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Coronavirus: SAGE member warns of 'difficult times ahead'

Sir Jeremy Farrar says that “Christmas will be tough this year” as COVID-19 infections rise and he has called for a circuit breaker.

He told Sophy Ridge: “It’s better to do the circuit breaker now than in a month’s time, but it would have been better to have done it three weeks ago.

“The situation now is worse than scientists said it would be a month ago. A circuit break would take us back at least a month.”

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  1. Avatar

    Vitamins d and zinc guys build immunity up and get on with life poor info sky bbc and msm give out and dumbcock doesn't even know the studies around world link to vitamins d and zinc levels for immunity

  2. Avatar

    And Sky News FEEDING off it and ADDING Fuel to the Fire!

  3. Avatar

    I know it will be better to physically be in schools and all that but we sorted it to have remote learning it actually is working bruh look at america they hardly have rates over there.

  4. Avatar

    he will not have a difficult time unless he hands over all he owns to the poor

  5. Avatar

    Fake news 👍

  6. Avatar

    what utter NONSENSE

  7. Avatar

    MORE BS, from paid LIARS.

  8. Avatar

    The property market has crashed – car prices at all time low price – some positives

  9. Avatar

    see billy boy gates hand in his back. puppet

  10. Avatar
    Tickling Oscillators

    Are we keen to talk about their shares in big pharma companies developing the vaccine?

  11. Avatar
    Youtube Adventurer

    The death rate is roughly the same as for the flu, so if this is worth shutting the country down for then we should just stay shut down forever because the flu isn't going anywhere. Let's just go back to the stone age.

  12. Avatar

    The NHS staff need to be ready, allowed and supported to transition between a triage and crisis management style of healthcare when things are very bad and back to an excellent style of NHS healthcare we are use to when things settle. I've noticed healthcare staff when the admissions were much much lower still deal with people as if they were over run

  13. Avatar

    Pathologising life and breath and human contact. The greatest scam in human history and it could only have been achieved with a 24/7 compliant totally dominant media monster pushing and propagandising it.

  14. Avatar
    Earl Bramley-Howard

    People who were Vitamin D3 deficient before the pandemic, were 50% more likely to end up in ICU or dead. It even works as a 'treatment'.
    Likewise they know zinc is important in the fight against RNA viruses because it prevents them from replicating.
    So – until a vaccine comes along – why aren't these 'experts' advising people to top up their VitaminD3 & zinc?
    Something which helps people fight off the virus now, is better than a vaccine at some time in the future – if it works (remembering there still isn't a vaccine for the original SARS).
    Also worth remembering that the WHO said that the economic damage done by lockdowns so far, will lead to a doubling of global poverty & a doubling of childhood malnutrition in the next 12 months. That could lead to many more deaths than covid has caused.

  15. Avatar

    Having just come back from a completely normal and functional Sweden that has rejected the lockdown and is having no 2nd wave anyway, i wonder why people are still listening to this fearmongering bullshit.

  16. Avatar

    Lets just carry on as normal, no lock-downs, people should be responsible for themselves. If there was a lockdown it will be a waste of time, we've done that it came back, it will again. Lets get on with it. NO LOCKDOWNS!!!

  17. Avatar

    "Compliance is generally good" not what I observe every day.

  18. Avatar

    Fact of matter Is, we all gonna get Covid-19, just like we all get common Flu, or any other Virus… It wont disappear.. ITS HERE to Stay.. Ebola still has cases in Countries world wide, DEAL WITH IT

  19. Avatar

    Anyone from SAGE is an asshole!

  20. Avatar



    Ages 0-19: 99.997%

    Ages 20-49: 99.98%

    Ages 50-69: 99.5%

    Ages 70+: 94.6%

    Seasonal Flu Infection Survival Rate (for population as a whole): 99.90%


  21. Avatar

    who wants the world to go back to normal…. start taking those steps regardless if we think they are controlling us or not.

  22. Avatar

    He is another one of those who will be held to account over their scientific bullshite …he & his fellow Megalomaniacs have caused more Deaths ..pain. & Suffering than this so called killer virus ..! Wake up Britons before all your Freedoms are taken away…!

  23. Avatar

    Listen to jon snow, winter is coming !!!

  24. Avatar

    Difficult because it is being made that way, by stupid and futile, economy killing measures which are not doing anything to prevent the "Virus" And as per usual since time immemorial, it's only the common man who will suffer by it.

  25. Avatar

    Prepare the NHS?? What were Sage and the rest of them doing all summer when we had hardly any deaths and they knew flu season starts in September… what a scam!

  26. Avatar

    This is all fake news! Proper and more reputable scientists are saying otherwise, sage are making incorrect assumptions. This propaganda needs to stop!

  27. Avatar

    the only SAGE I know is the accountancy system never heard of this SAGE until today, even a google search doesn't show these lot in the top results

  28. Avatar

    Yes. Non compliance is a big problem.

  29. Avatar

    WHAT DO NOT PEOPLE GET……We have a Global pandemic….THINK, look after yourselves and others …..use your heads and your God given intelligence….otherwise we are doomed.

  30. Avatar
    Mohammed Rosenberg

    Reading the messages and listening to people I know, I wonder who are all these people in favour of lockdown?

  31. Avatar

    To much evidence out there now to prove he is talking out of his arse.

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