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Coronavirus restrictions may continue beyond Christmas, says Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson has said the UK’s coronavirus restrictions could continue beyond Christmas in a sobering interview on the Andrew Marr Show. The prime minister said the outlook would be very different by spring 2021, but that things would ‘continue to be bumpy through to Christmas, it may even be bumpy beyond’

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  1. Avatar

    Why it's not even as bad as the 2018 flu

  2. Avatar

    More people are dying doing diy at home than of covid

  3. Avatar

    Sweden haven't locked down the country and they seem to be ok…..I find that strange

  4. Avatar

    Bojo is as unsure & confused about what’s happening as his father is. They’re giving us inaccurate figures in relation to Covid. They lie to us all. No faith, no trust anymore.

  5. Avatar

    No its not, Sweden did it differently.

  6. Avatar

    how it should be?

  7. Avatar

    I hope this globalist government will not last until christmas.

  8. Avatar

    Has everyone just forgot about Sweden?

  9. Avatar

    How novel, Boris being interviewed.
    I thought he had shunned the media like a scared mouse.

  10. Avatar

    Xmas is cancelled they're just mocking us now!

  11. Avatar

    Think I'll emigrate to N.Korea to get a taste of freedom

  12. Avatar
    Ирина Магнолия

    Satanists taking over the world

  13. Avatar

    we dont have to boris! YOU are following the WRONG ADVICE…YOU dont seem to understand what SCIENCE IS.
    It isnt some hard and fast rule that never changes…IT IS an amorphous entity that grows with time and learning..and science has moved ON!!!!!!!
    YOU are living in the dark ages and we are now in victorian times.
    Theres more to know..but our science is years infront.

  14. Avatar

    A few million years of evolution and a superb immune system being compromised by twelve months of Tory Tripe. The man is a barefaced liar and poses an existential threat to the UK

  15. Avatar

    Boris: "Follow the guidance"

    Also Boris: breaks isolation, goes into icu

  16. Avatar

    It'll be over by Christmas (1914) : 4 years
    It won't be over until after Christmas (2020): ?¿ never

  17. Avatar

    F……g sick of this blah blah worst government ever brexit now covid what next? Why they so scared 😟

  18. Avatar

    Tell you what Boris….WE…THE PEOPLE…will communicate by social media….go shopping for food…and CALL THE REST A DAY shall we??????
    We will never leave our houses…and i include all emergency services and nhs etc…lets all stay at home…lets leave the rich to run things..leave johnson senior ignoring your rules…leave the coast guard at home and let the dinghys sink…leave a and e with no staff….
    You say staying home is the only way..OK…lets do it logically and we will ALL STAY AT HOME….lets see how it really works when no one can go out…THATS WHAT YOU SAID…lets do it.

  19. Avatar

    when tyranny becomes law rebellion becomes duty

  20. Avatar

    Did the Scottish minister paid the £10000 fine?

  21. Avatar

    If the left or Corbyn acted as BJ has done throughout this pandemic the right would be raging furious, and rightly so. He's a joke, a disgrace.

  22. Avatar

    It’s got to stop 🛑, can anyone see Wats going on yet . How can he make plans when it might not even be around then . We won’t expect this as the new normal we are free human beings and we are free souls .

  23. Avatar

    Lord Boris, Lord of misery, Lord of poverty, Lord of famine, Lord and Creator of homelessness, Destroyer of lifes and jobs and Holy protector of the Rich. All Haill Lord Boris !! Virus is being used as a smoke screen for turn the whole west into Authoritarianism. During the 20th century millions gave their lifes to defend and restore freedom to the people. Now the rich and goverments are waging war on the people…. Social World War of Politicians and Rich/millionaire people vs normal people.

  24. Avatar

    The Sun will shine soon,this is cover for the downfall of the cabal.

  25. Avatar

    Must run in the family brother and father even Boris broke the rules they shouldn't get away with it they should be fined just like everyone else who doesn't abide the rules

  26. Avatar
    Turtle Island LAC

    Interesting that the consensus in the UK seems to be that Coronavirus is a lie. In the States the majority still believe it.

  27. Avatar

    Barely anyone is dying of it. That is why they announce these so called "cases". Why isn't Starmer pointing out the extremely low death rate. Because they are all in it together. Start ignoring these rules everyone and get on with your lives

  28. Avatar

    He’s afraid the death rate will be like the USAs so they impose these draconian lockdowns

  29. Avatar

    Boris Gates became a criminal on March 23rd 2020 when he locked down the nation and deliberately ruined businesses.

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