Coronavirus: Second wave is putting stress on UK hospitals

Sky News’ Ashish Joshi visits a hospital in Nottingham, as the NHS Trust is forced to cancel operations due to rising COVID cases.

The latest figures show in that the last 24 hours, there were a further 24,701 positive tests for covid-19 across the UK, and 310 people died over that period, bringing the total confirmed deaths in the UK to 45,675 people.

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    Heres before the people with no friends claim "no its not"

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    England has a 3 tier system , Scotland has 5 tier system , Wales has a … can’t remember .. no wonder people are confused …

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    Stop testing and it will go away

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    so they're gonna postpone cancer patients surgery yet nightingale hospitals aren't being used for covid patients, they must think the general public are stupid.

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    Bull what about all the nightingale hospitals that are empty and never been used how they should!!

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    So cancer no longer matters disgusting

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    It's flu season….that's all

  9. Avatar

    Betrayed by our news media. Who just relay the same old propoganda

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    Funny my hospital is empty.. went for my Mri scan on my back…

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    Cold & Flu has been hijacked by the NWO !

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    Vitamin D synthesis –

    Massively overlooking the obvious elephant in the winter respiratory illness room.

    Yep blame it on mixing indoors, well this year WE ARE NOT

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    Not forced. Chose. There is a difference. They have huge spare capacity but chose to close the hospital anyway, the rumour is for staffing reasons.

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    They schould all use the mask!!!

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    Cristina Lexy Reef Tank

    2nd wave cancelled🎅🎄 Christmas family gatherings🙈

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    This has all to do with the Big Reset Google it guys where doomed!

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    Bollocks. Nice adding non existing figures. We don’t care anymore.

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    Don't trust the covid vaccine. !

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    They haven’t the staff too run the nightingale hospitals

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    How come around the world respected scientists , virl;ogists experts in pandemics etc all say we have to live withe virus like we do all the others and lockdowns are harmful but our morons think they know better. The lockdown failed first time so what do they do , the same again, get some different graphs and catchy names for it and wheel it out as something new. Add Hancock into the mix with another multi million pound cock up and hey presto TIERS OF A CLOWN

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    sure so much stress doctors have time to make tick tock dance videos

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    The never ending propaganda.

    This will end in blood before the end of the year.

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    Lies its not at all I know people that work at hospitals and there saying there end its all lies

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    Don't listen to the State Propaganda – Just leave the 👎 & Exit

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    Any excuse for tyranny, that new cure for the flu. We've already been here once and it didn't work. Einstein's theory of insanity, doing the same things over and over and expecting different results. The solution is worse than the problem. If there is one, we're only hearing it from the usual suspects. Weapons of mass destruction the sequel.

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    We need a massive takedown of government. This is why they don't allow most of us guns.

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    Lockdown deaths NOT covid deaths.

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    Stunt actors performing propaganda film just like Hitlers propaganda film units in WWII , or like the Chinese fake photos , all bollox.

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    Daughter Of Zion, iron, like a lion, in zion

    They lying hospitals are empty

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    Final warning from Allah the One, the Subduer to every arrogant, haughty one

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    Tik-tok Till You Can't Stop

    Film your hospitals.

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    I feel the Covid vaccine will turn everyone into zombies

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    Its ok to be a Doomer

    Kill me

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    Dear God, now Covid takes priority over Cancer…..

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    Ask Forgiveness ☝️😭🤲😭☝️••• Astagfirullah ☝️😭🤲😭☝️

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    Humans are being farmed by a much higher intelligence just as ants farm and use aphids for their own gain.. HUMANS ARE PATHETIC!

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    get your drinks in for xmas all before the uk government bring in
    another silly rule on alcohol sales to stop people partying in your
    own home over xmas new year its already being debated by boris and mps
    being our backs.

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    Hospitals are empty…And he causeth all both small and great rich or poor free or bond to receive a mark in their right hand or in their forehead

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    Jesus and Mary gasping for air when brutality beaten and buried Alive Alif laam Mim Alive last Supper of sand Last breath of sandwiches of sands desert's Respiratory condition.https://photos.app.goo.gl/oD8UyV36dcRHepVA6

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    Please don’t know report any covid related news anymore

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    0:48 shes right next to a sign that she probably put up, saying WEAR A MASK. And yet, when talking to someone, where virus droplets are expelled – she doesn't wear the mask. Goddamn idiocy.

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    go to gab.com and search NoNewNormalUK

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