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Coronavirus: Regeneron co-founder talks about President Trump's antibody treatment

Dr. George Yancopoulos on Saturday discussed his company’s experimental antibody treatment, Regeneron, that was administered to U.S. President Donald Trump after he tested positive for COVID-19, saying it was “validating” to see Trump’s medical team decide to administer the drug.

He went on to explain that in patients who need the drug “the most,” those who have the highest levels of virus in their body and whose own immune response was doing “the poorest job,” would see the antibody cocktail work as a boost or substitute.

Yancopoulos said that he would give the drug to himself or to a loved one, saying that’s the standard the company sets when determining if something has the potential to be effective, though he admitted he was biased as he was co-founder.

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  1. Avatar

    Hold China 🇨🇳 accountable!
    – China's Xi Jinping and
    – WHO's Tedros
    should be criminally charged and arrested immediately for their roles in the Wuhan outbreak.

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    Xi Jinping 🇨🇳 and his Politburo gang must be scared right now because of Trump's test positive with the Wuhan virvs. The US may nuke China into pieces.
    – they must be held accountable for their coverup and mishandling of the Wuhan outbreak.

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    Where's your story on the hate crime assault of Rick Moranis?

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    It’s amazing the Democrats are trying to hold this back, from the American people until after the election. There all Traitors to America and should be tried as such!

  5. Avatar

    All lies. This is experimental snake oil treatment.
    Something much safer, cheaper, and most importantly EFFECTIVE exists.
    Hydroxychloroquine works for everybody else in the World, it will work for Trump.
    Looks like Big Pharma has captured this president.
    How sad…

  6. Avatar

    Than why the government is keeping this nonsense restrictions?

  7. Avatar

    This guy helped a horrible creature survive.

  8. Avatar

    recognize the progress we have made in only 6 months we have early detection, treatments, anti virals, antibodies, ppe production. To say dems would been different is faulty logic. The scientists and companies have done a much better job than any government agency could do.

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    trump is immortal, he has super gene and is immune to all diseases

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    Buy stocks now

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    President Trump is the best,I hope Trump and his family get better,God bless him .

  13. Avatar
    Rita Doucet - Canada

    What a sales pitch.

  14. Avatar

    For the sake of humankind, lets hope it works.

  15. Avatar

    Anything for a vote 🗳 especially to prove a point around covid19 saying there’s a vaccine during election !! Hmmmmm

  16. Avatar

    Why not just regular IVIG – works!

  17. Avatar

    Why not his beloved hydroxi? Dr Emanuele sweares it works 💯 of the time.

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    Jimbaran Residence

    Politic Actor…. Trumpet getting pity vote, gettin attention, when out of hospita, Trumpet will tell the world, the vaccine is ready n @ his age he can survive…
    Dun trust him, its his SHOW again like he CON many people into his team….

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    Animals Are Our Angels

    Is Regeneron hiring Pharmaceutical Sales Reps in Canada 🇨🇦? Please say yes!!!!!

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    How many American Males of 74 would have access to this treatment?..

  21. Avatar

    Wonder who has shares in the company?

  22. Avatar

    I’m praying so hard for the president to recover and I pray this drug makes a difference and gives hope to others

  23. Avatar

    I think it's about Israel trying to control the World .

  24. Avatar

    Antibiotic resistance is what breeds these highly contagious viruses!! It's a virus, not bacterial infection….stop throwing antibiotics at it, and confusing the masses even more. Wash your hands, wear a mask, and protect the vulnerable.

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    HurriKayne McLean

    2:32 I like that😍💋 💝💖❤️

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    Cortez312 Cortez312

    This just looks like good marketing. They never mention the cost. No one is using it yet because they don't want anyone knowing it's only for the rich.

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    Savanna Petersen Oakley Meadows

    Nice 36:14 🍌🍌🍌🍌

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    Hey! We just discovered this brand new and untested drug. Let's try it out on the president!

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    Arianna Mercado Rosa Strickland

    OMG 😍💋 💝💖❤️

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    Anyone want to be my Boyfriend 😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

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    Aka no vaccine needed

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    If you get C-19 in Canada they will say "let's just wait and see how it goes". And only once you get critically ill will they admit you to the hospital or try to treat you. But it is too late. At this point your chance of survival is so low.

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    Be Truthfull Informed

    MSM giving us some good news? I am shocked. Keep it up. Therapeutics look like the cure. Trump called them a miracle. If trump unveils the cure to the world, do you think he will get re elected.

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    no ty for mr trumps pump ?

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