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Coronavirus Scotland: Nicola Sturgeon calls for public to abide by COVID-19 restrictions

Nicola Sturgeon today admitted she cannot rule out imposing nationwide coronavirus restrictions on Scotland ‘in the next few weeks’ as she unveiled her new five-tier plan for local lockdowns. The First Minister this afternoon revealed which parts of Scotland will be in which tier when her new rules come into force from Monday. She urged people to ‘dig in and stick with it’ but she conceded rising infection rates could ultimately force her to ditch her regional approach in favour of a blanket national crackdown. Ms Sturgeon’s tier system goes from a rating of zero which broadly equates to normal life, all the way up to Level Four where people would be subject to the kind of lockdown imposed across the UK at the end of March. The majority of local authority areas will start in Tier Three which means people who live there will be prohibited from socialising indoors or outdoors with anybody they do not live with.

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  1. Avatar

    All entertainment stopped, except the Krankies!!

  2. Avatar

    Awful woman. If you all disobey they can do nothing.

  3. Avatar
    Northern Konspiracy Theorist

    Shame she never made this much effort to combat the drug related deaths and poverty levels that drive addiction.

  4. Avatar

    This looks like a comedy sketch

  5. Avatar
    Whitman Price and Haddad

    Why can't she just put the union jack next to the saltire? By all means remove it if Scotland becomes independent.

  6. Avatar

    Yes I'll abide by the rules , just the way Margaret Covid Ferrier did !

  7. Avatar

    Fan dabby dosey here is todays bull…..er…. I mean scientific backed advice !

  8. Avatar

    the care home butcher

  9. Avatar

    The fact that she's calling for people to "abide" by the rules means it's not enshrined in LAW???
    Just as Angela Merkel "demanded" Germans to follow the rules….

  10. Avatar
    Snaporazedo Fellini

    there is no covid challenge you slaves of the elite, corrupted satanist politician

  11. Avatar

    Twice my comment has been deleted 🤣🤣

  12. Avatar

    Its a big club and you aint in it !


  13. Avatar

    Where is the Red Cross and other charities that advertise for funding from the people in this country for spending in foreign lands, are you charities pleading in foreign lands for funding to aid the UK, if so where the hell are you now it's our turn for a bit of charity?

  14. Avatar

    What a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive. I think Nicola can see what's coming

  15. Avatar

    Non-sensical, anti-scientific and inhumane 'rules' courtesy of the Scottish Stazi State. #propaganda #casedemic #freeyourmindandheart

  16. Avatar

    I hope everyone in the country gets the virus. 99.95 % of the country have nothing to worry about. The government are overreacting. Most people I know no longer listen to wee Nicola Cranky.

  17. Avatar

    "Please believe me"…. is that how it works?…

  18. Avatar

    Well we're not fan dabby dozy.

  19. Avatar

    The same women promoting islamic immagration. Nice (france) church beheadings coming to a town near you. Keep voting SNP folks. #Protect your 70 year old grannies at church though.

  20. Avatar

    MSM / BiT / SAGE & the govt of occupation are culpable in causing Stockholm syndrome within the UK populace & will be held accountable for their actions. ​https://www.bitchute.com/video/akE3uenqTfOj/ ​https://www.bitchute.com/video/5P2lr0ifc77S/


  21. Avatar

    Blame the public! The public are the problem!

  22. Avatar

    Well you maimed the scotish economy, nexy your party wants to maim freedom of speech.

  23. Avatar

    Get lost crankie!

  24. Avatar

    Hope all perpetrators gonna be incarcerated post covid for this scam or rather hang publicly

  25. Avatar

    Love that flag though.

  26. Avatar


    Not since the formation of the Magna Carta 1215 have we the people come under such an attack on our inherent rights. The world has changed so very much from what it used to be and the time has come to stand together.Using our inherent birth rights and common law to protect ourselves, we stand by the principles of ’cause no harm, no loss or no injury to any other living man or woman’.The Common Law Court has decided to introduce an alternative to these forced vaccinations, face masks and lockdown. If you haven’t already done so, we are inviting you to register your birth under Common Law. This process is free on the Common Law website. This means you will stand as a Living Man or Woman. If you choose to, you may now opt in to have an exemption card which protects your rights(Optional)It is time for thinking ahead, stand together and our leaders will have to listen. The time has come to change this world, it is up to us… The corrupt UK governent have let us down. Our own leaderhas let us down.. do not look away……. If you do the price will be too high and it will be too late. Do not consent its simple. Reopen shops and Take off your masks.

    More info.


  27. Avatar

    Aye we will …but only as long as the politicians do the same!

  28. Avatar

    This gobshite I guess is getting £4 milion from EU like the lib dem woman forgot her name you know our "lib dem prime minister"

  29. Avatar

    Interesting . . . and so will the History books be .

  30. Avatar

    What a complete fool, this has some gaul this has, her own members play the game the way they want to, move around as they wish, some even move around with positive results, what do you get from the likes of this, she should resign, this is just saying the right thing but not doing the right thing, the idiot woman that travelled around on public transport is still drawing her fat pay and this one here on this is being ever so sweet please do the right thing you Scottish mugs, maybe she is correct maybe the general public can and do the right thing, whilst those that govern in the SNP do as they please, waken up folks this mob of misfits have done enough damage to your citizens get rid !

  31. Avatar

    Who the hell does she think she is the queen. These three leaders are all guilty of murder on there old citizens and they want to be held accountable for their actions also destroying our civil liberties withholding our rights to see our doctors and getting hospital treatment damaging our children and grandchildren and treason they must be brought to account for their actions and tried like the nazi were at Nuremberg and face the same outcome along with the rest of the government’s who are complicit in this also Ferguson whitty valance and the rest on the sage panel and the same for every country who have been complicit in this total lie they all have blood on their hands

  32. Avatar

    I was so hoping the woman behind would make a wanker sign, this woman is running Scotland into the ground

  33. Avatar

    And when we are all locked down wee Nicola and her SNP buddies will swamp Scotland with Muslim immigrants as she cozies up the her EU pals.

  34. Avatar
    andrew of scotland

    this woman is guilty of nothing other than High Treason & Sedition…against all men and women of scotland.

  35. Avatar

    What kind of people write these awful comments

  36. Avatar

    3 weeks to flatten the curve you said
    That was 7 months ago
    And we are now back at square one
    nicola sturgeon has said she will make the decisions that's best for Scotland and its people
    Independent of what others do
    The current strategy obviously doesn't work
    Otherwise there would only have been one wave
    It's time to show you have that power
    And take another road
    With a strategy that includes an end to this madness
    Protect the vulnerable
    With drugs that prevent infection
    And let everybody else get on with life in the real normal
    There are a few drugs, or drug combinations that will prevent infection
    You probably realise I'm no expert
    But Thomas Borody is
    He's developed a triple therapy for covid19
    Involving Invermectin, zinc and doxycycline
    He's an Australian doctor and scientist
    Who's research discovered stomach ulcers were caused by bacteria
    not as previously believed stress
    He then developed a therapy that killed the virus
    Preventing millions of deaths worldwide
    So he has an impeccable track record
    And would be only to happy to help Scotland get off of the covid19 roundabout
    Ps don't let Jason contact him
    He wants to keep us in forever 🤐

  37. Avatar

    A crackpot who believes that Scotland would be better off leaving the UK……..and she is the one giving us advice on a pandemic…….she herself makes me feel sick, never mind Covid.

  38. Avatar

    It's a hoax, arrest SNP officials

  39. Avatar

    Nationalism over Globalism
    F the Globalist SNP traitors

  40. Avatar

    The following is a list of crimes your government have committed against the people of scotland

    – freedom of movement

    – freedom to gather

    – unlawful acts against businesses

    – curfews

    – denial of health care towards terminally ill people

    Not one of your acts or laws can overrule the human rights charter. This charter was fought for in world war 2. Your denial of basic human rights is an insult to the people who died in world war 2.

    You cannot take away people's human rights because of a non existent virus. The figures being used by the media are a complete lie because these are not covid deaths. They are flu and pneumonia deaths. Covid 19 the virus has not been identified by the uk government and the cdc.

    You are using a yearly occurrence to support a fraud. Case numbers do not equate deaths. The figures are being changed to support your anti human agenda. The testing of this virus has a 93 percent chance of failure and the inventor of the pcr machine declared this is not for diagnosis purposes. There is also a 97 percent chance of survival. Why hasn't your government declared a pandemic for smoking or cancer? 1 in 3 has a chance of getting cancer. 200 people a day die from smoking. The covid lie is 24th on the list of causes of death. These are all facts

    Non lockdown countries have had less deaths than lock down countries. Sweden less deaths, Florida since the lockdown was lifted less deaths. We are talking about a virus that has been listed by the cdc as a common cold. What gives you the right to deny life saving operations, take away basic human rights, destroy the economy over a virus that has not been identified?

    Since your department has called on the police to arrest a Kilmarnock man after his comments to your office. I am now calling on your office to arrest humza yousaf because his hate crime bill infringes upon my rights as a human being. No one can declare hate crimes against a autistic man like myself because it is unlawful to discriminate against mental health issues. We have no understanding of social boundaries.

    His actions go against the 2010 uk equality act under discrimination arising. If you do not call for this mans arrest then you are complicit in the discrimination against myself and other autistic people. This man must be sacked and stripped of his powers.

    Additionally i did notice you were deeply saddened by the death of mercy baguma. Considering this stance i would

    like you make comment on the hollie greig case. I know from evidence that your office and the office of alex salmond were contacted directly with evidence regarding this case but have yet to make comment. You cannot speak openly about one case and keep silent on another.

  41. Avatar

    Thankyou Ms S truly . I think you are doing a great job keeping Scotland safe as can be . If the public could completely comply we will get thru covid faster . Thankyou again .

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