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Coronavirus: Redundancies in the UK jobs market begin to surge due to the pandemic

Unemployment data has revealed a rise in redundancies over the past three years, in a similar way to what happened back in 2009 as the financial crisis took hold.

As Sky News’ Paul Kelso explains, this comes with growing concerns after a warning from the International Monetary Fund.

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  1. Avatar

    Remember….all for a disease with a 99% survival rate.

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    Due to the planned hysterical reaction more like

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    #slynews #fakenews

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    Depending on your budgets buy gold and silver bullion now as the printing press at the Bank of England is working overtime! Where is the science behind these ludicrous decisions?

  5. Avatar

    The Government is the real threat to the British people, not the virus

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    the virus was deliberately released by the central bankers to cover for the failing global economy so they could give something to blame it on. Self perpetuating debt systems aka central banking systems have a lifespan of around 50 years. We went to a fiat system in 1971. Lockdowns were / are just the cover!

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    All part of the plan!

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    just go to the world economic forum and read about the great reset scheduled for next January. rich people redistributing the poor peoples wealth

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    The virus hasn't caused this, the government has

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    The British Government has sold its own people down the river.
    Treacherous, treasonous liars.

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    This will end when the government want it to end , when everyone is so fed up they will take the needle. Dont do it

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    and still the housing market get more expensive.anybody seesomething wrong here ?

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    Stay Alert > Control the People > Destroy Livelihoods

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    These clowns can't lockdown forever. It's going to hit a wall all this nonsense, and they are going to have to back down before the people start saying no, I am not going to starve and lose everything I have worked for on the minute risk I catch a virus that kills so few as a %.

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    Wishing the best of luck to all looking for a secure job in these difficult times! I'm 19, I lost my job due to redundancies in April, I spent about 5 months on benefits, searching for a job in a stubborn world of employers. Luckily recently I've found secure work and it's going good so far. I got lucky but for many others I know it's really difficult, so all i can say is stay strong and good luck!

  17. Avatar

    They never saved my job it's a joke

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    should have stopped the furlough months ago. Absolute shambles to throw so much money away keeping already failing businesses afloat claiming covid closed the doors where as in actual fact most of them were shutting anyway. Better off opening the hole country up and everyone getting back to work to make money. At the end of the day this is all about money not people’s health .

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    Got made redundant on november 1st

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    No furlong, no benefit, no contract, no immigration paper, no status, the uk was paradise for me for 23 years trust me i am on my knees now a middle aged man with no future😢😢😢

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    well worth all this job and money loss to protect mainly old people (most already with serious ailments) and fatties, people who won't be going out much anyway

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    We the British people have got the worst government ever and the E.U know it that's why they are taken the pissed out of us because of how dumb they are just got to look at the rules they set out and they make no sense at all sack the lot

  23. Avatar

    And these figures don't reflect the millions of workers on short hours, working two days a week for example and small businesses going under.

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